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Thac & Slash

by Talespinner

This song tells of Talespinners first experiences in Thac...

I went to a land
Wasn’t it grand
Not too much sand
I want to go back
To slash and hack
My way through Thac
I left the Great Forest to go on a trip to the west
My sword and my senses were sharp on the boat from Essex
I sat in a dive
On the docks of Orllon
Looking for fun
A trader bound for Ilos
She would need guards
And a couple of bards
She told me we’d leave in the morning and started to laugh
She bought me some drinks and she stole my sword and my pack
And when I awoke
I was alone
On a boat bound for home
I’ll get my revenge
When I slash and hack
My way through Thac

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If you don't hear anything... BUMMER.