The Torpedoing of the U.S.S. Kearny
OCTOBER 15, 1941

Watch Time Entry
0 to 4StatusSteaming in company with Comdesron 27 (OTC) in PLUNKETT, Comdesdiv 21 in LIVERMORE, Greer and DECATUR escorting convoy ON-24 on course 179 (T). Standard speed in knots 143 RPM. Steaming at convoy speed of 10 knots 93 RPM. Boilers Nos. 1 & # in use. Ship darkened and in Material Condition Baker. Condition of Readiness II set Average steam 600 lbs. Average RPM 104.9
4 to 80420Started patrolling station
0650Set Condition of Readiness III. Average steam 600 lbs. Vaerage RPM 101.5
8 to 120800Held muster on stations. Absentees: none
1100Changed course to 199 (T)
1130Changed course to 219 (T). Made daily inspection of magazines and smokeless powder samples. Conditions normal. Aveage steam 60 lbs. Average RPM 104
12 to 161210Convoy changed corse to 242 (T)
1350Investigated sound contact at 080 (T). Not comfirmed
1457Strange ship sighted bearing 205 (T) distant 10.5 miles on opposite course, speed 12 knots, reported same to escort Commander and challenged. Vessel did not show her call
1540Steaming on various courses and speed in investigation of various sound contacts. Not confirmed. Average steam 600 lbs. Average RPM 102.3
16 to 201604Search abandoned, steering various courses and speeds to resume station
1635Started patrolling on station
1727Darkened ship
1810Ceased patrolling station and took night station
1900Convoy changed sourse to 212 (T)
1945Set Condition of Readiness II. Average steam 600 lbs. Average RPM 95.25
20 to 242115Steamed on various courses and speed to form column astern of PLUNKETT in accordance with signal. PLUNKETT ahead of convoy
2210Steamed on course 277 (T) at 5 knots 43 RPM in column formation astern of PLUNKETT
2230Changed course to 190 (T)
2250Changed course to 040 (T). Ships formed in column in following order: PLUNKETT, KEARNY, LIVERMORE, DECATUR and GREER
2330Changed course to 212 (T) and speed to 10 knots 93 RPM. Convoy on port beam. Plunkett left formation and proceeded to head of convoy. Average steam 600 lbs. Average RPM 115.75

October 14
October 16