Ed Chang 

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Music: Experimental Composition - Improvisation - Noise
Tools:  Saxophone - Guitar - Electronics - The Noise Machine - etc

ed chang
  • Blindfold 
  • Spin-17 (w. Motoko Shimizu) 
  • DUAL (w. Doug Theriault) 
  • Lust Ionics (w. Motoko Shimizu & Adam Kriney)
  • Rust Ionics (w. Doug Theriault & Adam Kriney)
  • Agents at Midnight (w. Ed Howard/The Seven Arts)
  • Ed Chang / Ravi Padmanabha Guitars & Drums Duo
  • Ringsteppers (w. O'Donnell/Forlano/Dieterich)

     Ed Chang has been performing and composing music since 1984, and since the early 90's has been developing a personal voice and aesthetic in the language and anti-structure of free improvisation and experimental composition. 

     Chang's interest lies in creating new  sounds by mutating the natural timbres of conventional instruments, and then applying these sounds into new structural forms.  He uses extended/unconventional techniques on various instruments as well as "preparing" these instruments, and also creates his own home-made sound producers. 

     Two of his most notorious home-made devices are the "Noise Machine" (a modified electromagnetic contact element capable of quiet textural sonorities, as well as harsh noise cranking) and the "36 Cents Box" (an internal feedback device activated by 36 cents in change which produces intense high-speed electrical glitches ).

On saxophone Chang uses techniques such as flutter-tonguing and circular breathing as well as preparing the mouthpiece with various metal/plastic reeds and tubes to obtain a multi-phonic and poly-rhythmic sound palette.  His saxophone playing can range from swampy frog mating calls to industrial jackhammer attacks.

     Chang's guitar-playing is informed by free-jazz and hardcore punk as well as the table-top styles of Keith Rowe and Fred Frith.  Despite the skronk and skreech that can erupt from his guitar, his playing on guitar is perhaps the most adaptable to somewhat more "conventional" settings.

     Chang's electronics set-up is comprised of various portable samplers, sequencers, and effects as well as measured doses of the Noise Machine and the 36 Cents Box.  In the past Chang has also used manipulated cassettes.  Currently Ed has also been using Soundplant software on laptop in performances.  His electronics takes a more prominent role in the project Dual with guitarist Doug Theriault, laying down high-energy blast-beat and sound FX samples for Doug to play off of.

     Having spent many years playing in free jazz, free improvisation and noise rock contexts, nowadays Chang is interested in more un-mined group contrasts, where the actual music and interaction is much harder to define as part of those established genres.  Having studied the methods of Coltrane, Stockhausen and Zorn among many others, Chang is interested in forging beyond these giants of sound composition and creating a world of his own
      Chang's time is spent divided among 4 main projects:  Spin-17 ("improv-vaudeville-exotica" with vocalist/turntablist/multi-instrumentalist Motoko Shimizu), DUAL (1-on-1 "assault and battery" improv with guitarist Doug Theriault), Agents at Midnight (prepared saxophone/ harmonica and electronics harsh-drone noise with Ed Howard/The Seven Arts), and Blindfold (ad hoc solo and ensemble compositions).  Interestingly enough, Han Degc is an anagram of Ed Chang.  Based primarily in New York City, Chang's music has also been informed by extended residencies in Portland (Oregon), Pusan (S. Korea), and New Orleans

     In the past, Ed Chang has also performed/recorded with Donald Miller (Borbetomagus), Susie Ibarra, Christine Bard (God Is My Co-pilot), David Nuss (NNCK), Samara Lubelski (Hall of Fame), Joe McPhee, Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Luthor Thomas, Davey Williams, Sean Meehan, Daniel Carter (Other Dimensions in Music), Toshi Makihara, Adris Hoyos (Harry Pussy), Sabir Mateen, Matthew Heyner(NNCK), John Dieterich(Deerhoof), Climax Golden Twins, Aaron Dilloway, Cibo Matto, Sonny Simmons, Smegma, Greg Kelley, the late Peter Kowald and Fred Lonberg-Holm, among others.  He performs locally in NYC at such venues as The Knitting Factory, ABC NoRio, C.O.M.A., Tonic, etc...Also currently co-curating the monthly "226 Series" of experimental/improvised music in his East Village living room and maintaining Quodlibet Recordings/www.spin17.com.

