My GMing philosophy
    A small piece of my mind, for those interested.

  1. I prefer a good mix of roleplaying and fighting. Too much of either can really slow things down, so while there are plenty of baddies to kick, playing the NPCs gives me a chance to cut loose a bit.
  2. I like making worlds that can be fun to explore, where there's a fair bit that's unknown or only partially known. I then like to turn PCs loose in that world, and encourage them to go where they want to go...with the warning that there are places that are very dangerous to the unprepared (or underpowered), and that it's up to the players to invest some time in learning which places are like that. I'll do a certain amount of planned events, moving whatever general world history I might have planned, but I'd rather let characters find their own place in the world than try to dictate it to them. I also tend to plan for the long term; any major plot lines are going to take a while to unfold. I figure a good campaign should be worth at least three years of weekly play, preferably more.
  3. I emphasize party cooperation. Characters...and players...who aren't working with the group aren't going to enjoy a long run. Having a few secrets or a side agenda that don't derail things for everyone else is fine. Moody, antisocial psychopaths aren't. And I never, EVER allow evil PCs. Playing the bad guys is my sole privilege, and one which I do with a certain relish.

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