John (Jackson) Maddox ....Father..John
  • Amelia Bassford Render ..b.. 11/08/1802 KY ..d.. 01/10/1879 ..KY ...Married : 07/01/1819father
    1. Marry (Polly)Boyd ..b...05/10/1820..Ohio Co. KY..d.. *1907 ..m.. 07/15/1838 Thomas R. Rowe ..alies Long Tom ..b.. 05/11/1814 parents : George and Mary (Brown) Rowe
    2. Eleanor Aston....b...09/28/1822..Ohio Co KY....d...07/14/1909. ..m.. 05/06/1844... Stephen Slade Taylor
    3. Ezariah Peck....b..12/27/1824...Rockport, Ohio Co. KY...d..11/01/1901....m .. 05/06/1846.. Berrenes Chapman ..b..11/23/1826 ..d.. 11/04/1863 .. Parents : Ellis and Nancy (Southward) Chapman (2) .m.. Elizabeth Jane(Rogers) Chapman, The widow of William B. Chapman, ..b.. 11/18/1831
    4. Elizabeth (Betsy) Ritchey ..b ..04/01/1827...Ohio Co. KY..d..11/08/1911 ..m.. 03/29/1851 William Green Casebier ..b.. 07/15/1817 ..d.. 04/22/1887
    5. Susannah Hadden...b ..06/26/1829..Ohio Co. KY...d .. 08/29/1892 Muhlenberg, KY ..m .. 04/09/1849.. Daniel Stroud Parents : John and Rachel(Bidwell) Stroud
    6. Paulina Figg ..b ...*10/09/1831.. Ohio Co. KY....d...10/07/1860 Ceralvo, Ohio, KY ..m.. 11/26/1851 Andrew William Baker Parents : William and Almira Quisenbarry Baker
    7. Joseph Louis (Render) ..b..12/26/1833 Ohiio Co., KY ...d ..07/12/1912. ..m.. 11/05/1857 Mary Finis Render Parents : Joshua and Polly (Jackson) Render
    8. David Jared Kelly...b ...05/10/1836 Rockport, Ohio Co.,KY.. .d...02/21/1904 Ohio Co., KY ..m.. 03/08/1856 Sally Ann Tichenor Parents : Collier and Ann (Tichenor) Tichenor( David was a Baptist Minister)
    9. Charlotte Jane....b ...09/08/1838....d..02/16/1934 ..m .. 05/23/1860 Silas Noel Tichenor ..b..12/24/1835 ..d.. 02/12/1895 Parents : Collier and Ann (Tichenor) Tichenor
    10. Sarah Caroline....b ..10/10/1841 Ohio Co., KY ..d.. 02/22/1926 ..m. ...Alfred Taylor Brown ..b.. 04/16/1837 ..d.. 10/07/1925 Parents : James and Polly (Wakeland) Brown
    Notes :

    Copied from the Bible of Maud Maddox then living at McHenry

    Texas Settlers
    Copied from the Taylor family records of Palo Pinto Co., TX
    They came to Texas in the year of 1852 and settled at Rockwell and in the year 1856 they moved to Palo Pinto where they lived untill their deaths.

    Stephen Slade Taylor ..b.. 07/29/1818 Graves Co., KY ..d.. 07/13/1898 ..buried. Palo Pinto Texas
  • Eleanor Aston Maddox ..buried .. Palo Pinto, TX
    Children :
    1. Hannibal Giddings Taylor ..b.. 01/10/1846 .. KY ..m.. Jane Bevers ..b.. 12/14/1847 .. Tenn.
    2. Ephraim Kelly Taylor..b.. 11/14/1847 .. KY
    3. Aurilla Jane Taylor ..b.. 02/20/1850 KY ..m.. Houston Bevers
    4. Mary Joana Taylor ..b.. 08/06/1852 KY ..m.. Jeri Hartman
    5. Elizabeth Carolyn Taylor ..b.. 07/28/1856 Palo Pinto Co., TX ..m.. Vaughn
    6. Martha Anelia Taylor ..b.. 03/30/1859 Palo Pinto Co., TX ..m.. McLaren
    7. Sarah Susan Taylor ..b.. 04/25/1853 Palo Pinto Co., TX ..m.. Click
    8. Sylvester Slade Taylor ..b.. 04/03/1867 Palo Pinto Co., TX ..m.. Preacher and first teacher in Palo Pinto Co., TX ..Built the first hotel in the country..
      1. Hannibal Giddings Taylor, alies Ham, lived in Palo Pinto 54 yrs. at the time of his death, charter members of the Christian Church
  • James Taylor settled in VA *1650 and three generation lived there..
  • Moses Taylor and many others of the family settled in KY. around the close of the Revolution..The Taylor family established the first Baptist Church in many parts of KY..
    1. Joseph Taylor established a Baptist Church at Knob KY., He and his sons and grandsons were pastores for 82 yrs. there.

    Ezariah Peck Maddox
  • Berrenes Chapman
    Children : came to TX
    1. Robert Willis Maddox ..m..Emma Rowe .. Ohio Co.,KY came to Palo Pinto Co. TX .. 1870
      1. Arthur (Artie) Maddox .. Baptist Minister ..m.. Claudia Lanham ..Santo, Palo Pinto Co. TX
      2. Bert P. Maddox ..m.. Laura Lee Graford, Palo Pinto Co., TX
      3. Earnest Maddox ..m.. Addie Moore Palo Pinto, TX
      4. Finis Maddox ..m.. ......... Mithchell, Graford, Palo Pinto Co.,TX
    2. Elijah Carey Maddox .. came to Palo Pinto, TX .. 1870 ..m.. (1) Annie Hittson, a daughter of William Huttison .. (2) .....Lock children by either
    3. Ezariah Peck Maddox ..b.. Ohio Co., KY .. never came to TX
      1. Sue Belle Mercer of Dallas, TX
      2. Nora Ellis Maddox of Washington D.C.
    4. Ellis Maddox ..b.. Ohio Co., Ky .. no record
    5. Otis Maddox ..b.. Ohio Co., KY served as a missionary to Braxil
    6. Emma Maddox ..b.. Ohio Co., KY ..m.. and lived in Waco, TX
    7. Byron Newton Maddox ..b.. 11/03/1851 ..Rockport, KY ..d.. 01/06/1933 Palo Pinto, TX ..m.. 12/18/1873 ..Martha Finis Rowe ..b.. 01/16/1856, Rockport, KY ..d.. 08/08/1938 Palo Pinto, TX ..came in 1874 .. He served as Sheriff of the county 1890-1894 .. 1898-1900
    8. Emma May Maddox ..b.. 11/22/1882 ..Minereal Wells, Palo Pinto Co. TX .. m.. 12/22/1901 Marcus Velpeaux Smith ..b.. 06/16/1873 Decanter Mississippi ..d.. 05/23/1929
      1. Virginia Smith ..b.. Palo Pinto, TX
      2. Clearence Hall Smith ..b.. 08/28/1908 ..m.. 06/05/1940 .. Felicia Trometta ..b.. 11/11/1912
        1. Marcia Virginia Smith ..b..
        2. Felicia Clare Smith ..b..
        3. Gregory Hall Smith ..b..
        4. Eugenia May Smith ..b..
    9. Alvin Newton Maddox ..b.. *1885 ..m.. *1912 Myrtle Statyrs Redus ..b..07/13/1890 ..d.. 02//1944
      1. ??? Newton Maddox ..b.. *01//1915
      2. Nancy Faye Newton Maddox ..b....m.. .. Wison W. Vaughn
        1. ??? Katherine Vaughn ..b.. TX

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