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Day 15 continued (7/18/08)  total time - 3 hours
Sorting, sorting, sorting...

Day 16 (7/19/08)  total time - 7 hours (3 of these for sorting)
Oh, now that was just sneaky!

You know that wonderful repeating cut pattern? It's still there. It still repeats. It's just upside-down! Fortunately, I discovered this early on before I got my grids set up. In each section, there is an oddball set of pieces shaped like this:

I was building a section of pink coral starting from this part, when I realized that my coral was growing down instead of up! I'll bet section 4 will probably be the same.

Puzzle so far:

Day 17 (7/20/08)  total time - 7 hours
Finished the birds and some bits of the sky. I'll probably work on the rest of the sky on Friday, and then I'll start on the boats.

I have all of the next week off work (yay!), so I'll probably be able to finish up this section fairy quickly.

Puzzle so far:

Day 18 (7/25/08)  total time - 7 hours
Boats are done. Also added in the rocks. Started on the rest of the sky, but only have the pink part finished so far. I'll get the rest tomorrow.

Puzzle so far:

Day 19 (7/26/08)  total time - 7 hours
Except for the usual mis-sorted pieces, the sky part is done. Tomorrow, I'll do the rippled water part, and then wetever other fish/coral I can pick out.

Puzzle so far:

Day 20 (8/8/08)  total time - 4 hours
As I'm sure you noticed, I spent my entire vacation not working on the puzzle. But I'm back to it now, so here we are.

The rippled water is done. Tomorrow I'm out of town, so I'll get working on the rest of the fish Sunday. I ought to be able to get this section done next weekend, hopefully Friday if all goes well.

Puzzle so far:

Day 21 (8/10/08)  total time - 4 hours
Got all the fish done. Still need to add in the dolphins; I already have the pieces sorted out. After that, it's just fill in of the tiny fish and background. Yeah, the really fun stuff.

Puzzle so far:

Day 22 (8/15/08)  total time - 4 hours
Finisehd the dolphins and the top blue part of the water. Busy day tomorrow, so I'll finish this section on Sunday.

Puzzle so far:

Day 23 (8/17/08)  total time - 5 hours
Section 3 is finished! I did have a piece missing from the rippled water, but I finally found it tucked inside a stack of dinner napkin by the table. No idea how it got there!
Click on the picture for a larger view.

Completed Section 3:

Total time to complete section 3: 48 hours

On to Section 4...

World's Largest Puzzle

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