Partial Chronology (inverted)
  • 2006 - "my first saxophone" released, EC first full record of solo improvisations on saxophone
  • 2006 - DUAL : PYROCLASTICS CD release & tour in Pacific Northwest
  • 2005 - Lust Ionics and Agents at Midnight tours Northwest.
  • 2005 - Begins using prepared saxophone techniques as well as use of "36 Cents Box" and laptop.
  • 2005  - (April) The "226 Series@The Foundry" monthly sound artist programs begin.
  • 2005  - Duo reeds/electronics noise project "Agents at Midnight" with Ed Howard begins performances.
  • 2004 - "Dual – Destroy All Improv" released on Toast and Jam.
  • 2002 - "DUAL : duel" CD is released and hits Number 1 in selected college radio stations.
  • 2001 - Quodlibet Recordings Website launched.
  • 2001 - "ppppp", acoustic "reductive improvisation" ensemble with EC, Motoko Shimizu, Matthew Heyner, David Gould and Rich Gross begins performances in NYC.
  • 2000 - "Dracula Lugosi" composition is completed and premiered at Roulette Intermedium, NYC with the Spin-17 Small Ensemble (Ed Chang, Motoko Shimizu, Matthew Heyner, Michael Evans, Rich Gross, Samara Lubelski).
  • 1999 (Sept) - Spin-17 tours West Coast and produces "The Chronicles of Momo" - multimedia puppet show.
  • 1999 - EC creates the "Noise Machine", an electrically-driven contact element used for amplifying small sounds.
  • 1999 - "Ringsteppers" is released on Quodlibet Recordings, an electronic remix project with EC, David Forlano, Sean O'Donnell and John Dieterich.
  • 1998 - Spin-17 with EC and vocalist/turntablist Motoko Shimizu begins performances in NYC.  Eponymous CD is released on Quodlibet Recordings is released and reaches #1 on selected college radio stations.  2 tours of the Eastern United States. 
  • 1997 (Mar)- Slingshot #1 is published, a journal devoted to experimental composition.
  • 1997 - DUAL (improv-intensive guitar/reeds/electronics battle duo) with Doug Theriault begins performances in Portland OR and tours the US.
  • 1996 (Oct-Nov) - EC performs first 16-show solo tour across the US from Seattle to NYC.
  • 1996 - EC a featured performer at the 11th Seattle Improv Festival and 2nd Olympia Experimental Music Festival.
  • 1995 (Oct-Dec) - EC premiere's "Electro-Acoustic Conversation Lesson" (for 3 tapes and Alto Recorder) and "NORI" (toy orchestra) in Pusan, South Korea.
  • 1995 (Mar) - EC commissioned to compose, conduct and perform a live electro-acoustic piece ("Radio Pirate") during the New Orleans Jazz Festival.
  • 1994 (Nov) - Ed Chang/Blindfold : "Picture Show" is released on J'Boy Records.  This release features conducted improvisations using graphic notation to create "sound scenes" and includes performances from David Nuss, Christine Bard, Blaise Siwula, Samara Lubelski and other veterans of the NYC creative music scene.
  • 1994 (Aug) - EC invited to organize and contribute to a performance of John Zorn's COBRA piece at the Knitting Factory, featuring an all-vocals and electronics group.
  • 1993 - Blindfold with EC, David Nuss, Matthew Heyner and Rich Gross begin performances in NYC. 


  • Ed Chang/Blindfold : “Picture Show” (JiffyBoy) (1994)
  • Ed Chang : Experimental Compost (Quodlibet Recordings QL01) (1995)
  • DUAL (Quodlibet Recordings QL02) (1996)
  • Ed Chang : Experimental Compost 2/ Electro-acoustica 1,2 (Quodlibet Recordings QL03) (1996)
  • Spin-17 : 526 East 11th St (Quodlibet Recordings QL04) (1997)
  • Spin-17 : Recordsss (Quodlibet Recordings QL05) (1997)
  • Ed Chang : Oneofakind (Quodlibet Recordings QL21) (1998)
  • Looper's Delight Vol. 2 : 1 track, "Kolizions" (cut & paste guitar orchestra) (Marathon Records) (1998)
  • Spin-17 : “Spin-17” (Quodlibet Recordings) (1999)
  • Ringsteppers : "Ringsteppers" (Quodlibet Recordings)  (1999)
  • Extracted Celluloid (compilation of remixes of filmmusic) : 1 track, "Cut!" (Seeland/Illegal Art)  (1999)
  • DUAL : “duel” (Quodlibet Recordings) (2001)
  • DUAL : “Destroy All Improv” CDR (Toast and Jam Recordings) (2004)
  • Ed Chang & Han Degc: “Nois und Stringe” CDR (Sachimay Interventions) (2005)
  • Lust Ionics "Sons of Fire/Saung" CDR (Colour Sounds Recordings) (2005)
  • Doug Theriault, Brian Moran, Ed Chang: "Tic Tac Tek" CDR : (Fargone Records) (2005)
  • Lust Ionics "Live Singles in Providence"  CDR (Colour Sounds Recordings) (2005)
  • Chris Welcome, Motoko Shimizu, Han Degc, Matt Hannafin "ABC No Rio, 8-21-05" CDR (Sachimay Interventions) (2005)
  • Agents at Midnight "terrible meditation I" CDR (Fargone Records) (2005)
  • 804 Noise Fest 2005 CDR comp (1 Lust Ionics track)
  • Spin-17 with Jeffrey Shurdut & Ravi Padmanabha "21st Century Folk Music Vol 3" CDR No Labels (2005)
  • DUAL : "PYROCLASTICS" CDR (Quodlibet Recordings) (2006)
  • Marshall Allen with Jeffrey Shurdut, Motoko Shimizu & Ed Chang : "Live Univ of PA" CDR (No Labels 2006)
  • Jeffrey Shurdut, Blaise Siwula, Daniel Carter, Motoko Shimizu, Ed Chang. Michael Evans and Tom Shad : "Live at Tonic NYC" CDR (No Labels 2006)
  • Ed Chang, Jeffrey Shurdut, Jay Dunbar, Brian Osborne : "Imaginary Control Systems Pt.2" CDR (No Labels 2006)
  • Agents at Midnight CD (Fargone Records/Quodlibet 2006)
  • Ed Chang "my first saxophone" CDR (Quodlibet 2006)
  • Ravi Padmanabha & Ed Chang "Elephant Calls" CDR  (Utech 2006)
  • Luther Thomas with Jeffrey Shurdut, Motoko Shimizu & Ed Chang : "Finally! Total Unity" CDR (No Labels 2006, Ayler Records)
  • Rust Ionics "moving/picture" LP (Quodlibet/Colour Sounds/Outer Limits 2006)
  • Han Degc - METAL (Quodlibet Recordings 2006)

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