John Stroud. ..b.. 1789 .. NC .. ..d.. 12/12/1863 .. Mulenberg Co. KY .. War 1812 Parents
  • Rachael Drake Bidwell ..b.. 1789 Stillwater, Saratoga Co., NY ..d.. aft 1863 Mullenberg Co. KY ..m.. 03/16/1811...Muhlenberg, Co. KY (Rev. Wilson Henderson) Parents
    Children :
    1. Francis (Franny) Stroud ..b.. abt 1812 .Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. ..m.. (1) 05/13/1824 Muhlenberg Co., KY Richard Morton (Rev William Kincheloe) ..m.. (2) 12/14/1851 Jefferson J. Cundiff ..b.. 1828 (Rev. Calvin Meacham)
    2. Daniel Stroud ..b.. 03/15/1813...Muhlenberg Co. KY ..d.. /04/05/1895..or /12/12/1895/ ..m.. (2) / 04/09/1849 .. Sussannah Hadden Maddox ..m.. (2) 07/28/1840 Lucinda Irvin ..(Rev. Isaac Bard)
    3. Zacheus Stroud ..b.. *1814..Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. Mulenberg Co. KY ..*1856. ..m.. 07/25/1837 ..Susannah E Noffsinger ..Muhlenberg Co., KY ..b.. 01/25/1816 Muhl. Co., KY (Rev. John Gray)
    4. Elizabeth Stroud ..b.. 03/24/1816..Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. 04/14/1860. ..m.. 08/21/1841 ..Muhlenberg Co., KY ..William Green Casebier (Rev. Richard Jones)
    5. Ester (Easter) Stroud ..b.. 1818. ..Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. ..m.. 02/24/1853 Muhlenberg Co., KY Robert Williams ...b..1797 ..TN (Rev. Calvin Meacham)
    6. John Stroud ..b.. 01/09/1821 .. Muhlenberg Co. ,KY ..d.. 07/30/1872 ..m.. 03/03/1845 ..Muhlenberg Co., KY ..Mary Elizabeth Baxter ..b .. *1828 KY ( Rev. Isaac Bard)
    7. Cynthia Ann Stroud ..b.. 06/28/1823..Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. *1900 ..m.. 12/29/1842 .. Jacob Vickers ..b.. 12/29/1819 KY ..d.. 1882 McLean Co., KY (Rev, Richard Jones)
    8. Jesse Stroud ..b.. 1826 ..Muhlenberg Co., KY. ..d.. ..m.. (1) ..m.. (2) 05/31/1853 ..Susan C. Cundiff ..b..1834 Muhlenberg Co., KY (Rev. Alfred Taylor )
    9. Mary Polly Stroud ..b.. 1829 .. Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. *1856. ..m.. 11/04/1852 Muhlenberg Co., KY Leroy Cundiff (Rev. Calvin Meacham)
    Lott Stroud arrived in Muhlenberg Co.,KY about 1808 and John Stroud arrived about 1811.. John Stroud is the Executor of Lott Strouds Will..
    Alney McLean's Company's Roster (War 1812) (Thomas Glenn - Sergt)(Moses F. Glenn - Cpl)(John Stroud - Private)(William Morton - Private)

    John Stroud ..
  • Mary Elizabeth Baxter ..b.. 1828 ..KY ..d.. ..m.. 03/03/1845 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..( Rev. Isaac Bard)
    Children :
    1. James Russell Stroud ..b .. 1845 ..m .. 12/03/1867 Muhlenberg Co., KY Mary E. Epley (Rev. W.H.Woodburn)
    2. John Stroud .. b .. *1846 ..KY( .. Devil John)
    3. Martin Stroud .. b..*1848 ..KY
    4. Elizabeth Jenny Stroud ..b.. *1850 ..KY ...m.. John W. Withers
      1. Forrest L. Withers ..b.. 12//1886 ..d.. Killed In Ohio 05//1934 .. shoot out with crime partner ..bur.. Cincinnati, OH ..m.. 1909 Mclean Co., KY Sadie Stuart
      2. Willie Buford Withers ..b.. 12//1890 ..d.. ..m.. 1917 Mclean Co., KY Ruth M. Lewis
    5. Mary Stroud ..b.. *1854 ..KY
    6. William Stroud ..b.. 1856 ..KY ..m.. Fidellia A. Stroud
    7. Fanny Stroud ..b.. *1857 ..KY ..
    8. __female_ Stroud ..b.. 1860 ..KY
    9. Baxter Stroud ..b.. 1860 KY 1880 census Easter's residence, farm labor
    Notes :
    MUHL. Record:12/251855 Male no name ..Cypress Creek... J. Stroud Mary E. Baxter
    MUHL. Record: 01/08/1854 No name ...Female ..Muhl ..John Stroud Mary E. Baxter
    MUHL. Record:July 1861 Sarah E. Stroud ..b.. MUHL.. father unknown and Jane Shank .. mothers birth place Kentucky

