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Day 8 continued (6/28/08)  total time - 2 hours
Nothing much to see yet, just working on sorting out section 2. About halfway through this.

Day 9 (6/29/08)  total time - 9 hours
Another 3 hours worth of sorting, then I got to start the fun part. Again, I picked out the most obvious patterns when sorting, so I have an assortment of finished items that will go on the board next weekend.

Puzzle so far:

Day 10 (7/4/08)  total time - 7 hours
Yes, this is what I did on my holiday...

As you can see, I have my puzzle grid to construct on. It's just 6 copies of the main cut pattern laid out on the board. I know some folks work each part directly on top of the last, but that makes my eyeballs hurt. This way, I can see the shape easily, and not have to block out the picture on the layer below.

Puzzle so far:

Day 11 (7/5/08)  total time - 6 hours
Got the rippled water and most of the sky done. I'll finish the sky and the rocks for sure tomorrow, and that'll just leave the underwater stuff to sort and start on.

Puzzle so far:

Day 12 (7/6/08)  total time - 6 hours
Only the underwater stuff left! I should be able to finish next weekend.

Puzzle so far:

Day 13 (7/13/08)  total time - 4 hours
Well, I had intended to get this section finished up this weekend, but what with company over and then sleeping in this morning, I didn't get much accomplished. I figure the rest ought to just take another day, so I should be starting on section 3 sometime next weekend.

Puzzle so far:

Day 14 (7/16/08)  total time - 3 hours
Snuck in a few hours of puzzling tonight. I'll definitely have this section done Friday morning.

Had a minor panic attack over a missing piece, but I finally found it hiding under the dining room table. Sneaky little bugger...

Puzzle so far:

Day 15 (7/18/08)  total time - 3 hours
Section 2 is complete! And once again, no lost pieces.
Click on the picture for a larger view.

Completed Section 2:

Total time to complete section 2: 40 hours
(Definitely goes much faster with the pattern grid!)

On to Section 3...

World's Largest Puzzle

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