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Last updated April 18, 2009
Newest Releases:
Ed Chang - marble / latch on Carbon Records
Ben Miller / degeneration : Sirens of Phobos  Living Records
Rust Ionics - moving/pictures LP
Motoko Shimizu - Jennie & Me
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New Releases:
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Ed Chang
"marble / latch"
Format: CDR
Label: Carbon Records
Price: $8.00
Catalog ID: CR106

From Carbon Records site:
"here's an amazing drone guitar release from Ed Chang, the man behind NYC-based Quodlibet label. member of Spin-17, and all around free-improv, experimental, out-there musician. this showcases his softer, more subtle drone-infestations/incantations. [packaged in heavy vinyl sleeve with b&w photo by Ed on the front, and veluum back cover. cds are spray painted] "

A careful work exploring the possibilities of continuous electric guitar drones developed over extended periods of time. Featuring smooth transitions between the different sound masses, the static character is the result of a careful mastery; the balance involved in handling feedback being akin to that of high-tension wires. Quite subtle in its approach, the materials are displayed with a certain Indian tanpura quality in the slow unfolding of overtones. Other tracks present harsher surfaces, with noise elements that emphasize rougher textures and larger doses of processing.

Motoko Shimizu
Jennie & Me

Solo Turntable compositions for young and fun people - appropriate for the beach, cocktail parties, crime scenes, giant squid sightings and much more.  The 5-foot woman strikes again with her sidekick turntable Jennie - phono needles everywhere beware!

1. 31.5Hz
2. Which hand is more important?
3. Martian VS Sputnik
4. High Fidelity Simplified  mp3 sample
5. Sgt. Kabukiwoman
6. This is the way we play records on Friday morning   mp3 sample
7. Non-breakable Micro-Groove   mp3 sample

Quodlibet Recordings CDR Series 2006 QLCDR-03
Ultra-limited edition in clear poly-keeper.
$6 at the Catalog page.

Ben Miller / degeneration

Ben Miller; prepared stereo guitar, radio, electronics.
with guests:
Motoko Shimizu (voice on 2 tracks)
Ed Chang (homemade electronics and reeds on 1 track and live guitar sampling on 1 track)

Ben Miller’s new release features soundscapes built from a mis-tuned radio resonating against guitar strings run through live electronics. Other pieces feature “The Zoo”; his deconstructed Gibson Kalamazoo converted to stereo with multiple pickups manipulated by metal spring, slide, bow and other special effects. SPIN-17’s Motoko Shimizu and Ed Chang collaborate with voice, toys, assorted electronics and live sampling.
If you want to feel as though you’re stuck in a dream – this is it!

Sirens of Phobos is a masterpiece.” Roger Miller

$8 from Living Music

MP3 Sample
Sirens of Phobos

Rust Ionics
moving/pictures (LP)

Ed Chang - sax
Doug Theriault - guitar
Adam Kriney - drums

Limited to 311 copies in clear blue vinyl with clear plastic sticker packaging

This skronk throwdown occurred in Brooklyn April 2005, this was the first meeting between the members of noise-attack duo Dual and the leader of the Colour Sounds/Owl Sounds freak-psych army.  So intense the metal plates were damaged during pressing.  Last Exit meets up with the Ruins to gang up on Painkiller.  Turn it up to 10 and throw away the knob..

A Quodlibet/Colour Sounds/Outer Limits split release.
QLLP-01 / CSR018 / OL05
at the Catalog page.

Han Degc


Han Degc
This is one of Han’s laptop experiments in chopping up and recombining thrash/death metal samples into a superfast superchaotic brain-melting stew.  This uses uncleared, copyrighted samples (not that you'd recognize them at this point) so you won’t be seeing this at Tower Records anytime soon….This is only available as a freebie when you order $15 worth of stuff from our website, so I don’t actually “make money” from “stealing” other people’s “music”...“yo.”

banana bam bam / gerbil mountain / war iron hand pus / blud nutz corporate body / buzzsaw threnody / gall / biohazardous blitz buffet / metal fun gear / liver buster / night of the yellow ochre worm

Quodlibet Recordings CDR Series 2006 QLCDR-04

These are also extremely limited to 45 units, and come in a round metal case with printed metallic disc art and a piece of the computer the music was created on.

At the Catalog page.

Elephant Calls (Utech Records 2006)
Ravi Padmanabha - tabla, percussion
Ed Chang - acoustic guitar

Limited edition of 200 in cardboard packaging.  Ed uses an acoustic guitar with a tuning which took days to develop.  Ravi plays tablas and a percussion array with which you could probably make very many tasty meals.  All acoustic, in large part minimal and meditative, this is from yoga to yogurt to yog-sothoth.

Tracks: 1.Uhtan 2.Avatar 3.Elephant Calls 4.Ivory Asuras 5.Prana of Sati 6.Hanuman Calls

Available from Utech Recordsand Quodlibet.
$11 at the Catalog page.

Ed Chang
"my first saxophone"
Solo saxophone improvisations.  Chang's first and only full-length solo sax testament on the very first sax he ever played.
Alto Sax (1-4), Prepared Alto Sax (5-7).
Recorded June 28, 2006/Nov 7, 2005 @ The Foundry
Ultra-limited edition in clear blue poly-keeper. 
$6 at the
Catalog page.
Quodlibet Recordings CDR Series 2006 QLCDR-02

Agents at Midnight (New Full-length CD!)
Ed Chang: saxophone.
Ed Howard: electronics, harmonica.

The full-length debut of noise-jazz duo Agents At Midnight, and a real pro-pressed CD in an edition of 500 copies, the first in 5 years! Meticulously constructed from hours and hours of recording sessions, this album is a distillation of all the many sounds and styles explored by this duo. Rumbling bassy drones, unflinchingly ear-piercing examinations of feedback tones, dizzyingly fast sample-based pieces, musique concrete-inspired collage. And on all of it, sax and electronics flow subtly into one another, bleeding over until the authorship of sounds is often uncertain. Agents At Midnight inhabits a weird hybrid territory somewhere between abstract modern improv, harsh noise, and free jazz, sometimes blending these styles, sometimes veering between them.

1.Terrible Meditation II (9:39)
2.This Is Your Brain On (8:47)  
MP3 Excerpt 2.34MB
3.The Dread At the Back of Your Throat (8:25)  MP3 Excerpt 1.92MB
4.Ghost Packets (7:35)
5.Arse Cracked (14:25)
6.Damaged Symphony For Karl Stockhausen (18:38)

Limited 500.
$10 at the Catalog page.
Co-released with  Fargone Records.
RELEASED May 23, 2006.

Doug Theriault - Guitar /
Ed Chang - Laptop Electronics

Doug Theriault and Ed Chang atom-smash supersonic guitar frequencies with laptop-generated blender blast-beats to create 16 non-stop ear-pummeling electro-noise action tracks.  Improv, destroyed.  This is Dual at their most-focused, and most-insane...
$6 at the
Catalog page.
Quodlibet Recordings CDR Series 2006 QLCDR-01

April 27, 8pm
Yippie Cafe
9 Bleecker St New York, NY 10012 - (800) 453-1305

Ed Chang performs with Marc Edwards' Slipstream Time Travel Group
at the Yippie Cafe.