Thomas C. Withers ..b.. 09/21/1818 Clark Co., KY..d.. 06/19/1904 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..bur.. Withers' Cemetery Powderly Mulhenberg Co., KY ....Clergy Father
  • (1) Martha A Ingram..b.. 1823 .. KY ..d.. 08/12/1855 Caney Creek , Muhlenberg Co., KY ..m.. 11/27/1846 ..Rev.. Adlai Boyd Father
  • (2) Susan H. Myers ..b.. 03/09/1818 Christian Co., KY ..d.. 02/15/1912 (acute indigestion) Muhlenberg Co., KY ..m.. 02/20/1856 .. Christian Co., KY ..bur.. Withers Cem. Powderly Muhlenberg Co., KY .. (parents) George & Susan Myers ..
    Children :
    1. Isaac T Withers ..b.. 1848 .. Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. bef. 1990 .. ..m.. 05/23/1878 Hopkins Co., KY Kate A. Arnold ..b.. Logan co., KY ..father George Arnold
    2. John W. Withers ..b.. 10/12/1850 .. Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. 01/28/1916 ..Tuberculosis..m.. 12/21/1882, , Muhlenberg Co., KY Jenny Stroud ..b.. 1857.. father : John Stroud
    3. Christopher C Withers ..b.. 11/18/1853 Muhlenberg Co. KY ..d.. 07/21/1910. Santo, Palo Pinto Co. TX ..m.. Lavinia Stroud
      ............Susan H. Myers.................
    4. George Daniel Withers ..b.. 02/21/1857 .. Caney Creek, Muhlenberg Co. KY Farmer ..d.. 02/23/1941 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..m.. (1) Sarah M. Walden (2) Sallie Whitmer (3) Mary Jane Nofsinger
    5. Sarah E. ..b.. 1859 .. Muhlenberg Co. KY ..m.. Davis S. Lewis ..b.. 1853 Muhlenberg Co., KY1900 Census ..Thomas C. and Susan were living with the Lewis family
    6. Benjamin C. ..b.. 06//1862 .. Muhlenberg Co. KY ..d.. 07/30/1934 ..KY...bronchial pneumonia, chronic interstitial nephritis.. ..m.. 06/15/1887 Muhlenberg co., KY Ollie D. Gish ..b.. 05/03/1870 ..d.. 06/08/1890 ..bur.. Gish Cemetery, Muhlenberg, KY
      1. Daryl Withers (daughter) ..b.. 05/21/1890 Mulhenberg Co., KY ..d.. 09/13/1890 ..bur.. Gish Cemetery Muhlenberg Co., KY
    Notes :
    Bible    Cemetery    Photo of Thomas C. Withers Jr. and mother Abigail Conner

    Davis S. Lewis
  • Sarah E. ..b.. 1859 .. Muhlenberg Co. KY
    1. Proctor
    2. Grace
    3. Temy
    4. Clyde Oscar
    Notes :

    George Daniel Withers ..b.. 05/27/1857 .. Caney Creek, Muhlenberg Co. KY.. Farmer ..d.. 02/23/1941 Muhlenberg Co. KY ..bur.. Forest Grove Church Cemetery
  • Sarah M. Walden ..b.. 02/01/1852 Madison Co., KY ..d..// 03/17/1924 Muhlenberg Co., KY
  • Sarah Margorie Whitmer ..b.. 02/02/1857 KY ..m.. 09/13/1880 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. //01/01/1884 Sacramento Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery .. McLean Co., ..m.. 09/13/1880 Muhlenberg Co., KY
    1. Robert L. ___________ Step-son ..b.. 05//1876 ...1890 and 1900 Census

    2. Fairy Boyd Withers ..b.. 09/18/1882 KY ..d.. 04/19/1973 ..bur.. Fairmomt Cemetery, Central City, Muhlenberg Co., KY ..m.. (1) Rufus B. Vick ..b.. 05/08/1879 KY ..d.. 07/18/1790
      1. Howard Vick
      2. Margie Vick ..m.. __________ Sutton
      3. George Delbert Vick ..b.. 10/21/1909 KY ..d.. 05/1986 Garden Grove, Orange Co., CA
      4. Dorothy Vick ..m.. Elmer Creel

