microfiche # N0902

Asa Edwin Bissell ..b.. 03/14/1824, NY ..d.. 01/22/1880 Shelton, Gardner Twp, Buffalo Co., NE./Gibbon NE ..
  • Sally A Lathrop ..b.. 11/16/1828 Jefferson, Co., NY ..d.. 11/06/1895..Shelton, Gardner Twp, Buffalo Co., NE./Gibbon NE ..m.. 11/24/1846 Victoria District, Ontario (Rev. Miles) .. parents
    Children :
    1. Rhoda Ann Bissell ..b.. 04/15/1849 ..Madoc.Hastings, Ontario, Canada ..d.. 12/01/1904 Cedar Co., MO. ..m.. 10/10/1871 Henry Surmon ..Tama Co., IA
    2. Melvina Bissell ..b.. 04/16/1851Madoc.. Hastings... Canada. ..d.. 04/23/1853 Ontario, Canada
    3. Asa Edwin Bissell ..b.. 01/23/1853 ..Madoc, Hastings, Ontario, Canada ..m.. Elizabeth AnnThomas ..b.. 12/18/1875..Tama Co., IA ..d. Quinter, Kansas ...02/19/1921
    4. Mary Melissa Bissell ..b..06/01/1855 Madock, Hastings, Ontario, Canada ..d..12/28/1928 Middleton, Canyon Co, ID ..m..12/24/1874... Marshalltown, Marshall Co., IA .. James Hutchinson
    5. John Oscar Bissell ..b.. 10/03/1857.. Whiteside Co., IL. ..d.. Kearney, Buffalo Co. NE 09/10/1945 ..m.. Carrie Sheldon ..IA.. 09/30/1885 ..b.. 1864 ..d.. 1942
    6. Sarah(Sally) Ann Bissell ..b.. 04/29/1860 Whiteside Co., IL., ..d.. 09/02/1930 Puyallup, Washington ..m... 02/23/1881 James Henry
    7. Frances Henry Bissell ..b..08/24/1862 Whiteside Co.,IL ..d.. 08/17/1940 ..Orland, Glenn Co., CA ..m.. 09/29/1891 Connie M Stone ...1910 ..m.. Josephine Blair
    8. Caroline(Carrie) Bissell ..b.. 08/24/1864, Cedar Co, IL. ..d.. 07/30/1939.. Toppenish, Washington ..m..12/25/1881... John Henry...
    9. William, James Bissell ..b.. 10/03/1866 IL. ..d..10/03/1899 Norton, Kansas ..m.. 10/03/1889... Margaret Keriville...IL
    10. Azubah, Annette Bissell ..b.. 06/26/1869 ..Tama Co., IA, ..d.. 02/11/1946 San Diego Co., CA ..m.. 09/19/1888 ..Otis Ramage ..IA
    11. Lewis Alvin Bissell ..b..04/24/1872, Tama Co., IA, ..d.. 07/06/1940.. Kearney, Buffalo Co., NE ..m .. 11/18/1886 ...Mary Vogt... Grand lsland, NE
    Notes :
    IGI-Edwin Bissel Spouse: Sally Ann Lathrop Marriage: 24 Nov 1846 Victoria District, Ontario (Extracted marriage record) 10300540 V.23
    IGI-Sally Ann LATHROP Spouse: Edwin BISSEL Marriage: 24 Nov 1846 Victoria District, Ontario (Extracted marriage record) 10300540 V.23
    IGI-Asa Edwin Bissell ..b.. 01/23/1853 ..Madoc, Hastings, Ontario, Canada Parents Asa Edwin BISSELL Sally Ann Lathrop (Patron Sheet) 1058697 Birth
    IGI-Roda Bissell ..b.. 15 APR 1849 Madoc, Hastings, Ontario Father: ASA EDWIN BISSELL Mother: SALLY ANN LATHROP (Patron Sheet) 1058697 birth
    IGI-Melvina Bissell ..b.. APR 1851 Madoc, Hastings, Ontario Father: ASA EDWIN BISSELL Mother: SALLY ANN LATHROP (Patron Sheet) 1058697 birth
    IGI-Mary Melissa Bissell ..b.. 06/01/1855 Madoc, Hastings, Ontario ..d.. 12/25/1928 Parents Asa Edwin Bissell / Sally Ann Lathrop (Patron Sheet) 0822813 Birth
    **********State ..of ...Nebraska******
    Buffalo Co. Land.....???...
    Land Holder.......Bissell, Sally A.
    Deed Book & Page...6-405
    Legal Discription...South 1/2 of the South West 1/4 of Section 30 ,Twp 11 , Range 13 .....

