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Rust Ionics - moving/pictures (LP)

Ed Chang - sax
Doug Theriault - guitar
Adam Kriney - drums
Limited to 311 copies in clear blue vinyl with clear plastic sticker packaging

This skronk throwdown occurred in Brooklyn April 2005, this was the first meeting between the members of noise-attack duo Dual and the leader of the Colour Sounds/Owl Sounds freak-psych army.  So intense the metal plates were damaged during pressing.  Last Exit meets up with the Ruins to gang up on Painkiller.  Turn it up to 10 and throw away the knob..

A Quodlibet/Colour Sounds/Outer Limits split release.
QLLP-01 / CSR018 / OL05
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(sold out)

Motoko Shimizu
Jennie & Me

Solo Turntable compositions for young and fun people - appropriate for the beach, cocktail parties, crime scenes, giant squid sightings and much more.  The 5-foot woman strikes again with her sidekick turntable Jennie - phono needles everywhere beware!

1. 31.5Hz
2. Which hand is more important?
3. Martian VS Sputnik
4. High Fidelity Simplified  
mp3 sample
5. Sgt. Kabukiwoman
6. This is the way we play records on Friday morning  
mp3 sample
7. Non-breakable Micro-Groove   mp3 sample

Check out info about Motoko Shimizu
Quodlibet Recordings
CDR Series 2006 QLCDR-03
Ultra-limited edition in clear poly-keeper.


Han Degc
For each order of $15 or more you're eligible to get a free “Han Degc – metal” CD, which is one of Han’s laptop experiments in chopping up and recombining thrash/death metal samples into a superfast superchaotic brain-melting stew.  This uses uncleared, copyrighted samples (not that you'd recognize them at this point) so you won’t be seeing this at Tower Records anytime soon….If you want it, just add it to your cart if your total order is 15 bucks or more.

banana bam bam / gerbil mountain / war iron hand pus / blud nutz corporate body / buzzsaw threnody / gall / biohazardous blitz buffet / metal fun gear / liver buster / night of the yellow ochre worm

Quodlibet Recordings
CDR Series 2006 QLCDR-04

These are also extremely limited to 45 units, and come in a round metal case with printed metallic disc art and a piece of the computer the music was created on.

Sold Out
Ed Chang
"my first saxophone"
Solo saxophone improvisations.  Chang's first and only full-length solo sax testament on the very first sax he ever played.
Alto Sax (1-4), Prepared Alto Sax (5-7).
Recorded June 28, 2006/Nov 7, 2005 @ The Foundry

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Check out info about Ed Chang
Quodlibet Recordings CDR Series 2006 QLCDR-02


Elephant Calls (Utech Records 2006)

Ravi Padmanabha - tabla, percussion
Ed Chang - acoustic guitar

Limited edition of 200 in cardboard packaging.  Ed uses an acoustic guitar with a tuning which took days to develop.  Ravi plays tablas and a percussion array with which you could probably make very many tasty meals.  All acoustic, in large part minimal and meditative, this is from yoga to yogurt to yog-sothoth.

Tracks: 1.Uhtan 2.Avatar 3.Elephant Calls 4.Ivory Asuras 5.Prana of Sati 6.Hanuman Calls
Hear a Sample

Utech Records

$11 (extremely limited supply)

Agents at Midnight (New Full-length CD!)
Ed Chang: saxophone.
Ed Howard: electronics, harmonica.

The full-length debut of noise-jazz duo Agents At Midnight, and a real pro-pressed CD in an edition of 500 copies, the first in 5 years! Meticulously constructed from hours and hours of recording sessions, this album is a distillation of all the many sounds and styles explored by this duo. Rumbling bassy drones, unflinchingly ear-piercing examinations of feedback tones, dizzyingly fast sample-based pieces, musique concrete-inspired collage. And on all of it, sax and electronics flow subtly into one another, bleeding over until the authorship of sounds is often uncertain. Agents At Midnight inhabits a weird hybrid territory somewhere between abstract modern improv, harsh noise, and free jazz, sometimes blending these styles, sometimes veering between them.

Co-released with  Fargone Records.
RELEASED May 23, 2006.

Limited 500.

"...a sudden storm break uncovers a willowy alto aloft on a small haze of static. But not for long, as an exceedingly, even by previous standards, harsh section knifes in to liquefy any and all tympanums in the area. It doesn’t end so much as collapse. ..a very strong, uncompromising document and worth hearing." Brian Olewnick - Bagatellen

"a captivating and brutal mix of sounds, falling into improvised jazz states sometimes and at other times into a skin-burning noise state, sometimes both at the same time. " Music Machine
More reviews here.

