The Sinking of

Torpedoed by U-558
Oblt. Gunther Krech

At about 0300 escort vessels on the starboard quarter (direction W.N.W. from S.S. RYM in 8th column), apparently were engaged in an attack upon enemy submarine, aas depth charges were heard, and during the afternoon the escort vessels seemed to fall astern some. Convoy has since 1200 been steering true course 018, at 1940 changed to trye course 090. At2000 an explosion occurred astern of convoys 8th column. Convoy was proceeding at full speed. At about 2100 another explosion occurred ahead ot the RYM in 10th column, this was the tanker W.C. TEAGLE. Shortly afterwards RYM observed lights from survivors and turned immediately to pick them up, being in a rear ship. Meanwhile another steamer ERVIKEN also headed straight for survivors and RYM had to alter course to avoid collision. Turned straight round to head for another light from survivors when ERVIKEN was torpedoed while rescuing survivors. RYM now proceeded at full speed to pick up convoy again. At that time some of the escort vessels were sighted engaging enemy about 4 miles astern of convoy. About 2200, sighted several ships of convoy ahead. At about 2010 ship was hit by torpedo on starboard side between No.1 and No.2 hatches with the effect that the ships fore part was actually bent over to starboard, and as far as possible to observe, torn away from rest of hull, only held together by cargo, deck cargo on fore deck partly thrown over port side, as well as derricks swung over to port side and damaged, bridge badly damaged, starboaard lifeboat destroyed and davids bent. Ship was listing heavily to starboard and making water all the time so fireroom and engineroom were gradually filling with water. Deck cargo on after deck was gradually carried away by heavy water, cabins on starboard side also partly filled with water. Just after the explosion, Master threw confidential books and papers over the side in a weighted canvas bag. Port lifeboat was immediately lowered with 17 men. One fireman, one able seaman, chief engineer, and Master remained onboard. Port lifeboat was picked up by H.M.S. VERONICA at 0100, 17 October. Those who remained onboard, register of confidential books and papers delivered to Commander of H.M.S. VERONICA, LCDR D.F. White, R.N.R.