Note from the head office
Quodlibet:(Lat., quod libet, what is desired), piece containing several popular tunes put together in unusual and (usually) ingenious fashion...(Penguin Dict. of Music)

from Ed Chang:

The word "quodlibet" was found while reading some John Cage text, probably "Silence" or possibly "The Music of John Cage" by Pritchett.  It's definition seemed apt for what kind of music I was (and am) interested in, that is, collage or experimental genre-bending music.

Since that time, my conception of 'collage' has expanded to include less obvious sonic contrasts within more typically 'straight' pieces.  This is probably due in large part to my expanded exposure to film music, especially that of Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, and Danny Elfman, as well as music for videogames and Japanese animation.

In any case, the main theme of Quodlibet, or any semblance of stylistic standards, is based on my own iconoclastic current taste in music. Coincidentally enough, I seem to play on every release as well.  Umm.

I hope that you enjoy some of these records.  Quodlibet releases are few and far between, since a phenomenal (almost intolerable) amount of work is put into each release, creatively and physically.  Nonetheless, when the itch hits, we scratch our ears and a new Quodlibet Recording is born.

Thanks for your support.

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