Photos of the U.S.S. Kearny
Commodore Lawrence Kearny

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The U.S.S. Kearny

Anchored in Iceland Steaming in the Atlantic Leaving Brooklyn Commissioning Commissioning
N.J. Sept. 1940 Commissioning Officers Launching of the Kearny Leaving the Boston Navy Yard Arriving in Boston
New York Navy Yard 1943 N. J. Sept, 1940 Iceland Dec. 1941 Laying Smokescreen Brooklyn 1940
New Jersey 1940 Boston 1942

The Crew

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LCDR. Danis John G. (Jack) Lemon John G. (Jack) Lemon Firing a Mooring Line Milton R. Breault
U.S.S. Kearny Officers 1941 Paul Allen Baker Art Haedtler Frank F. Bernhardt Frank F. Bernhardt
At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea At Sea
At Sea Garvey & Barrett Leaving Brooklyn Ships Party, March 1945 Joe Strine and Frank Rhodes
Schocklin & Barrett Gilbert Pomeroy H. E. McDougal Officers in Iceland, 1941 TM3 F. Garvey
F. Garvey & J. Bannan N.T.S. Newport, 1940 Garvey & Schocklin LeRoy Sandlier & Richard Sandler Richard Sandler & LeRoy Sandlier
Ted Darby & Richard Sandler Richard Sandler Kearny Crew, Saipan - 1945 Lloyd LaFleur Christmas Party, December 1944
W. D. Bentley ENC Alphonso S. DiPasqua Adam Capone & _____? in France Adam Capone, ____ & George Gurik in Malta - 1945 Adam Capone & others in Mexico - 1945
_____? , Ralph Duggan, _____? _____?, ______?, Milton R. Breault : ITALY 1944 SM2 Ralph Duggan CMM David Naill Dan Daniels, Chief P.O., Fire Control
Unknown Unknown Cameron, _______ ?, Amendola Stewart and Daniels w/ wives.  Charleston, S.C. Lou Amendola
Unknown Fire Control Group: <BR> Lou Amendola, Cliff Buckley, John Cameroon, Dick Vogt, _____?, Stewart Cameron, Amendola, Vogt, _____? Cliff Buckley Unknown
Unknown SM Jerry LeTourneau FM Clayton Borene


U-568 U-568 KptLt. J. Preuss (Official Photo) Kptlt. J. Preuss Crew of U-568 (1941)
Captured U-568 crewmembers Captured U-568 crewmembers

Torpedo Damage to the Kearny

Deck Implosion Damage Officers Inspecting the Damage Damage to Fore Stack Crew Leaving the Kearny Deck Damage
View Towards Bow Crewmembers Inspecting the Damage Moored to the USS Vulcan for Repairs Damage to Bridge - Aft view Starboard Deck Damage
Enroute to Iceland In Reykjavik, Iceland Close-up of the Damage In Reykjavik, Iceland Damage to the Deck
Damage To The fore Stack (Inspection) Crewmembers Inspecting the Damage Crewmembers Inspecting the Damage

USS Kearny Repairs in Boston

Patched Kearny Arrives From Iceland - Dec. 31, 1941 Workers Access the Damage - Jan. 06, 1942 Kearny in Drydock - Jan. 12, 1942 In Drydock, Frames are Removed - Jan. 14, 1942 Fire Room Repair - Jan. 19, 1942
New Boiler Being Lowered - Jan. 27, 1942 New Boiler Being Lowered #2 Hull Plate Replacement - Jan 31, 1942 After Leaving Drydock - Feb. 09, 1942 Final Repair Inspections

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