• No. 1 fireroom was destroyed and flooded.
  • Fwd. bulkhead of fwd. engineroom was so weakened as to require immediate and extensive shoring.
  • After bulkhead of the Plotting Room was damaged but the compartment, although waist deep in water and oil was not completely open to the sea.
  • Apart from the compartments in the immediate vicinity of the explosion, the watertight integrity of the ship was maintained.
  • After recovering from the list caused by the shock of the explosion, she assumed a good position and little sluggishness was noted.
  • All watertight doors and hatches and fittings were checked and apparantly maintained their integrity.
  • Forward of the explosion, the battle lighting circuit was still operative but general heating and lighting were gone.
  • Visual communications were possible only by battle lanterns, as searchlights, blinker guns and yardarm blinkers, were either demolished or inoperative.
  • All gunnery control from the director was lost as the wiring was demolished and the computer and I.C. board were badly damaged.