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Day 1 (6/13/08)  total time - 7 hours
Sorted all the pieces, which took about 4 hours in itself. Got started on the balloons, and have also laid out about half of the clownfish pieces. The rest are still in a pile. Hopefully I'll get the clownfish and balloons finished up tomorrow.

I don't have the puzzle set up on my 'big board' yet, I'm just working with individual foam boards at the moment. I'll move everything to the large board once I have too much done to fit on the individual board.

Day 2 (6/14/08)  total time - 8 hours
Ok, went slower than I anticipated. The balloons were easy enough because the colors were patterned. The clownfish, however...youch. Everything is shades of colors, so it's not quite as easy as sorting out all of one color and putting each fish together. A fish that looks orange may really shade from red, to orange, to yellow.

Puzzle so far:

The rest of the clownfish pieces:

I think I may take a break from the fish tomorow and work on some of the animals. The giraffe print should be easy enough to pull out. :)

Day 3 (6/15/08)  total time - 6 hours
I got involved doing other things today (like attempting to clean!), so I didn't get as much done as I had wanted. I did manage to piece together a few more of the fish, as well as the giraffes, zebras, and cheeta. I also sorted out the rippled water pieces and started assembling those. They're not on the main board yet, though.

Puzzle so far:

And there's the end of my weekend, so I doubt I'll get any more work done on it until Friday.

Day 4 (6/20/08)  total time - 7 hours
Added a few more animals that had easy to find patterns. Also stuck in all the bits with grass. The rippled water section is now complete, except for some of the animals in there since I haven't sorted all those out yet. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, because the cut pattern on the puzzle repeats two times across (and three times up). So I basically just built the two halves at the same time.

Puzzle so far:

Day 5 (6/21/08)  total time - 8 hours
Just been working on filling in the animals. Doesn't look like I'll get to the fish this weekend, but I should be able to finish the animals and sky.

Puzzle so far:

Day 6 (6/22/08)  total time - 10 hours
Well, except for a few stray pieces that seem to be mixed in with the underwater ones, the top part is done. The sky was kind of boring. Not particularly difficult like one might think; I used the pieces from completed sections as a backdrop to build on since the cut pattern repeats. As long as the pieces are sorted by shape, it's simple enough to find the correct ones for each spot. Just tedious.

Puzzle so far:

And the second weekend is over, so again I will resume work on Friday. I believe I should be able to finish this section up next weekend.

Day 7 (6/27/08)  total time - 9 hours
These fish are really so much easier to do now that I have a cut pattern to work from. I may even finish this section tomorrow if the rest goes as quickly as today's did.

Puzzle so far:

Day 8 (6/28/08)  total time - 4 hours
Section 1 is done! And I even managed not to lose any pieces.
Click on the picture for a larger view.

Completed Section 1:

Total time to complete section 1: 59 hours

On to Section 2...

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