The Commissioning of the U.S.S. Kearny

LAUNCHED: 9 March 1940
COMMISSIONED: 13 September 1940

From: The Chief of Naval Operations
To: Commanding Officer, USS KEARNY

Subject: Commissioning of USS KEARNY

1. The USS KEARNY has now been commissioned. I congratulate you, your officers and men, and extend best wishes as you make her ready to join the fleet.

2. As you know, your ship is the first to be named in memory of Commodore Lawrence Kearny. This gallant officer commanded the East Indian Squadron from 1841-1844, engaged in protecting American interests in China. It was he who succeeded in opening commercial relations between the United States and China by urging upon the Chinese Government the granting of trade privleges to American citizens.

3. I am confident that under your guidance the USS KEARNY will add further distinction to the name she bears.

4. With all good wishes.

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