The Torpedoing of the U.S.S. Kearny


Commissioned: May 1941
Commander: Kptlt. Joachin Preuss (33 yrs old)
Sunk: May 1942 (Entire crew of 47 taken prisoner)

October 16, 1941

Shot on steamer 4000 to 3 it fan, position of 84 travel 6 sm. E. of 1500, 2 hits after 1 min. 28 seconds.

Because of very bright horizon and sea lights (run spells were 300 to 400 mtr. to see) shot at large steamer sinks fast over the tail. It uses violent L.g. shooting, me forces something abzustaffeln.

Drawer after, the escort course comes into rains from view, since followup does not bring anything, accumulates I on escort course course, and when I am to about 4000 m at its Bb. - Siete.

Dipped FT escort course into view Qu 6661, enemy controls nordoestl. Course pinpointing character of U 553

FT enemy is to 4414 noerdl. Course U 568.

Alarm before destroyer, achterer Feger, which arises with position of O from the rear. S-device to hear, stops temporarily. Emerged. No feeling. Rain rw. 30 degrees.

Uboot in view, which herlaeft before us, apparent U 553. Alarm before Sunderland alarm. Emerged. Impact after.

October 17, 1941

L.G.'s all around. Be north of the escort course.

Detonating Leunch of garnet must run somewhat, there corvette in approx. 200 mtr. runs along afterwards to the east, around further to come forward is quite at the end of the escort course because of direct over me, where several Bewacher apparent strive corvettes for shipwrecked ones of a tanker and a freighter.

Leg evaporating must evade to several Bewachern and corvettes, which shoot themselves with abset over to apparent horohen and then into the Horchpeilung L. Viererfaecher on destroyers, de me with the Ranst feln again and again into those. Kommit traverses.

Position on the right of 86 degrees of travel 9 sm, E 2000. Meet after 1 min. 39 seconds. Destroyer breaks along TSO apart and sinks very fast American A or D class. 2 chimneys. Run on parallel course with and after. ski that must evade to corvettes thereby.

Stb. Korvetts with few travel into view on me comes ahead. To tricks off and go with A.k. corvette follows into oa 800 mtr.

Distance in the wake and is not to be shaken off. As it suddenly begins to rain, decides I to go and abzu turn with the travel down, since wake lights up very brightly. Use however nothing, the corvette comes up to ˘onheran, from time to time a depth charge throws and shoots with the bug cannon (6 shot).

Make the tail torpedo as corvette in wake with position of O is situated again exactly loosely. Fehlschu alarm, since I do not get away over water and distance becomes slowly smaller.

Tricks still in dipping after Stb. over to turn then on lo m hard after BB.. With T=40 4 Wabos behind us are situated. Go without through-oscillating to T = 90 m corvette returns and throws again 5 wabos, which are appropriate rather well uebur for the boat. No failures. Corvette stops, but no s. device. Boat can be kept good, comes once up to depth = to 98 mtr. however with 5 degrees stern-heavyness and H.f. again T = 85 m.

Intend to emerge as soon as possible again must thereby still wait since two further Bewacher with s. device auchen. Take the vehicles figure eight out. At emigrating the bearings I notice that they lost me and dip with L.f. on duration 3/4 hour about.

In approx. 3000 to 4000 are are still 2 corvettes in view, which morsen eagerly. I blow out and flow after southeast. Escort course no more in view. Impact to to the east.