General overview of the Northlands


    The Northlands is a large, mostly wooded valley formed by the junction of the Icespine and Stonetalon mountain ranges, drained primarily by the Kedris river basin.  The settled portions lie primarily east of the Kedris along the fertile coastal plains, with a line of settlements also extending north.



    Cool northern temperate.  Spring tends to be cool and rainy.  Summers are warm, but rarely hot, with much less precipitation.  Autumn is cool but nearly as dry as summer.  Winters are fairly cold, with limited precipitation except in higher elevations.



   The system of government of the Northlands largely dates back to its days as a colony of the Nethryn Empire.  Each major settlement has a hereditary Lord Warden, who rules and dispenses law for that settlement and the surrounding lands.  These Lords select a Governor (who by tradition may not be a Lord Warden or any immediate blood relative), who is responsible for making rules and laws for the land as a whole, and is advised by the Lords.  The Governor serves either until he or she resigns or is replaced by vote of the Lords.



   Numerous tribes of humanoids, ranging from kobolds and goblins in the lower forest lands up to gnolls and ogres in the hills. Giants have been seen on occasion in the mountainous areas.


Cities and Towns


Areas of Interest

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