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The Confounding of Karajon

by Talespinner


Gentlemen, be seated



The Duke of Dunwynn, a visionary man

Visited our seaside town

Took a look at what he found

And brings the name of Karajon world renown



Look at these cliffs, gentleman, this will be the site of our next project


Breeding sheep and sheering wool is noble it is true

But I’ve got another beast to breed and this is what we’ll do

We’ll get some timbers up the cliff and set them in the face

We’ll build upon them giant nests with vines that we can lace

We’ll pack them full with softest wool so they are warm at night

Fame and fortune to be had if we can do it up just right


And if our giant flying friends take liking to their nests

Gold from the world over will fill our treasure chests


And then, and then, and gentlemen and then…



And then the hippogriffs were brought to the cliffs of Karajon

What idiot would curse us with these half-breed devils’s spawn?

Their screeching keeps us all awake at night

Sheep sized poops rain from hippogriff coops this is not right



Guards, remove that man immediately

Where was I gentlemen, ah yes


I met a whisperer to horses and to birds

He talked to me about his trade

And in my mind the idea played

So now my genius Karajon has on display



The herds of sheep are thriving on the leeside of the cliffs

And the fishing boats are swelling just to feed our hippogriffs

So I’ll have the Sky Knights sally forth upon their steeds

They’ll fly into the blazing sky to do their daring deeds

Karajon and Dunwynn will be names in every home

Translated in Elfish and in Dwarfish and in Gnome


And when the Sky Knights tip all battles’ balance in our way

All will bow to Dunwynn and tribute they will pay


And then, and then, and gentlemen and then…



The Griffon riders, Sky Knights, what a bunch of goofs

The good are really arrogant, the bad fall through our roofs

Half of them got eaten by their steeds

Tippy Hedron, this place is just bedlam overhead!



Guards, there must be order!


Now listen to me closely I’ll endeavor to explain

Why I’m Duke of Dunwynn and not the Duke of Lame

When I get a brilliant thought running through my head

Those who stand against me often wind up dead

But my loyal subjects, artists, craftsmen and the like

Join in gaining fortune in an economic spike


But if I’m not supported, you know just what you’ll get

I’ll have to raise your taxes just to pay my debt


So then, so then, so gentlemen what then?


Now, gentlemen, now



And then the Sky Knights launch to battle all our foes

What’s some wool and mutton if our fame and fortune grows?

Ten dozen lofty towers we must fill

So it’s slim pickins while those damned horse chickens are on that hill


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