Joseph Ingram ..b.. abt 1763 Brunswick County, VA ..d.. 1815 Logan Co., KY ..
  • Ann Allen ..b.. abt. 1762 Brunswick Co. ..d.. aft. 1850 Logan Co., KY ..m.. Brunswick County, VA ..
    Children :
    1. Isaac Ingram ..b..1783 Brunswick County, VA ..d.. aft. Jan.1861 Muhlenberg County, KY
    2. Griffin Ingram ..b.. 1786 Brunswick County, Virginia ..m.. abt 1815 Logan Co., KY.. Mildred Browning ..b.. 1794 Logan Co, KY
      1. Isaac B. Ingram ..b.. abt 1819 KY ..m.. Elizabeth Jennel ..b.. 1823
        1. Mary F. Ingram
        2. Nancy J. Ingram
      2. James Ingram ..b.. abt 1836 KY
      3. Sarah Ann Ingram ..b.. abt 1823 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. 08/20/1870 ..m.. 05/01/1848 ..James Benjamine Mann ..Muhlenberg Co., KY Rev. J.E. Gardner
        1. Reuben T. Mann
        2. James M. Mann
        3. Griffin K. Mann
      4. Elizabeth J. Ingram ..b.. abt 1830 /Mississippi/ ..m.. James D. Isbell
      5. James D. Ingram ..b.. abt 1832
      6. Francis M. Ingram ..b.. abt 1835
    3. Luraney Ingram ..b.. 1786 Virginia ..m.. 09/02/1806 Logan Co., KY .. John Sanders Eaves
      1. Temperence Eaves ..b.. abt. 1807 ..m.. 02/15/1825 Muhlenberg Co., KY Gilbert Rhoads (Rev. S Vaught)
      2. John Eaves ..m.. Jane Short
        1. David W. Eaves
      3. William A. Eaves ..b.. 02/05/1811 ..d.. 09/07/1857 ..m.. 12/01/1845 Muhlenberg Co., KY Sarah F. Walker (Rev. Isaac Bard)
          William Eaves Jr. ..m.. 11/26/1850 Muhlenberg Co., KY Christina Fortney (Rev. A. Boyd)
      4. George W. Eaves , Sr. ..m.. Mary A. Peters
        1. G. W. Eaves ..m.. 27 Oct 1864 Muhlenberg Co., KY Sallie J. McNary Rev.Isaac Malone
      5. John S. Eaves , Jr. ..m.. Hannah Turbeville ..d.. 07/14/1854
      6. Charles Eaves ..b.. 20 Jan 1825 Greenville, Muhlenberg, KY ..d.. bef 1932 ..m.. 03/24/1852 Greenville, Muhlenberg, KY ..Martha Gould Beach (Rev. A. S. Howsley)
      7. Mary A. Eaves ..m.. 10//1833 Muhlenberg Co., KY Isaac Malone (Rev Ezias W Earle)
      8. Elizabeth Caroline Eaves ..m.. 11/05/1851 Muhlenberg Co., KY Felix J. Martin (Rev. S. L. Hurrell)
      9. Leurany Eaves ..b.. abt 1834
    4. Hannah H. Ingram ..b.. 11/07/1790 Brunswick County, Virginia Living with brother in law 1850 census Muhlenberg ..d.. 05/18/1872 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..bur.. East Union Cem. Muhlenberg Co., KY
    5. Mary Ann Ingram ..b.. 01/10/1794 VA ..d.. 10/16/1823 Muhlenberg, KY ..m.. 12/17/1810 Logan Co. KY .. William Michael Lovell, Sr. ..b.. abt 1776 MD
      1. Ira Joseph Lovell ..b.. 11/06/1811 Logan Co., KY
      2. John Lovell..b.. 01/16/1813 Muhlenberg Co., KY
      3. William Tunson Lovell ..b.. abt 1815
      4. Sarah Ann Lovell ..b.. 02/17/1817 KY
      5. James Wilson Lovell ..b.. abt 1819
      6. Mary Elizabeth Lovell ..b.. 02/15/1823 Muhlenberg Co., KY
    6. Temperance Ingram ..b.. 02/05/1794 (Logan Co.,KY) ..d.. 05/05/1888 ..bur.. Antioch Cem. Muhlenberg Co., KY
    7. James P. Ingram ..b.. abt. 1796 (Logan Co.,KY)
    8. George Jefferson Ingram ..b.. abt. 1802 (Logan Co.,KY) ..d.. 1879, Princeton, Caldwell Co., KY..m.. Mary Martin ..b.. 1808
      1. James F. Ingram ..b.. 03/26/1835, Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky
      2. Charles H. Ingram ..b.. 1834 Muhlenberg Co., KY
      3. (George) Felix Ingram ..b.. 1836 Muhlenberg Co., KY
      4. Ellen Ingram ..b.. 1837 Muhlenberg Co.,KY
      5. Elizabeth (Betty) Ingram ..b.. 1839 Muhlenberg Co., KY
    Notes :
    Gilbert Rhoads ..m.. Temperance Eaves
    Abstracts of Wills and Settlement
    Joseph Ingram .. Logan co., KY 1795-1838
    He lists his wife as Ann, and his children as Griffin, Hanna, Tempe, James P., George, and Isaac.

    Isaac Ingram's Will:
    The Executor was Benjamin J. Shaver of Greenville, KY. Witnesses: Charles Eaves and J. H. Reno. A codicil added to this will on January 15, 1861 names John R. Roark as Executor replacing Benjamin J. Shaver. Witnesses to codicil: Samuel Mc Daniel, James W. Mc Daniel and Charles _Eavens_.

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