• John Maddox and Margaret Kent
  • John Maddox and Elizabeth Sherwood
  • John Maddox and Mary Boyd
  • War Record of John maddox
  • Thomas Ashton and Elizabeth.........

  • John Maddox ..b.. 12//1762..Goochland, VA ..d... 06/01/1844/5 Hamilton Station, Ohio Co., KY ..bur..Hamilton Station, Ohio Co., KY Parents
  • Eleanor Ashton (Aston) ..b.. abt 1765...VA. ..d... *08/1839...Ohio Co.,KY ..bur.. Ohio Co., KY ..m.. 12/17/1789 Goochland Co., VA ..
    1. Elija Sige Maddox
    2. William Aston Maddox ..b.. 05/30/1791 Goochland Co., VA ..d.. *1866 Ohio Co., KY ..m.. Elizabeth Gray ..11/30/1815 ../m...11/22/1834...Susan Hoover/
    3. Elizabeth Richie Maddox ..b..01/07/1793 ..m.. William Higgins
    4. Mary Boyd (Polly) Maddox ..b..11/23/1794 ..d.. 08/19/1876 ..m.. *1815 Thomas Pender ..b..05/25/1789 ..d.. 11/28/1862
    5. Susanna Haden Maddox ..b.. 04/13/1796 Ohio Co., KY ..d.. 09/24/1875 ..m.. 03/08/1826.. Elisha H. Coleman ..b.. 01/05/1805 ..d.. 08/07/1893 ..cem.. Baptist Cemetery in Beaver Dam
    6. John Jackson Maddox ..b.. 12/23/1797 Woodford Co., KY ..d.. 06/10/1876 Ohio Co., KY ..m.. 07/01/1819..Amilia Bassford Render ..b.. 11/08/1802 ..d.. 06/10/1875
    7. Sarah (Sally) Maddox ..b.. 09/16/1799 Ohio Co., KY ..d.. unknown ..m.. 12/06/1827 .. Robert Southard Parents : Benjamine and Amelia (Rowe) Southard
    8. Samuel Maddox ..b.. 08/31/1801Beaver, KY ..d.. unknown ..m..09/03/1823 Ohio Co.,KY ....Harriet Wakeland
    9. James M. Maddox ..b.. 01/07/1804 Beaver Dam, KY ..d.. unknown ..m.. 10/10/1833 Elizabeth Stewart ..Ohio Co., KY
    10. Josiah Maddox ..b.. 04/07/1807 ..KY ..d.. 11/03/1887 ..m.. Ester A Weir, & Nancy L Carter
    Guarded Hessian prisoners in Albemarle Co., With Va...line for one yr., including siege of York..
    2nd supplement - DAR - 5 38 183 or 5 30 565, Microfiche IGI p. 0916 VA
    Maddox left Va. in 1790's through Cumberland Gap, through Forks of Elkhorn, to Ohio Co., KY
    Marriage Records...1799-1840..Ohio Co. Ky...

    John Maddox ...b.. *1725(35) ..Goochland, VA .. d.. 12//1789.. Buried..Goochland Co. VA. ...Parents
  • Mary Boyd ..b.. *1733 St. James Parish Goochland Co., VA ..m.. 09/05/1755...St. James Parish ..Gochland Co. VA
    1. Judah (Judeth) Maddox ..b.. 04/23(24)/1756..Goochland...Co., Va..Died..........Married ....
    2. Benjamine Maddox ..b.. 06/29/1757..Goochland...Co.,Va ..d.. Goochland Co., VA
    3. Elizabeth Maddox ..b.. 01/05/1761...Goochland...Co., Va.. ..d.. ..m.. 06/15/1786..G.W. Anthony Dabney
    4. John...b.. /*12//1762./..Goochland...Co., Va. ..d.. ./.06/01/1844./ ..Hamilton Station, Ohio Co., KY. ..m.. 12/17/1789...Eleanor Ashton/Aston
    5. Robert Maddox ..b.. 03/05/1765..Goochland...Co...Va..Died
    6. Wilson Maddox ..b..07/11/1766..Goochland...Co...Va..Died
    7. Mary Maddox ..b.. 05/11/1769.....Goochland...Co...Va..Died.
    8. Wesley Maddox ..b.. 10/28/1771......Goochland...Co...Va..Died
    9. Sarah Maddox ..b.. 02/09/1774......Goochland...Co...Va..Died..Died..........Married .......
    10. Micheal Maddox ..b.. 05/27/1775/6......Goochland...Co...Va..Died
    Notes :