    Generation 9

    David Hutchinson
  • Mary Mellisa ..m..12/24/1874
    1. John Hutchinson - married Sarah Stundfaut Byron Cyrus Hutchinson - married Sarah Mallory on 09-Jun-1823 at Brockville, Leeds, Ontario
    2. Byron Cyrus Hutchinson - married Sarah Mallory on 09-Jun-1823 at Brockville, Leeds, Ontario
    3. David Hutchinson - born on 04-Mar-1799 at Escott Twp., Leeds, Ontario married Lavinia Brooker in 1818 - died on 10-Jul-1885 at Leeds Co., Ontario
    4. Noah Hutchinson - born on 1806? - married Abi Mallory
    5. Joab Hutchinson
    6. Ruthelia Hutchinson - born on 1809? - married Robert Taylor - died on 23-Aug-1882 - buried at Union Cemetary, Landsdowne
    7. Keturah Hutchinson - married ??? Ferguson
    8. Lydia Hutchinson - married James Benson on 25-Feb-1830 at Brockville, First Presbyterian Church
    9. Wellington Hutchinson - born on 04-Jul-1815? at Leeds Co., Ontario - married Ellen Thomson on 6-Sep-1837 - died on 07-Jun-1860/1860? at Leeds Co., Ontario
    Notes :

    Generation 8

    Wellington Hutchinson -father ..
  • married Ellen Thomson
    children :
    1. Joab Hutchinson - born on 27-Oct-1839 at Canada - married Sarah??? - died on 27-May-1916 - buried at Artesian City, Twin Falls, Idaho
    2. Benoni Hutchinson - born on 16-Jun-1841 at Canada - married Henriea Wood - died on 25-Oct-1871 at Elmwood Twp, Tuscola Co., Michigan - buried at Ellington Twp. Cem., Tuscola Co., MI
    3. Hannah Hutchinson - born in Apr-1843 at Canada - died on 31-May-1872
    4. Louisa Jane Hutchinson - born on 14-Jun-1847 - married ??? Jordon
    5. Ruthelia Hutchinson - born on 08-Feb-1850? - married Edwin Carlisle - died in Sep-1923
    6. Elias Hutchinson - born on 04-May-1852? - died on 16-Feb-1923
    7. James Hutchinson - born on 07-Apr-1854? at Mallorytown, Leeds, Ontario - married Mary Melissa Bissell on 23-Dec-1874 at Marshalltown, Marshall Co., Iowa - died on 15-Feb-1922 at Edmonton, Alberta - buried in Feb-1922 at Ryley, Alberta
    8. Agness Hutchinson - born on 06-Apr-1856 - died on 29-Apr-1857
    Notes :