1.Terrible Meditation II (9:39)
2.This Is Your Brain On (8:47)  
MP3 Excerpt 2.34MB
3.The Dread At the Back of Your Throat (8:25)  
MP3 Excerpt 1.92MB
4.Ghost Packets (7:35)
5.Arse Cracked (14:25)
6.Damaged Symphony For Karl Stockhausen (18:38)


Doug Theriault - Guitar

Ed Chang - Laptop Electronics

Doug Theriault and Ed Chang atom-smash supersonic guitar frequencies with laptop-generated blender blast-beats to create 16 non-stop ear-pummeling electro-noise action tracks.  Improv, destroyed.  This is Dual at their most-focused, and most-insane...

Dual just completed a short tour in the Pacific Northwest supporting this record:
"willing to consistently nail balls to the wall "  Brian Olewnick - Bagatellen
"Gnarly"  (Jeffrey from Climax Golden Twins) 
"Extremely loud"  (Eric from Noggin (!))
"and the beheaded oxen is slowly dragged from the stage"  (Solenoid)

More reviews here.

Hear a Sample
Check out info about DUAL

Quodlibet Recordings CDR Series 2006 QLCDR-01


Sold Out

Motoko Shimizu - Attack of the 5-foot Woman  (CDR)  ($5 ppd) 
(A Sachimay Interventions co-release)

The first solo release from Spin-17's Motoko Shimizu, this is a live recording of a solo concert at the 226 Series in NYC. She appeared and disappeared as Ms. Drumhead from Outerspace 9, her whimsical voice interacting with toys and percussion, part shaman, part child, part siren, part pussycat, exploring the boundary between comedy and tragedy. Total time: 27:10.   Part of the Sachimay Interventions $5 series.

Hear a Sample
Check out info about Motoko

Ed Chang & Han Degc : Nois Und Stringe  (CDR)  ($5 ppd)
(A Sachimay Interventions co-release)

Ed Chang on The Noise Machine.  Han Degc on Classical Guitar.  A six-track excavation into the deep strata of electro-acoustic noise improv, featuring low-fi electronics and classical guitar playing at the intersection of abrasion and vibration. The pieces are heard in the sequence in which they were performed, allowing the listener to hear the evolving nature of this unique collaboration. Track six is dedicated to the late, great Hugh Davies.  Total time: 32:55.  Despite the price, this is one of Ed's favorite things he's ever done.

"...like a giant amplified working factory full of loose bits of metal, melodic guitar snippets, pigs under stress and empty wood boxes. The factory then being tossed down a large mountain made of semi hollow boulders. This is a great track and alone worth purchasing this work..."
Ron Kirsch  (full review at Left Hip Magazine)
Ed Chang & Han Degc

Hear a Sample "Posaunend"
Read the Reviews
Check out the Ed Chang/Blindfold page
Sold Out

Dual - Destroy All Improv (Toast & Jam Records T&J014)
Doug Theriault - Guitar
Ed Chang - Electronics

2nd groundbreaking release from Dual.  All tracks improvised live in the studio.  Imagine Merzbow, Photek, Aphex Twin & Van Halen in a blender then multiply that by 15 million!  Featuring "Topography of my Rectum", the classic everyone's been talking about!

"I hear a star-crushing machine at the edge of the Horizon of Events, sucking the matter of contemporary society into its unappeasable void, beyond which the black hole of Truth compresses the plans and dirty looks of the powerful into a singularity which looses all meaning, all here and now, perhaps to seep out into another dimension through the gentle activities of Quantum Mechanics at Planck length dimensions..." - Sonoloco
" vandalism against 'proper' music," - Sound Projector

More reviews here.
Check out info about DUAL


QLCD003 - DUAL - {duel}

Dual - {duel}Full-on hardcore improv noise duos from Ed Chang on Electronics and Noise Machine and Doug Theriault on Guitar. 29 short and sweet chocolate kisses of mayhem and insanity. 
"Totally gross and totally fantastic." - The WIRE

Hear a Sample
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Check out the Dual page

QLCD001 - Spin-17

Motoko Shimizu and Ed Chang on turntables, guitars, toys, voice, tape wreckage, clarinet, sampler, etc…Harch noise, children at play, insane diva-isms,post-electronica, cut-up pop-ups…featuring a new recording of John Cage’s ARIA as well additional various invented instrument sputterings…

Hear a Sample
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Check out the Spin-17 page

QLCD00A - ed chang/blindfold : "Picture Show"

Creating something between Zorn’s Naked City jump-cut aesthetic and Anthony Braxton’s science-jazz deconstructions, Ed Chang conducts some of NYC’s finest free music rogues in these fast-moving jazz-skronk “Picture Shows” from 1994.   Each track is a structured, conducted improvisation, making for a highly focused, yet free-wheeling, exploration into sound-as-music.  Players include David Nuss (NNCK), Blaise Siwula, Christine Bard and Samara Lubelski (first track only).