    Zacheus Stroud
  • Susannah E. Noffsinger ..b.. abt. 1815 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..m.. 07/25/1837 Muhlenberg., KY .. 1839 (Rev. John Gray)
    1. Margret A. Stroud ..b .. 1838 Mulhenberg Co., KY ..m..
    2. Bradford Stroud .. b .. 1840 Mulhenberg Co., KY .. m.. 11/17/1859 Mulhenberg Co., KY Margaret Gross ..b.. abt 1837 TN (Rev.J. T. Crandle)
    3. Nancy Elizabeth Stroud .. b .. 1842 ..Muhlenberg Co. KY ..m.. 01/31/1861 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..Amos Richey (Rev.J. T. Crandle)
    4. John Edmund. Stroud .. .b .. 1844 Mulhenberg Co., KY .. m .. 07/14/1870 Mulhenberg Co., KY ..Catherine C. Anderson
    5. Rachel E. Stroud .. b .. 1847 .. Mulenberg Co. KY .. m .. 12/25/1867 Muhlenberg Co., KY James H. Eades (Rev. W. H. Woodburn)
    6. Mary Jane Stroud .. b .. 1849 Mulhenberg Co., KY.. m .. Delbert Vick
    7. Sally Ann Stroud ..b ..1851 Ohio Co., KY .. m .. A. Rudy
    8. Samuel Stroud ..b.. abt. 04//1852 Ohio Co., KY ..d.. 01/10/1853 Ohio Co., KY (typhoid fever)
    Notes :

    William G. Casbier
  • Elizabeth Stroud ..b.. 03/24/1816..Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. 04/14/1860. ..m.. 08/21/1841 ..Muhlenberg Co., KY (Rev. Richard Jones)
    1. John T. Casbier
    2. James M. Casbier

    Jesse Stroud ..b.. 1826 ..Muhlenberg Co., KY. ..d..
  • Susan C. Cundiff ..b..1834 Muhlenberg Co., KY. ..d.. ..m.. (2) 05/31/1853 .. (Rev. Alfred Taylor )
  • Amey Dennis ..m.. 11/06/1862 (Rev. M. H. Christian)
  • Mary E. Keeling ..m.. 11/07/1867 (Rev. S. P. Love)
    1. James F. Stroud ..b.. 03/28/1854 Butler Co. KY
    MUHL. Marriage record: 7 Nov 1867 MUHL Jesse Stroud & Mary E. Keeling Rev. S. P. Love
    MUHL. Marriage record: 6 Nov 1862 MUHL Jesse Stroud to Amey Dennis Rev.M. H. Christian
    MUHL. Marriage record: 1 May 1853 Jesse Stroud residence Ohio Co age 26 ..Widower ..b.. Muhlenberg ..m.. ..Susan C. Cundiff residence Muhl age 19 single ..b.. MULH

    Leroy Cundiff ..b.. ..d..
  • Marry Polly Stroud ..b.. 1829 .. Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. *1856. ..m.. 11/04/1852 Muhlenberg Co., KY (Rev. Calvin Meacham)
    1. Susan E. Cundiff ..b.. 08/04/1855 Pond Creek, Muhlenberg Co., KY

