The Sinking of

Torpedoed by U-432
Kptlt. Heinz-Otto Schultze

October 17, 1941

1.....The Norwegian motor vessel Barfonn, 9739 tons gross, speed 9.75 knots, owners Nortraship, left Sydney in convoy S.C.-48 on October 5th bound for the Clyde. She was carrying a cargo of 13,454 tons of gas oil and was armed with a 3" gun and two Lewis guns. Her number in the convoy was 53.

2.....At 0100, October 17th, Barfonn was hit by a torpedo from an unseen U-boat in the after part of the engine-room on the starboard side. Sea: Moderate swell, Wind: N.W., Force: 4, Visibility : Poor with black squalls.

3.....Three boats were lowered and 24 men got away from the ship. The rest of the crew, including the Chief Officer, remained on deck on a raft. At about 0200 a second torpedo hit the BARFONN amidships on the port side. The explosion flung some of the men on deck into the sea. These men were subsequently picked up. The vessel Immediately began to sink, and at 0230, when the survivors were picked up by H.M.C.S. WETASKIWIN, only the forecastle head remained above water. The confidential books were left onboard in a weighted bag. The twenty-six known survivors were landed at Reykjavik on October 20th.