    Generation 7
    James Hutchinson ...father
  • Mary Melissa Bissell ...father ...Asa Edwin Bissell
    children :
    1. Allen Wellington Hutchinson - born on 20-Sep-1875 at Waltham, Tama Co., Iowa - died on 21-Apr-1907 at Ryley, Alberta - buried at Ryley, Alberta
    2. Effie Louisa Hutchinson - born on 25-Oct-1876 at Waltham, Tama Co., Iowa - married William James Dunn on 09-May-1899 at Burns, Harney, Oregon - died on 30-Jun-1971 at Ashland, Jackson Co., Oregon - buried at Burns Cemetary, Burns, Harney, Oregon
    3. Ethel Beatrice Hutchinson - born on 18-May-1878 at Traer, Tama Co., Iowa - married Charles McKenize on 28-Dec-1897 - died on 07-Jun-1971 at Jordan Valley, Malheur, Oregon
    4. Ralph Warren Hutchinson - born on 21-Feb-1880 at Shelton, Buffalo Co., Nebraska - married Edna Rosa Browning on 13-Jul-1916 at Caldwell, Canyon Co., Idaho - died on 12-Mar-1962 at Burns, Harney Co., Oregon - buried on 15-Mar-1962 at Burns Cemetary, Burns, Harney Co., OR
    5. Deliah Matitia Hutchinson - born on 29-Aug-1881 at Shelton, Buffalo Co., Nebraska - married Charles Osborn on 28-Nov-1901 - died on 09-May-1979 at Colusa, California
    6. James Arthur Hutchinson - born on 12-Mar-1884 at Shelton, Buffalo Co., Neb. - died on 30-Jun-1884 at Shelton, Buffalo Co., Neb.
    7. Charles Edwin Hutchinson - born on 03-Feb-1886 at Shelton, Buffalo Co., Nebraska - married Matilda Oslund - died on 24-Aug-1910 - buried in 1910 at Ryley Cemetery, Ryley, AB
    8. Earl Orion Hutchinson - born on 26-Sep-1888 at Boise, Idaho - married Minnie Oslund on 1910 (estimated) at Ryley, Alberta - died on 12-Mar-1949 at Easyford, Alberta - buried on 15-Mar-1949 at Easyford, Alberta
    9. Oscar Hutchinson - born on 04-Nov-1890 at Rosedale, Pierce Co., Washington - married Mary Magdalene Krotz on 26-Jul-1933 - died on 12-May-1959 at Calgary, Alberta
    10. Norris Welcome Hutchinson - born on 11-Mar-1893 at Narrows, Harney, Oregon - married Marie ??? - married Alta ??? - died on 23-Nov-1966 at Calgary, Alberta
    11. Unknown Hutchinson - died at Narrows, Harney, Oregon - buried at in corner of Hutchinson  property
    Notes :

    Asa Bissell
  • Elizabeth Thomas
    Children :
    1. Willie .......m...Edna.......Lived on Tustin Blv. Tustin, Orange Co. Calif.
      1. Asa
        1. Betty
          1. Bonnie
    Notes :

    John Oscar Bissell
  • Carrie Sheldon
    Children :
    1. Mable
    2. Harvey
      1. Eva
    3. Edwin ..(harvey and Edwin are twins)
      1. Geneva
      2. Eugene
    Notes :

    Frances(Frank) Henry Bissell
  • Connie Stone
  • Josephine Blair ..m.. 1910 ..d.. 08/17/1940 ..Orland, CA Children :
    1. maybe an Ernie
    2. daughter
    3. daughter
    4. daughter
    5. maybe twin boys
    Notes :

    Lewis Bissell
  • Mary Voit
    Children :
    1. Alvin ..The picture is in Gibbon, Nebraska
    2. Lizzie ..Probably Elizabeth
    Notes :


    Louise Surmon's photographs, and documentaion of letters etc.
    Personal reaserch
    Hemet, Ca
    Richard Surmon ..Researcher
    Huntington Beach, Ca
    Ron Surmon ..compiler
    Hemet Ca
    Wanole Bissell Clark .. died 09//2000 Kearney, Buffalo Co., Nebraska ..m.. Earl A. Clark age 83 ..d.. 02/10/2003

    Bob Bissell of Oregon

    Jeri Hutchinson.compiler
    Married to Ed strickland
    Census Records:
  • 1851 Hastings Co. Ontario, Canada
  • 1860 Whiteside County, Illinois
  • 1870 Tama Co. Iowa
  • 1830 LeRay, Jefferson Co. NY
  • 1880 Buffalo Co., Neb.

    Other Resources :
    Tama Co., Iowa marriages
    Effie Hutchinson Dunn's Family Bible
    James Hutchinson and Mary Bissell's marriage Certificate, property of Bob Bissell
    Source call No. 1395549
    Marriage registers, 1801-1944 Authors : Ontario. Registrar General (Main Author)
    Marriage certificate has the names of the parents and is a reference as to the parents of Asa and Sally
    Microfilm of original records in the Archives of Ontario, Toronto.
    Archives of Ontario no.: RG 8, series I-6
    Toronto, Ontario : Filmed by the Archives of Ontario, 1977
    23 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
    References (Related (rev) Roman Catholic marriage registers in Ontario, Canada, 1828-1870
    (Related (rev) The marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West
    Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1970-1991

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