The Torpedoing of the U.S.S. Kearny
OCTOBER 14, 1941

Watch Time Entry
0 to 4StatusSteaming in company Comdesron 27 (OTC) in PLUNKETT, LIVERMORE, GREER, and DECATUR escorting ON-24 on course 212 (T), standard speed 15 knots (143 RPM), steaming at convoy speed about 8 knots, Boilers Nos. 3 & 4 in use. Ship darkened and in Material Condition B. Readiness Condition III watch set
0040Convoy changed course to 192 (T)
0100Set clocks back .5 hour to zone plus 1.5 time. Average steam 600 lbs. Average RPM 74
4 to 8StatusNo remarks. Average steam 600 bs. Average RPM 96
8 to 120800Mustered the crew on stations. Absentees: none
0808Lighted fires under Boiler No. 1
0845Sighted three white rockets on the starboard bow, evidently fired from the center of the convoy. Made preparations for depth charge attack but no further evidence of enemy activity developed
0918Cut Boiler No. 1 in on auxilliary steam line
0927Cut Boiler No. 1 in on main steam line
0940Let fires die out under boiler No. 4 and secured same
1000Convoy changed speed to 9 knots. Made daily inspection of magazines and smokeless powder samples. Conditions normal. Average steam 600 lbs. average RPM 93
12 to 161205Convoy changed course to 208 (T). Average steam 600 lbs. Average RPM 82
16 to 201601Steamed on various courses and speeds to search astern of convoy
1725Resumed screening station on convoy
1900Changed course to 179 (T). Average steam 600 lbs. Average RPM 103
20 to 24StatusNo remarks. Average steam 600 lbs. Average RPM 92

October 13
October 15