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Anthropological Fieldwork Experiences 
Papua New Guinea: Tambunum Village, Sepik River, 1988‑1990, 1994, February 2008.  Research topics included: self and identity; emotion; masculinity; concepts of the body; cosmology; ritual; mythology; art and aesthetics; tourism; social organization, kinship, and marriage.  My recent work focuses on modernization, fatherhood, masculinity, families, children, and children's drawings. 
Additionally, this project will include a study of contemporary Jewish American fathers.  What, if anything, do they see as distinctly Jewish about their fathering?  How does Judaism--as a religion and an ethnicity--shape their fathering, and also their perceptions of childhood and mothering?
Currently, I am writing a book on the history of Jewish clothing, which includes interviews with American Jews involved in the manufacture and sale of religious and secular Jewish apparel.
Other potential fieldwork projects include:
       Recent immigrant fathers and children in Boston.

       Jews and ethnic relations on Martha's Vineyard.
Brief study-travel experiences include:
        Tourism in Nepal (January 1997).
        Urbanization in southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Malawi; June-August 1993,
               Indiana Consortium for International Programs).
        Japanese culture and religion (October 2005, DePauw University Asian       
               Studies Program).