    John Maddox ..b.. abt 1700 New Kent Co., VA. ..d.. 04/15/1748/49 in Northham, Goochland Co..../Wales to VA..1733.. /Buried..Goochland Co. Va.
  • Elizabeth Sherwood ..b.. abt 1702 Essic Co., VA ..d.. 11/03/1773 Amherst VA ..m.. 1718 Essex Co., VA. Parents
    1. William Maddox ....b.. 01/11/1718/19 St. Peter's Parish, Goochland...Co...Va. ..d.. 10//1800/01 .. Buckingham Co. VA. ..m..(1) /Mary Sampson, / Agnes Foster ..m.. (2) Elizabeth Wilson
    2. Benjamine Maddox ..b.. *1726 Goochland...Co...Va...d.. *1790 ..m.. 09/24/1756 Mary Moore ..Goochland... Co... Va..
    3. Elizabeth Maddox ..b.. *1728 Goochland...Co...Va ..d.. *1804 Patrick Co., VA ..m.. 10/15/1755 ..Goochland Co., St. James Northam Parish, VA ..John D. Hancock
    4. James Maddox ..b.. *1728 Goochland...Co...Va ..m.. 03/13/1761 ..Nancy Ann Webster . Goochland...Co...Va ..d.. *1806 Gallatin Co., VA.
      1. Elizabeth Maddox ..m.. *1786 .. Gwaltny Dabny
    5. Jacob Maddox ..b.. *1730 Goochland...Co...Va...d.. *1796 ..m.. (1) 01/09/1758 Susannah Clarkston, .. Goochland Co. Born........Goochland...Co...Va.. (2)Sarah Marrow
    6. John Maddox ..b.. *1735 Goochland...Co...Va. ..d ... 12//1789 Goochland Co. VA ..m.. 09/05/1755... Mary Boyd..DAR.
    7. David Maddox ..b.. *1737 Goochland Co., VA ..d.. *1795 Goochland Co., VA ..m.. 09/11/1768 Sally Perkins .. Chatham Co., NC
    8. Eliza Maddox ..b.. *1743
    9. /Sarah Maddox ..b.. *1727 /*1745/ Goochland...Co...Va. ..m.. *1747 Joseph East.. ////??????????
    10. Ann Maddox ..b.. *1747........Goochland...Co...Va..
    11. Sussanah Maddox ..b .. *1728/1749/....Goochland...Co...Va..Died....
    Notes :
    Moved to Goochland Co., VA in 1720's.
    Land grant 1733:
    Land purchase 1737
    Will written 04/15/1748, recorded 08/15/1749

    John Maddox ..b.. *1667 Wales or Eng. ..d.. *1717 ..New Kent Co., VA.
  • Margaret Kent ..b.. unknown ..d.. 12/31/1718 .. ..New Kent Co., VA.
    Children :
    1. Elizabeth Maddox ..b.. *1690 New Kent Co., VA. ..m.. Joseph Woodson *1709 .New Kent Co., VA.
    2. John Maddox ..b.. New Kent Co., VA ..d.. 04/15/1748/49 in Northham, Goochland Co. ..1733.. Buried..Goochland Co. Va. . m.. *1718 ..Elizabeth Sherwood
    3. Sarah Maddox ..b..*1702 ..New Kent Co., VA.
    4. Robert Maddox ..b..*1704 ..New Kent Co., VA. ..m.. Mary (unknown) at Henrico Co., VA
    5. Sussanah Maddox ..b.. *1707 .. New Kent Co., VA
    6. Michael Maddox ..b..*1713 ..m .. unknown ..d.. *1748 Goochland Co., VA.
    Notes :
    Immigrant: Arrived on "Constant Mary" which left London 22 Aug 1681, Capt. Edward Rhodes.
    At a court in York Co., VA, 2 Dec 1681, adjudged 14 yrs old, to serve George Norvall for 7 yrs.
    John & Margaret witnessed Lankford marriage in New Kent Co., 28 Feb 1700.
    Children listed in St.Peter's Register.
    Other possibles: John Maddox & Margaret Kent, m.1690 near Philadelphia, or "Tho. Madoes" imported to New Kent Co., VA, in 1687 by John Kembrow, or as yet undiscovered children of Joseph & Ann, or of William & Elizabeth Lyman.