‘Picture Show is a remarkably novel approach to guitar ensemble music… terse and compelling group playing… a kind of guitar concerto of the most splendid dimensions and the most crafted attention to details.” – Davey Williams, The Improvisor.
“The parts that are supposed to be disturbing are disturbing; the ostensibly pretty parts are actually pretty; and the funny parts are genuinely funny.” – Walter Horn, Cadence.

Hear a sample
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Check out the Ed Chang/Blindfold page

QLCD002 -"Ringsteppers"
Ed Chang, David Forlano, Sean O'Donnell, John Dieterich : multiple generation remix experiments. 4 original sound compositions are each deconstructed and reconstructed 4 times over, resulting in electro-enharmonic sonic bliss.

Read A Review
Check out a Ringsteppers page
$8 (extremely limited supply)

Quodlibet Sampler 2005 (free with purchase as supplies last)

1. DUAL - Raze
2. DUAL - Maul
3. SPIN-17 - Pebbles & Bam Bam
4. SPIN 17 - Unexpurgated Expressionism
5. Ed Chang & Han Degc - Posaunend
6. Motoko Shimizu - Attack Of The 5-Foot Woman (excerpt)
7. LUST IONICS - Untitled
9. AGENTS AT MIDNIGHT - Fuck Communism
10. RINGSTEPPERS - Radio Compos't
11. Ed Chang & Ravi Padmanabha - excerpt from "Elephant Calls"
12. Toshi Makihara & Ed Chang - Playing 7
13. Han Degc - 36 Cents Part 2
14. SPIN-17 with Jeffrey Shurdut & Ravi Padmanabha - 21st Century Folk Excerpt
15. Ed Chang/BLINDFOLD - Cows Give Birth...
16. Ed Chang/BLINDFOLD - Portrait Of Lord Ted

Sold Out

Archival Cassette CDRs  $5 each (except QL03 $10 which is a DBL CD)
These cassettes are long out of print, but we still make CDR's with nice disc art in a slim jewel case.  No inserts, sorry, that would be way too much work for right now...

QL01 - ed chang/blindfold - Experimental Compost
…transitional solo improvisations on clarinet, guitar, voice, and electronics…tape collages with obscene radio broadcasts and ninja noise…voice loops for toddlers…supra-distorted clarinet wank ? a musical ode to the avant-noise community of Portland OR.
Sold Out

QL02 - DUAL (Ed Chang/clarinet and Douglas Theriault/processed guitar)
47 minutes of pure evil. This is no-holds-barred, hardcore free improv in the worst possible sense between two improvisors at their peak (of the day), speaking in a language no one but themselves could possibly ever hope to (or want to) understand. See them on tour at your local lobotomy shop.
Sold Out

QL03 - ed chang/blindfold - Experimental Compost 2 and "Electro-Acoustica(1,2)"
Double length cassette of more studio pieces designed to confound and contort the inconfoundable uncontortable. Electro-Acoustica is the notorious "ambient" piece, recorded New Years Eve '97(literally, as the ball dropped) and premiered at Knitting Factory soon after.
Sold Out

QL04 - Spin-17 - "526 E. 11th St" (featuring Motoko Shimizu)
Adult music with children’s toys (or is it Children’s music with adult toys?). 1 hour, live field recording of an anti-improvisation utilizing every sound source available, from alto sax skree to refrigerator door "schwump". No electronic effects, just normal objects being something other.
Sold Out

QL05 - Spin-17 - "Recordsss"
Ed Chang and Motoko Shimizu TURNTABLE DUOS. Every record from every thrift store and S. Army, tastefully reborn into a cornucopian stew of avant-retro stylings. We promise that records were indeed harmed during this production.
Sold Out

QL21 - ed chang/blindfold - "ONEOFAKIND"
The climactic recording of a 16-part musical object duh art. Only 1 tape of each of QL06 to QL20 was made - directly from ed’s brain to 1 tape. These 15 tapes was sent out to 15 patrons. Each over 30 minutes of continuous free improv, each unique in instrumentation and content. But QL21 is now officially deemed copyable and reproducible. One patron says - "Scatterological breakdown tied together with shards of burning wire. Amazing."
Sold Out

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