Kriegsmarine and U-Boat history The most detailed U-Boat site available

USS REUBEN JAMES DD-245 Details of the U.S. Destroyer torpedoed 2 weeks after the Kearny -- includes a first-hand account of the KEARNY torpedoing

H.M.S. Picotee Another victim of U-568 (12 August, 1941)

ConvoyWeb Information and Details of WWII Atlantic Convoys

HMS BROADWATER Tribute to another escort of Convoy SC-48, lost to U-101 Devoted to WWII Naval history

The U-Boat Net Another U-boat site with lots of detials

Naval History.Net Timeline of Naval involvement in WWI, WWII, and The Falklands

The Canonesa See WWII through the eyes of the Merchant Marine in this memorial to one of the many ships lost to the U-Boats

Benson class Destroyer's Home Port The one site dedicated to the Benson Class Destroyer's of WWII

Tin Can Sailors Ever served on a destroyer?? You'll want to visit this site

Story of the U.S.S. Rowan (DD-405) The loss of another two hundred and four U.S. Sailors

Arlington National Cemetery Visit and tour Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA

Dictionary of American Naval fighting Ships Photos and histories of U.S. ships from WWII to the present

U.S. Navy History Homepage of the Naval Historical Center / Washington, D.C.

American Merchant Marine Dedicated to the Mariners who died in service of their country during all Wars

United States Navy Official homepage of the U.S. Navy