Quodlibet artist distributors/labels

CDBABY - online distributor for "Dual - {duel}".

Improjazz - distributes Quodlibet Recordings in Europe.

Carbon Records - carries new Quodlibet releases

Volcanic Tongue - carries split Lust Ionics limited with Colour Sounds, Europe

Fargone Records - Home of The Seven Arts and label for noise and experimental music.  Fargone's artists include Ed Chang, Doug Theriault.

Utech Records - released "Elephant Calls" by Ravi Padmanabha & Ed Chang

Colour Sounds Recordings - Label and info page for Lust Ionics and Rust Ionics and Adam Kriney's other projects.

Cadence - nolabels/Quodlibet collaborations

Metamkine - distro for new Quodlibet releases in Europe

Downtown Music Gallery - We've known Bruce for near on 15 years, he's got alot of our releases including the new Rust Ionics LP.

Toast and Jam Records - released "Dual - Destroy All Improv", Dual's second release.

Sachimay Interventions - Parent label for Ed Chang & Han Degc "Nois und Stringe / Motoko Shimizu "Attack of the 5-foot Woman"

Spin-17/Quodlibet MySpace

Motoko Shimizu Blog (in japanese) - Motoko's blog about music, movies and life in NY. Japanese only

Doug Theriault Home Page - Doug plays in Dual and has been a frequent collaborator with Ed Chang since 1995.  Virtually unequalled in guitar and sound artistry.

Doug Theriault  - Buzz-R Electronics - rent and buy unique pedals and instruments of a noisy nature!

KZSU - one of our favorite radio stations, a supporter of ours for over 10years, excellent reviews, too

Composers Collaborative Spin-17 bio

Web Reviews, Magazines
Paris Transatlantic Magazine
Left Hip
Music Extreme
Musique Machine

C.O.M.A series at ABC noRio curated by Blaise Siwula - pretty much every Sunday since March 15, 1998 in downtown NYC there is good exciting music happening here.  Improv,jazz,skronk,sound art, it's all here, sometimes in the same night.   Also meet with new musicians at the "open session" after the main performers.

Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy - Ed Chang studies kung fu here on and off again.  The best school for kung fu in NYC.

The Squid's Ear  -  excellent resource for NYC out music.

Sono Osato - Excellent artist, installations, found objects re-imagined, etc..

The Official Ringsteppers Site (MIA)


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