    Richard Morton ..b.. ..d..
  • Francis (Franny) Stroud ..b.. abt 1812 .Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. ..m.. (1) 05/13/1824 Muhlenberg Co., KY (Rev William Kincheloe) ..m.. (2) 12/14/1851 (Rev. Calvin Meacham).. Jefferson J. Cundiff ..b.. 1828
    1. Mary F Cundiff ..b.. 07/25/1953 Muhlenberg Co., KY
    2. Esther Alice Cundiff ..b.. 07/18/1858 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. 03/25/1937 ..bur.. Evergreen Cemetery ..03/26/1937 ..m.. ___ Wyatt

    Bradford Stroud .. b .. 1840 Mulhenberg Co., KY Wounded and discharged 01/02/1863
  • Margaret Ellin Gross ..b..06//1835 TN ..m.. 11/17/1859 Mulhenberg Co., KY (Rev.J. T. Crandle)
    Children :
    1. Susan Mary Stroud ..b.. 09//1861 ..m.. Francis M. Heflin ..b.. 12//1857
    2. Elizabeth J. Stroud ..b.. 10/29/1865 ..d.. 12/07/1909 ..bur.. Lizzie Rowe Cemetery, Centertown, Ohio County, Kentucky ..m.. William Johnson Heflin ..b.. 01//1863
    3. Ida M. Stroud ..b.. 07//1869 KY ..m.. Thomas H. Benton ..b.. 1868
    4. Estella Stroud ..b.. 09//1871 KY

    Vacob Vickers ..b.. abt 1820 KY
  • Ann Stroud ..b.. 06/28/1823..Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. *1900 ..m.. 12/29/1842 .. Jacob Vickers (Rev, Richard Jones) ..b.. 12/29/1819 KY ..d.. 1882 McLean Co., KY
    1. Isaac K. Vickers ..b.. abt 1860 KY
    Household: Name ..Relation ..Marital Status.. Gender.. Race.. Age.. Birthplace.. Occupation.. Father's Birthplace.. Mother's Birthplace
    Jacob VICKERS Self .. M ..Male .......W ..........60 ..................KY ...................Farmer ................NC ..........VA
    Cintha Ann VICKERS Wife M Female ........W .........57 ......KY ....Keeping House ........................NC .............PA
    Isaac K. VICKERS Son S Male...... ......W .........20 ..........KY ............... Works On Farm .......KY ................KY
    Source Information:
    Census Place: Sacramento, Mclean, Kentucky

    Robert Williams ..b.. 03/20/1797 TN ..d.. 02/16/1872 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..bur.. Williams Cem.
  • Mary Baxter ..m.. 12/27/1819 Madison, KY
  • ____________________________
  • Ester Stroud ..b.. 1816. ..Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. ..m.. 02/24/1853 Muhlenberg Co., KY (Rev. Calvin Meacham)
    1. 1860 no child as yet...
    Muhlenberg Marriage Record : 3 Jan 1853 Robert Williams ..res.. Muhl ..age.. 55 ..Widower.. Born..TN ..Esther Stroud .age .. 36 ..res.. Muh ..b.. Muhl ..single
    John Stroud's Will "should my daughter Easter Williams die without children that her portion of the above property decend to my children and thier heirs"
    Name .. Relation.... Marital Status.... Gender Race... Age ....Birthplace ....Occupation ..Father's Birthplace ....Mother's Birthplace
    Easter WILLIAMS ...Self .... W Female W 62 KY Farming KY KY
    Sophia WILLIAMS ...Sister .. S Female W 57 KY Keeping House KY KY
    Baxter STROUD ... Nephew .... Male ....... W.........20. .........KY ...Works On Farm ...... KY ...............KY
    Source Information:
    Census Place Boggess, Muhlenberg, Kentucky
    Information is not correct.. Easter or Ester's age is about correct, parents were born in NC and NY
    Easter does not have a sister Sophia, could be sister in-law
    Easter does have a Nephew named Baxter Stroud
    1850 MUHL. census Dist. 2, 286/286 Ester living with father..
    Abstract and wills 2 mariages

    Only children living when will was executed...William..Thomas...John...and...Elizabeth...
    Copy of John Strouds Will

    Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

    I John Stroud, Sr. of the County Muhlenberg and the State of Kentucky, being in my proper mind and memory, having thought proper to make this my last will and testament.

      First - I will and desire that all my just debts be paid.

