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DUAL : "duel"            Now Available!!

Doug Theriault/Ed Chang


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     DUAL is a duo free improv project featuring Doug Theriault on guitar and Ed Chang on electronics and homemade sound devices.  Both had already been playing and composing improvised music for almost a decade when they first met in Portland, Oregon in 1996.  After many heated battles over the merits of  Cage versus Stockhausen (as well as a few skirmishes over Zorn and Scelsi), they finally toured together throughout  the  Northwest  U.S.,  including performances at  both  the  11th  Seattle Improvised Music Festival and the 2nd Olympia Experimental Music Festival.  Several years later, a second 16-city tour of the Eastern half of the U.S. followed in support of the Quodlibet cassette release "DUAL".
     DUAL's   music   is   about   the  tension,  release  and  intersection  of sound-objects  in space.  Their  musical  textures  have  much  in common with car crashes,  dripping  faucets and Godzilla in heat.  DUAL's goal is to explore new traditions  in  live  musique  concrete  using  electronics  and modern cultural artifacts acquired through economical means (broken cake mixers, water balloons, potato  mashers, rubber hoses, Korean sand whistles...).
"...winds through a vast territory of creative sound, a persnickety stockinette of texture and feedback" - Patrick Barber, Seattle Rocket
"...moving towards a holistic virtuosity...mindblowing." - Sonar Map #3

     Doug Theriault has been involved in Improvised Music for over the last 2 decades.  He has written Improvised music for and played with many of the major improvisers of the Jazz underground. Some of these players include: Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, Gino Robair, The Sun Ra Orchestra, Toshi Makihara, Jeph Jerman, Wally Shoup, Sean Meehan, Mark Hosler (From Negativeland), Fred Lonberg-Holm and many, many others.  One of his main projects has been the group Office Products which has been on many international compilations and has released 3 CDs. Another CD project "Quartet 98, Trio 97" has been critically acclaimed by many composers and improvisers alike. He is also one of the main organizers for Improvised Music in the Northwest and he resides with his wife in Portland, Oregon.

     Ed Chang's time is currently being spent among 4 main projects:  Spin-17 ("improv-vaudeville-exotica" with vocalist/turntablist/multi-instrumentalist Motoko Shimizu), DUAL (1-on-1 "assault and battery" improv with guitarist Doug Theriault), Ringsteppers (electro-enharmonic remix chicanery with electro-acoustic composers Sean O'Donnell, David Forlano and John Dietrich), and Blindfold (ad hoc solo and ensemble compositions.  Chang's music has also been informed by extended residencies in Portland OR, S. Korea, and New Orleans.  His early influences have included John Zorn, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Bernard Herrmann, John Coltrane, Evan Parker, Yoko Kanno and many videogames.  Ed Chang has performed with Donald Miller (Borbetomagus), Christine Bard (God Is My Co-pilot), David Nuss (N Nck Bls Bnd), Davey Williams(Curlew), Andy Haas, Adris Hoyos (Harry Pussy), Sabir Mateen(Test), and Cibo Matto, among others.  He performs locally in NYC at such venues as The Knitting Factory, ABC NoRio, C.O.M.A., Tonic and AMica Bunker.

DUAL On Tour in 2002
New York, NY
Baltimore MD
Knoxville TN
Atlanta GA
Athens GA
Cleveland OH
Birmingham AL
New Orleans LA
Memphis TN
Detroit MI
Chicago IL
Anderson IN
Pittsburgh PA
Philadelphia PA
Asheville NC
Cincinnati OH
Rochester NY
Boston MA