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Circumcision and Masculinity: Motherly Men or Brutal Patriarchs?  In Jewish Masculinity: New Perspectives.  H. Brod, K. Eisenstadt, and S. Zevit, eds. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society.  Under contract.


Moderate Expectations and Benign Exploitation: Tourism in Papua New Guinea.  In Tourism at the Grass Roots: Villagers and Visitors in the Asia Pacific. John Connell and Barbara Rugendyke, eds. Routledge. In press.

Sepik River Selves in a Changing Modernity: From Sahlins to   Psychodynamics. In The Making of Global and Local Modernities in Melanesia: Humiliation, Transformation and the Nature of Cultural Change. 2005. J. Robbins and H. Wardlow, eds. pp. 85-101. Burlington: Ashgate. 


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The Cut of Wholeness: Psychoanalytic Interpretations of Biblical Circumcision.  In The Covenant of Circumcision: New Perspectives on an Ancient Jewish Rite. 2003. E.W. Mark, ed. pp. 43-57. University Press of New England/Brandeis University Press.


From Totemic Space to Cyberspace: Transformations in Sepik River and Aboriginal Australian Myth, Knowledge and Art.  In Emplaced Myth: Space, Narrative and Knowledge in Aboriginal Australia and Papua New Guinea Societies.  2001. J. Weiner and A. Rumsey, eds. pp. 189-214. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.


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Clifford Geertz: Towards A More A "Thick" Understanding? In Reading Material Culture: Structuralism, Hermeneutics and Post‑Structuralism.  1990. C. Tilley, ed. pp. 121‑59.  Oxford: Basil Blackwell.

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