      Second - I will and bequeath to my Wife Racheal during her natural life my negro girl Tishia.. After her death I will and Desire said girl sold together with her increase should she have any and proceeds equally divided between my six living children.. That one of the said six children take said girl at her value and pay the five children thier equall portion of said valuation.. I also will and give my wife five hundred dallars and one bed bedstead of furniture..

      Third - I will and desire that all my negro property not herein desposed of be valued and divided between my six living children. and should my daughter Easter Williams die without children that her portion of the above property decend to my children and thier heirs...

      Fourth - I will and desire that my farm and all property not herein otherwise disposed of be sold and that the proceeds of same together with what may be due, so divided as to give a Childs portion to the heir of Zacheous Stroud,   dec'd and the heirs of Elizabeth Casebier,   dec'd and the heirs of Polly Cundiff,  dec'd my six living children, Viz Daniel Stroud, John Stroud, Jr., Jesse Stroud, Easter Williams, Fanny Cundiff, and Cynthia and Vickers be charged with the above negroes at thier appraisement and should the negro property not make their equal porportion that shall be made up to them from the proceeds of my property, giving them two thirds and the others, the heirs of my deceased children one third of my estate.

      Fifth - It is my will and desire that the amounts going (to) Zacheus Stroud's children, Elizabeth Casebier's children and Polly Cundiff's children be loaned out of intrest and paid to them as they arrive the age of 21 years,

      Sixth - I will, desire and appoint my two sons Daniel Stroud (and) John Stroud, Jr. my executors of this last will and testament.

      Seventh - I hereby revoke and void all former wills and declare this and no other to be my last will and testament..

        In witness thereof I herewith set my hand and seal
        This Nov. 19, 1859
                              (S) John Stroud
    Test :
    John E. Reno
    Daniel Stroud
    Jonathan Kittinger
                                                                                        State of Kentucky, Muhlenberg County Court
                                                                                                December 16, 1863

    The foregoing last will and testament of John Stroud, deceased was Exhibited in court on the 15th day of December, 1863 and proved to be the act and deed of said decendent by the oath of Jonathan Kittingter one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, and on the 16 day of December 1863...The same again produced incourt and fully proven to be the act and dec'd by the oath of John E. Reno another subscribing witness there to ...

    Notes :
    taken by Richard Surmon from Delbert Vicks
    Uncle Bud, Christopher, (Withers) Mason in Mephis
    Isaac Withers _ 2 sons Harry Lee Evensworth, Ine - Dixie Flyer, Dixie Express..Ref... Rail Road
    John and Elizabeth Baxter Who had a son Devil John Stroud ..
    John Withers And Jenie Stroud, sister of Devil Stroud, they Had two sons: Forest & Beuford
    Forest looked a lot like an undertaker or preacher, not incline to work
    Forest in 1919 Robbed Bank With Johnny Wells and Alfred Armstrong in South Carolton, KY
    served 8 - 10 yrs. ..teamed up with John Dilinger, caught, back to prison, and broke out of penn

    Withers, For(r)est

    Forrest Withers Arrested in Butler Trapped By Fellow Convict; Reward of 1,000 Standing For His Capture. Located in Grayson county by a former fellow prisoner in the State penitentiary, a man alleged to be Forrest Withers, 44 years old, formerly of Central City, said to be wanted in Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma and elsewhere on bank robbery and other charges, was arrested in Morgantown last Friday. Withers was taken to the Warren county jail in Bowling Green for safekeeping. Louisville officers have been seeking him in connection with the robbery of the Bank of New Hope, in Nelson county, November 13, 1929, according to officers. Central City's chief of police, Virgil Gish, said he had circulars that Withers was wanted in a Memphis bank robbery and on a similar charge in Oklahoma. Withers was convicted in a robbery of a South Carrollton bank in 1920. Delbert Gary, and his brother, Studie Gary, of Butler county, said they enticed Withers into Butler county for a hunting party and aided by a Grayson county deputy, arrested him. Delbert Gary, convicted in a Butler county killing and paroled a year ago, knew Withers in prison, he said. They inquired about a reward. Louisville police officials said a reward of $1,000 had been offered by the Kentucky Bankers' Association for Withers' arrest in the New Hope robbery in which Daniel Pershing, alias O'Brien; Robert Davenport and Carl Gray were given five-terms in 1931. Withers was in Louisville at the time the others were caught but eluded capture, officials said. Withers was also indicted in Louisville in connection with the robbery there in January, 1927, of Sam Newman, New York jewelry salesman, of $100,000 worth of uncut diamonds. At the time the indictment was made public, word was received that he had escaped from a jail in Eldorado...[corner torn]. Source The Messenger November 16, 1933

    Forest Withers Is Killed In Ohio
    Killed By Member of Own Crowd at Spekeasy [sic]; Burial Will Be In Cincinnati.