    Jacob Sherwood ..b.. abt 1670 ..d.. abt 1716 Essex, VA .. Northham, Goochland Co.,
  • unknown (Eliz or Margaret) Radford ..b.. abt 1672 ..d.. 1730 in Halifax Co., VA ..m.. abt 1689 ..m.. (2) Edward Maxey Parents
    1. Jacob Sherwood ..b.. abt 1696 Henrico Co., VA ..d.. 1773 in Amherst Co., VA
    2. Ellizabeth (Woodson) Sherwood ..b.. abt 1702, Essex Co., VA ..d.. 11/03/1773 Amherst Co., VA ..m.. 1718 John Maddox Essex Co., VA
    3. Radford Maxey
    4. Joe Combs
    5. Rinda Combs
    6. Sira (Cyry) Combs ..b.. 1824 in Ky "N'
    7. Tarleton "Talt" Combs ..b.. 1826
    Will: 11/03/1772 Amherst Co. VA .. Ellizabeth (Woodson) Sherwood
    Elizabeth RADFORD Birth: 1700 in Henrico Co., Virginia .. Death: 1730 in Halifax Co., Virginia Father: George RADFORD b: ABT. 1665 in England? ..Mother: Ann MASSEY b: ABT. 1678 ..Marriage 1 Jacob SHERWOOD Marriage 2 Edward [1] MAXEY b: 1681 in London, England Married: 1721Children Radford MAXEY b: ABT. 1725 in Halifax Co., Virginia

    George RADFORD ..b.. 1668 Henrico Co., Va Or England ..chr.. South Fornham, Parish, Essex, Va ..d.. 02/04/1739 Southfarnham, Essex, VA
  • Ann MASSEY..b.. bef 1680 South Fornham, Parish, Essex, Va Died: Aft 1757 Essex Co., Va
    Children :
    1. Elizabeth RADFORD ..b.. abt 1701 Henrico Co., Va
    2. Mary RADFORD ..b.. abt 1702 Virginia
    3. Mary RADFORD ..b.. 1700 Essex, Va
    4. Elizabeth RADFORD ..b.. 1700 Henrico, Virginia ..m.. (1) Jacob Sherwood (2) Edward Maxey
    5. Ann RADFORD ..b.. 1696 Henrico, Va ..d.. 06/28/1773
    6. William RADFORD ..b.. 1698 Henrico, Virginia ..d.. bef 05/19/1752
    7. John M. II RADFORD ..b.. 12/09/1694 Southane Parish, Henrico, VA ..d.. 06/28/1773 Southam Parish, Cumberland Co., VA ..m.. 11/01/1719 Henrico, VA Elizabeth Maxey ..b.. 1702 Manakin, Henrico, VA ..d.. 1750 Buckingham Co., VA
    Notes :
    IGI-John RADFORD Birth: Abt. 1700 Henrico, Virginia Spouse: Elizabeth MAXEY

    Mrs Alvin H. Surmon DAR no. 701715
    Admitted : 06/06/1986

    The War Record of John Maddox Sr.

    John Maddox Sr. was a Revolutionary War soldier. He voluntarily entered the service and joined a company commanded by Gideon Hacher in Goochland County, Virginia in 1777 - 1778. In the spring of the following year he was again with Capt. Gideon Hacher for another two or three months. Later he was with a company under Capt. Humphrey Parsian and at one time was under Col. John Pleasant and for a long time helped guard the James River. For awhile he was with Elisha Leak and was under Capt. Thomas Miller, Col. Taylor and later joined the main army at Richmomd, Virginia commanded by Lafeyette until joined by Gen. George Washington, who took command. His service is mentioned in the History of Ohio County, Ky. as shown in the foot notes on page 118 of "Ohio County Kentucky in Olden Days" by Harrison D. Taylor, 1926.

    The said John Maddox Sr., to comply with the acts of June 7, 1832 made an affidavit dated Nov. 3, 1834 in the open court in Ohio County, Ky. and copies of this affidavit can still be obtained. He thereafter drew his Revolutionary War Pension reported to be $40.00 a month, and the said John Maddox Sr. rode approximately one hundred miles once a year to Lexington Ky. to draw his pension.

    This information was compiled for Meda W. Holt D.A.R. No. was 420521 Ralph Ripley Chap. Mineral Wells, Texas

    Louise Surmon
    John Maddox .. Notes

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