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  Undergraduate Courses:
    Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Human Cultures)
    Anthropology of the Family
    American Identities (Introduction to American Studies)
    Food and Culture
    South Pacific Cultures
    Anthropology of Judaism
    Anthropology of Religion
    Biblical Ritual and Myth
    Anthropology of Art and Museums
    Mind, Self and Emotion in Culture (Psychological Anthropology)
    History of Anthropological Theory
    Culture Theory
    Anthropology of the Body and Sexuality
    Anthropology of Time and Space
    Symbolic Anthropology
    Anthropology of Childhood and Parenting
    Anthropology of Women and Gender
    Men and Masculinity
    Social Science Honor Scholar Seminars: Violence, Society and
       Utopia (1995); Sacrifice, Religion and the Morality of Culture
       (1996); Sacrificial Religions, Modes of Thought, Cultural Gazes
       (1997); Religion, Sexuality and Violence (1999)
    Folklore (team-taught)
    Winter Term: From Shangri-la to Mount Everest: Nepal through
        Tourism, Himalayan Trekking, Utopian Desire and Hindu-Buddhist
        Religion; Death Around the World; advisor of student
        internships. Plus, I was fieldwork advisor at DePauw for
        numerous student Winter Term projects, e.g., health care
        among the Chamorros, Guam; Hawaiian sovereignty movement;
        tourism and Hawaii; Samoan music and cultural identity in
Graduate and Professional Development Institute Courses (Wheelock College)
        Boys: More At Risk Than We Think?

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