The Sinking of

"Bold Venture" under her former name "Alssund"

Torpedoed by U-553
Kptlt. Karl Thurmann

October 16, 1941

1.....The Panamanian steamship BOLD VENTURE (ex Danish ALSSUND), 3222 tons gross, speed 8.5 knots, present owners United States Maritime Commission, left Sydney in convoy SC-48 on the 5th October bound for Liverpool and Glasgow with a general cargo consisting chiefly of cotton, copper, and steel. The BOLD VENTURE was the leader of the second starboard column, and was armed with one 4" and two Lewis guns. Constant W/T watch was not kept, but extra look-outs were posted.

2.....At 2340, 16th October, BOLD VENTURE was in the convoy, Night very dark, visibility poor, wind N.W. fresh with frequent rain-squalls, when she was hit by a torpedo on the starboard side in line with the break of the poop. The submarine was not seen. The poop was blown off and the mainmast collapsed. BOLD VENTURE immediately began to settle down and was abandoned by the seventeen remaining members of the crew (those in the poop at the time of the explosion were almost certainly killed), who were later picked up by H.M.C.S. WETASKIWIN.

3.....BOLD VENTURE sank in about ten minutes. The confidential books which were stowed in a locked drawer and in the Master's safe, went down with the ship.