    Isaac T. Withers ..b.. 1848 .. /Carrolton, Muhlenberg Co., KY/ ..d.. prob..bef. 1890 Prob..Hopkins Co., KY
  • Kate A. Arnold ..b.. abt. 1852 Logan Co., KY ..d.. 09/28/1950 Earlington, KY son Harry's residence, ..m.. 05/23/1878.. Hopkins Co., KY in Hopkins Co., 1890 with mother Mrs,George Arnold..
    1. Harry B.Withers ..b.. 07//1881 White Plains, Hopkins Co. KY ..d.. 01/18/1952 Earlington, KY ..ret.. L&N RR 49 yrs. ..m.. Lilly __________ ..d.. 03/14/1968 Earlington, KY
      1. Harry Withers Jr. ..b.. abt. 1910 ..d.. 1966 Earlington, KY ..bur.. Oak Wood Cem. Earlington, KY
    2. Lee T. Withers Sr. ..b.. 11//1882 White Plains, Hopkins Co. KY ..d.. 04/23/1974 Posey Co., IN ..ret.. L&N RR 1953 ..m.. Ruth __________ ..d.. 03/14/1968 sons home Evansville, IN
      1. Lee T. Withers Jr. ..b.. abt. 1921 ..d.. 09/15/2000 Cypress Grove Rehab Center ..Newburgh, IN ..m.. Dona Thompson
        1. Greg Alan Withers ..b.. abt 1959 ..d.. 05/04/2005 residence Evansville, IN ..bur.. Sunset Memorial Park Evansville
        2. living Withers
    3. Frank Withers ..b.. Withers 09/18/1886 Hopkins Co., KY ..d.. 01//1976 Mount Vernon, Posey Co., IN

    John W. Withers ..b.. 10/12/1850 .. ///Carrollton...Muhlenberg Co., KY/// ..d.. 01/28/1916 Muhlenberg Co., KY..Tuberculosis (Coal Miner)
  • Jennie Stroud ..b.. 09//1857 ..m.. 12/21/1882, , Muhlenberg Co., KY . father : John Stroud Jr.
    1. Forrest L. Withers ..b.. 12//1886 ..d.. Killed In Ohio 05//1934 ..bur.. Cincinnati, OH ..m.. 1909 Mclean Co., KY Sadie Stuart
    2. Willie Buford Withers ..b.. 12//1890 ..d.. ..m.. 1917 Mclean Co., KY Ruth M. Lewis
    Notes :

    Kentucky: A History of the State, Perrin, Battle & Kniffin, 2nd ed., 1885, Hopkins Co.

    ISAAC T. WITHERS was born in Muhlenburgh County, Ky., June 1, 1848, and is a son of Thomas C. and Martha A. (Ingram) Withers, the former was a native of Christian County, and the latter of Muhlenburgh County, Ky. They were of English and German descent respectively. Thomas C. Withers remianed on the home farm with his mother until he attained his majority, his father having died six years previously. He then removed to Muhlenburgh County, where he married his first wife, the mother of our subject, and for several years engaged in teaching in connection with farming. Afterward he was exclusively engaged in farming and stock raising. Here he lost his first wife, in 1857 (1855 Caney), and in the following year married his present wife. He has been for the past twenty-five years a regularly ordained minister of the Christian Church. For the past ten years he has been pastor of the church near his home, in Muhlenburgh County. He is also a member of the Masonic fraternity and the I. O. O. F. Isaac T. Withers was employed on his father's farm until he attained his majority, after which he taught and attended school some five or six years. He was then employed as salesman in a general store at Arthur, Moultrie Co., Ill., for one year. He then came to White Plains, Hopkins County, where he has since been engaged in merchandising and in the hotel business. He was married May 23, 1878, to Miss Katy A. Arnold, a native of Logan County, Ky. Two sons have blessed their union--Harry B. and Thomas L. Mr. Withers and wife are members of the church; he of the Christian and she of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. He is also an earnest advocate of the temperance cause, and politically is a Democrat.

    Thomas C. Withers Jr. and mother Abigail Conner

    Withers Cemetery

    East of Powderly, Cleaton Rd.

    Thomas C. Withers son of Thomas C. Withers..
    Susan H. Withers second wife of Thomas C. Withers, daughter of George & Susan Myers
    Abigale Withers wife of Thomas C. Withers Sr., daughter of John Conner and Mary Thompson
    _____________ Quisenberry unknown at this time.. Powderly family above..

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