The Torpedoing of the U.S.S. Kearny
OCTOBER 19, 1941

Watch Time Entry
0 to 4StatusSteaming on course 353 (T) at 10 knots (94 RPM), with anti-submarine screen consisting of MONSSEN on the starboard bow and the GREER on the port bow. Boilers Nos. 3 & 4 in use
0020Sighted Reykjanes Light bearing 353 (T)
0131Changed course to 355 (T)
0314Changed course to 015 (T)
0321changed course to 355 (T)
4 to 80407changed course to 073 (T)
0655Steamed on various courses and speeds to anchorage at Reykjavik, Iceland
8 to 120800Mustered the crew on stations; no absentees
0813Anchored in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 15 fathoms of water with 60 fathoms of chain to the port anchor in order to transfer injured men to the hospital
0830Hospital ship came alongside. The injured men were transferred to the British hospital ship AVONGLEN for further transfer to the U.S. Army Hospital at Reykjavik, Iceland, for medical treatment of injuries and shock suffered as a result of enemy torpedo explosion on October 17, 1941
0900British hospital ship AVONGLEN left from alongside
0919Underway on various courses and speeds conforming to channel
1049Passed through anti-submarine gate
1150MONSSEN came alongside to assist in going alongside of VULCAN
12 to 16StatusKEARNY moored starboard side to starboard side of VULCAN, bow to stern in berth V, Hvalfjordur, Iceland, in 5 fathoms of water with the following lines: nine 5" manilla lines, one 3" wire cable to bow, three 1" wire cables to the stern
1255Let fire die out under Boiler No. 3 and secured same
1315Commenced taking light and power from the VULCAN
1430The U.S. Minister to Iceland and Rear Admiral R.C. Giffen, U.S. Navy, (Comcrudiv 7 - SOPA, Iceland) came aboard
1445U.S. Minister and Rear Admiral R.C.Griffin, U.S.N., left ship
1515Let the fires die out under Boiler No. 4 and secured same
16 to 20No remarks
20 to 24No remarks

October 18