Carlos Lathrop ..b.. abt 1804 NY
  • Rhoda O'Hara ..b.. 11/26/1809 Manchester,(Bennington), Vermont or Mass. ..m.. ..Parents
    1. Sally Ann Lathrop ..b.. 11/16/1828 Le Ray, Jefferson Co. NY ..d.. 00/11/1895..Shelton, Gardner Twp, Buffalo Co., NE / Gibbon NE./ ..m.. 10/10/1846 Madoc Hasting Co., Ontario, Canada Asa Edwin Bissell ..(Rev. Miles)
    2. Carlos Lathrop..b.. abt. 1830 NY ..m.. unknown ..d.. or Son ..d.. 05/04/1862 Pittsburg Landing, Civil War, Whiteside Co., IL 46th Infantry Regiment Private, (Inducted: Linden Dec 1, 1861)
    3. Robert Lathrop ..b.. abt. 1835 Ontario, Canada
    4. Asa Lathrop ..b.. abt. 1837
    5. Mary Lathrop ..b.. abt. 1839
    6. Emily Lathrop ..b.. abt. 1841
    7. Caroline Lathrop ..b.. abt. 1843
    8. Royal Lathrop ..b.. abt. 1850 Ontario, Canada .. Census :age 20 living as farm laborer with Thomas Griswald family
    Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West - Victoria Distric, 1839-1858 - Vol. 15
    Marriages by Rev'd Stephen Miles
    Sources: Filed 8 Feb. 1848 (p. 46 & 47)
    Edwin Bissel, to Sally Ann Lathrop, 24 Nov. 1846, by banns. Rev. Miles. Wit. Abraham Eager and E.M. Eastonan.

    1851 Census - Elzevir, Madoc, Tudor page 37
    Name ................Age Sex SMW BPL REL OCCUP Location
    Lathrop, Carlos ..47... M .....M ..USA.. EM ...................YEO
    Rhoda 43 F M USA
    Carlos 22 M S USA
    Robert 16 M S ONT
    Asa 14 M S
    Mary 12 F S
    Emily 9 F S
    Caroline 7 F S
    Royal 3 M S
    Living next door:
    Bissel, Edwin 28 M M USA EM YEO
    Sally Ann 23 F M USA
    Rhoda 3 F S ONT
    Melvina 1 F S

    IGI-Adam Rupert Lathrop Birth: 14 JUL 1800 Madoc, Hastings, Ontario Death: 14 JUN 1883 Parents: David Adam Lathrop / Galenda Margarette Roth (Patron Sheet) 1395515 birth
    IGI-Sally Ann LATHROP Birth: 16 Nov 1828 Jefferson, New York Parents:Father: Adam Rupert LATHROP Mother: Judeth Elspeth RODGERS (Patron Sheet) 1395549 birth MY

    Sally Ann Lathrop

    Robert Lathrop ..b.. abt ..1837..Canada ..Imm.. US 1856 ..d.. 06/25/1912 ..bur.. Ludington Cem.Ludington, Eau Claire Co., WI.
  • Mary Morrison ..b.. Canada ..imm.. 1857 ..d.. 05//1917 Daughter Alta's family ND ..bur.. Ludington ..m.. 03/28/1858 Whiteside Co., IL >BR>
    1. Fred Lathrop ..b.. abt. 1860 Canada not married ..bur.. next to parents
    2. Eugene Lathrop ..b.. abt. 1863 not married ..bur.. next to parents
    3. Byran Lathrop ..b.. abt. 1866 Iowa not married
    4. Lillie Lathrop ..m.. Roger Olson ..d.. Eau Claire Co., WI ..bur.. Forest Cem., Eau Claire
    5. Annie Lathrop ..m.. Robert Eaton had 8 children
    6. Emma Etta Lathrop died at age 2or 3
    7. Alta Lathrop ..m.. Horace Wilbur had 7 children ..Terri
    8. Died in infancy
    1860 Census Prophetstone,Whiteside, Co., IL.. Robert Lathrop age 23 farm labor ..Wife Mary age 18 son Fred 3 months ..b.. IL and R. Lathrop age 10 ..b.. Canada living with them
    1860 Census Prophetstone,Whiteside, Co., IL David O'Hara age 18 ..b.. Canada farm labor living next to Robert Lathrop
    1860 Census Prophetstone,Whiteside, Co., IL Rueben Phillips family, son of Sarah O'hara and Rueben Phillips Sr. living on the other side of Robert Lathrop..
    1860 Census Prophetstone,Whiteside, Co., IL William C. Lathrop age 27 ..b.. NY and J???? Phillips living next door..
    1860 Census Tampico, Whiteside, Co., IL Mary Lathrop age 18 teacher living with G.N. Curtis family
    1860 Census Carlo Lathrop age 54 Lyndon, Whiteside, Co., IL ..b.. Wife Bulah age 50 ..b.. Mass. ..dau.. Caroline age 14 ..b.. Canada.. unknown Lathrop
    WHITESIDE CO IL Civil War 34th Infantry Regiment O'HARA, David N. Recruit Prophetstown
    WHITESIDE CO IL Civil War 46th Infantry Regiment LATHROP, Carlo Private Linden Dec 1, 1861 Died at Pittsburg Landing May 4, 1862
    1870 Census Census Place..... Oneida, Tama, Iowa ..Robert Lathrop Next door is the Rueben Phillips family
    1870 Prophetstone,Whiteside, Co., IL Royal Lathrop age 20 living as farm laborer with Thomas Griswald family ..b.. 1850
    1870 Census Watham, Tama Co, Onida TSP, Iowa Bissell, Edwin_41yrs_Farmer ..b.. NY Wife Sally Lathrop
    1880 Census Oneida, Tama, Iowa ..Robert Lathrop and family.Next door Asa Bissell son of Sally Lathrop
    1880 Census Shelton PCT, Buffalo Co. NB Asa Edwin and Sally Lathrop
    1884 Robert Lathrop removed to Durand, Pepin Co., WI
    1900 and 1910 census Ludington, Eau Claire Co., WI. Robet Lathrop
    03/09/1916 Rueben Phillips died Garder Twn, Shelton, Buffalo Co., NE ... Sally Ann Lathrop ..d.. Garder Twn, Shelton, Buffalo Co., NE

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