NSGA Keflavik, Iceland

Keflavik was my first overseas tour and I really didn't know what to expect. The first four months I was there I really didn't know where I was since it was mostly dark. Iceland was a great experience and I enjoyed the country very much. I worked at the Rockville site which was the Air Force detachment where the wideband facility was. We had a dog at the site called Gaf. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of him but he was a very smart dog. I remember the bus rides to work and how rough the roads were and how the driver didn't slow down for any road conditions, especially during the snow storms! I remember the earth quakes we had and how strange it was to have the earth move under me. I also have great memories of the mid-rats. For some reason, these mid-rats seem to be of inordinate greatness. Not sure why but my recollection is they were excellent meals. 

Some of the people I remember are CTT2 Larry Williams, Nan Williams, CTT2 Larry Peterson, CTR2 TJ Rambo, Glenda Rambo, CTM2 Dennis Ezzel.

November 1972 - November 1974

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