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     Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson in the Sepik, 1938:  A Timely Polemic
     from a Lost Anthropological Efflorescence. Pacific Studies 28:128-41.
     Dialogics of the Body: The Moral and the Grotesque in Two Sepik River Societies.
      Co-authored with D. Lipset.  Journal of Ritual Studies 19:17-52.

   Anthropology and Circumcision. Annual Review of Anthropology 33 (2004) 419-45.

   High Art as Tourist Art, Tourist Art as High Art: Comparing the New Guinea Sculpture Garden at Stanford University and Sepik River Tourist Art.  International Journal of Anthropology 18 (2003) 219-30.  (Special Issue, Conceptualizing World Art Studies, E. Venbrux and P.C. Rosi, eds.) 

         Reprinted in Exploring World Art, E. Venbrux, P.S. Rosi, and R.L. Welsch, eds., pp.271-84. Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press.

   Tourism in the Sepik River of Papua New Guinea: Favoring the Local over the Global. Pacific Tourism Review 4 (2000) 105-19.  (Special Issue, Local Perspectives on Global Tourism in South East Asia and the Pacific Region, H. Dahles and T. van Meijl, eds.)

   Politics, Gender, and Time in Melanesia and Aboriginal Australia. Ethnology 36 (1997)

   The Gender of the Cosmos: Totemism, Embodiment and Society in the Sepik River.
 67 (1996) 30-49.