Ed Chang - Electronics, Reeds
Doug Theriault - Guitar

The group DUAL (featuring Doug Theriault on guitar and Ed Chang on electronics) approaches experimental music less as exploration, but more as "explosion".  Since 1999 they have had 2 official releases to their name, "{duel}" (Quodlibet Recordings) and "Destroy All Improv" (Toast & Jam), both of which mined a fantastic cornucopia of sonic approaches towards noise, collage, and avant-garde music.  In many ways each of these releases attacked preconceptions of experimental music, and made this sometimes stodgy and serious genre, "fun" and/or "dangerous".  This was achieved to some extent by the fast-changing jump-cut nature of their improvisations, as well as Chang's use of pop/retro mangled samples and drum-beats. 

Their most recent release, "PYROCLASTICS" on Quodlibet Recordings find them focusing on noise and rhythm and for the most part jettisoning the irony.  Though their earlier releases had a couple "Alec Empire on speed with Merzbow swallowing guitars" tracks, this release finds Chang and Theriault sticking to that aesthetic and tearing a new hole in it.  Most tracks last no longer than a
couple minutes and for the amount of information crammed into those couple minutes, that's a good thing since you'll need that 3 seconds in between each track to catch your breath.

Theriault never lets up on the sonic assault, wringing unearthly tectonics that self-implode from his six-string as well as shredding it up like a real experimental guitarist should.  Chang lays down the particle smasher blast-beats by extracting the best skin-flayings of Peart, Lombardo, Harris and Empire and setting the blender to...well, explode.  In any case with this release Dual takes grindcore noise improvisation to a new level, taking pages from Lightning Bolt, Wolf Eyes, Merzbow and Hendrix on the way.

Doug Theriault plays guitar/custom built electronics and a new instrument of his own design, the Sensor Guitar.  For the last 15 years he has presented his work all over the United States with a wide variety of musicians, dancers and visual artists from around the world. He is known in underground, academic and free improvised music circles for a highly idiosyncratic approach to guitar and electronics. Doug investigates the reciprocal contamination of creative means and sensibilities. He uses varied organic and electronic sound instrumentation, concrete sounds, voice, light gradients (sensors), space and performative movement in connection with architecture and notation systems.

The Noise MachineEd Chang plays electronics and lately laptop.  He's collaborated with people such as Aaron Dilloway (Wolf Eyes), Donald Miller (Borbetomagus), Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), John Dieterich (Deerhoof), and David Nuss (NNCK), as well as most of the lower east side of NYC.  Besides DUAL he also records with Spin-17, Rust Ionics,Agents at Midnight and with his alter-ego Han Degc.  Much more info about Ed can be found HERE.

DUAL Discography:

  • "PYROCLASTICS" (2006) Quodliber Recordings CDR.
  • “Destroy All Improv”(2004) Toast and Jam recordings CDR.  This disc also was well-reviewed here.
  • "{duel}" (2001) Quodlibet Recordings CD.  Check out our press release here!
  • "DUAL: Clarinet & Guitar Improvisations" (1996) Quodlibet Recordings Cassette/CDR.
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Dual – “{duel}”  (CD)
Doug Theriault (Office Products) and Ed Chang (Spin-17) challenge each other to an all-out sonic brawl, each of them using every secret ability and sonic weapon they can muster.  Improvised music with 21st century guitar and the torn out remains of an entire electronic music studio.  For most part unrelenting, a few tracks calm down but still give off the whiff of napalm in the morning…
“an insane and exhilarating disc…totally gross and totally fantastic” - David Keenan, The Wire.
“Theriault's fingers-in-the-Cuisinart guitar work chops up ragged scraps of feedback, detuned plonks and seizure-inducing fretwork. Chang shoots out rapid-fire beams of radioactive electronic noise, defibrillating beats and monster-movie samples…as refreshing as a slap in the face with a razor...the best way to wake up in the morning, really.” – John Graham, Willamette Week.

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