    Forest Withers and a companion in crime, Robert Stattery, alias Dan O'Leary, shot each other to death last Sunday night in Cincinnati after a quarrel in a speakeasy over a hijacked car of liquor. Forest Withers grew up in and around Central City. He is alleged to have been in turn bootlegger, petty lawbreaker and twice sentenced to the penitentiary on charges of bank robbery. He served a term in the penitentiary when he held up the Citizens Bank at South Carrollton some 14 years ago. He was serving a term in the reformatory at Frankfort and escaped there by tunneling on Wednesday night of last week. Withers was 46 years of age.

    Source Central City The Messenger May 3, 1934

    Lott Stroud ..b.. 02/08/1778 NC ....d.. 11/22/1824 Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky
  • Nancy Grimes ..b.. abt. 1780 Duplin County, NC ..d.. abt. 1774 ..Parents.. Sampson Grimes / Behsheba Winders
    Children :
    1. Fanny Stroud ..b.. 03/26/1806 ..Muhlenburg County, KY ..m..Richard Morton
    2. Reuben Stroud ..b.. 09/09/1809, Muhlenburg County, KY ..d.. 01/12/1876 ..bur.. Poplar Grove Cemetery, McLean Co., KY ..m.. 08/15/1839 ..Caroline Pitt (Rev. Alfred Taylor) ..b..07/12/1820 ..d.. 09/06/1856 (Flux) ..bur.. Poplar Grove Cemetery ..m.. (2) 01/05/1859 Eva Harper
      1. James A. Stroud ..b.. 1843 Muhlenburg County, KY
      2. William W. Stroud ..b. 1840 Muhlenburg County, KY
      3. Mariah Stroud ..b.. 1844 Muhlenburg County, KY
      4. Samantha V. Stroud ..b.. 1847 Muhlenburg County, KY
      5. Anna Stroud ..b.. 1850 Muhlenburg County, KY
      6. Amanda L. Stroud ..b.. 1850 Muhlenburg County, KY
      7. Nancy Stroud ..b.. 12/25/1851 ..d.. 08/11/1856 McLean Co., KY (Fluz)..bur.. Poplar Grove Cemetery, McLean Co., KY
        ---------------------------------------------------------Eva Harper--------------------
      8. Mary Harper ..b.. 1852
      9. America Harper ..b.. 1850
    3. Jesse G. Stroud ..b.. abt. 1813 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..m.. 03/01/1842 Muhlenberg Co., KY Elizabeth Harrison (Rev. T. Worthington)
      1. Issac Stroud ..b.. 1843
      2. Harvey Stroud ..b..1854
      3. Ruben Stroud ..b.. 1859 McLean Co., KY ???
    4. Harriet Stroud ..b.. 07/02/1817 ..d.. 05/22/1819 ..bur.. Poplar Grove Cemetery, McLean Co., KY
    5. Asher B. Stroud ..b.. 06/18/1818, KY ..m.. 05/10/1842 Muhlwnberg Co., KY Elizabeth Plain (Rev. T. Worthington )
    6. Edna M. Stroud ..b.. 1823, KY ..m.. 10/02/1837 Samuel M. Ross ..Muhlwnberg Co., KY (Rev. William Downs) .. child (M) ..b.. 09/01/1858 Muhlwnberg Co., KY.. Ada T. Ross
      1. Ada T. Ross ..b.. 09/01/1858 Muhlenberg Co., KY
    7. Isaac Stroud
    8. Susana Stroud
    McLean county was formed in 1854. and the part of Muhlenberg county were the Strouds resided became McLean Co.

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