Daniel Stroud ..b..03/15/1813 Muhlenberg Co. KY ..d.. 04/05/1895 Muhlenberg Co., KY ..bur.. MT. Zion Cem. Parents
  • (1) Lucinda Irvin (Irwin). b .. 06/19/1813 .. d .. 05/03/1843 ..bur.. MT. Zion Cem. ..m.. ...07/28/1840
  • (2) Susannah Hadden Maddox... b .. 06/26/1829 .. Ohio Co., KY ..m.. 04/09/1849 KY ..d .. /08/29/1892 .Muhlenberg Co., KY ..bur.. MT. Zion Cem. Parents
    Children :
    1. Mary L. Stroud ..b.. abt. 1845 .. m ..01/14/1863 Greenville, Mulhenberg Co., KY (Rev. Alban S. Housley)-(bond) .. Gilbert.V. Glenn ..b.. abt. 1830 KY (1st) ..m.. 01/05/1853 Manerva J. Landes (Rev, M. H. Christian)
      ..........................Susannah Hadden Maddox... .....................
    2. Harvey T Stroud ..b.. 1850 Muhlenberg ..d.. 1867, .Muhlenberg Co. Ky
    3. Alonzo James Stroud ..b.. 1852 .Muhlenberg, ..d.. 1880, .Mulhenberg Co. KY ..m.. Martha Eleanor Rowe ..b ..12/09/1854 .. Ohio Co., KY ..d.. 01/12/1936 .Central City, KY
    4. James Austere Stroud ..b.. 01/08/1854, .Muhlenberg, Co. KY ..d.. 1882, .living in Pueblo, Apache, Arizona, single... 1880 census.
    5. Amelia Bassford Render Stroud, ..b.. 03/23/1856. .Muhlenberg Co., KY ..d.. 03/17/1925...Abilene..TX ..m.. (1) Bowlling ..m.. (2) Waters
    6. Lavinia Eleanor, Stroud ..b.. 09/28/1858, Central City...Muhlenberg Co. KY ..d.. 04/09/1943, .Santo, Palo Pinto Co. TX...settled TX. ...1884..
    7. Nancy J Stroud ..b.. 1861, .Muhlenberg, Co. KY ..d.. 1884 ..m.. 11/16/1881...Claud...Broughton..
    8. John M. Stroud ..b.. 1864, Central City Muhlenberg, Co. KY ..d.. 07/17/1946 Herrin,Williamson Co., Illinois..m.. (1) Anna ..m.. (2) Rebecca Armstrong..
    9. Susannah E. Stroud ..b.. 1866, .Muhlenberg, Co. KY ..d.. 1938.. m .. 02/02/1887...Thomas C. Cook...
    10. Fidellia A. (C.) Stroud ..b.. 1869, .Muhlenberg Co. .KY ..d.. 1912.... m ..William Stroud
    Census 1880 ...State Kentucky ...County ..Muhlenberg ...District ...South Carrollton ..vol 23 ..sheet 7-8 ..E. D. 132 ..Reel #435
    Muhlenberg marrage records..
    Census 1850 , Muhlenberg Co., KY, Dist. 2, 265/265.
    Muhlenberg Co. Abstracts of Wills and Administrations, p. 70.
    Father's will.
    Census 1860 , Muhlenberg Co., KY, Dist. 2, 618/584. Living next to father.
    Census 1870 , Muhlenberg Co., KY, South Carrollton .. Precinct No. 1, .. 28/28, p. 404-A.

    John STROUD, 82, of 805 West Oak Street, Herrin, died this morning at 5 a.m. at the Herrin Hospital after an illnes of several years. Mr. STROUD was born in Central City, KY in 1864, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel STROUD. He was a coal miner and a resident of Herrin for the past 45 years. Surviving him are his wife, Mrs. Ann STROUD; and his children, William STROUD of Mt. Vernon, Mrs. Amelia GUTHRIE of Harrods Creek, KY, Mrs. James BAILIE of Herrin, Dan STROUD of Louisville, KY, and Mrs. Jennie Moore of Herrin. The funeral will be at the Storme Funeral Home, Friday at 10 a.m., with the Rev. Erven C. Lee officiating. Burial will be at the Herrin City Cemetery. The body will lie in state at the Storme Funeral Home.

    Submitted by Dorann O'Neal Lam
    Source: Herrin Journal, 17 Jul 1946 in The Saga of Southern Illinois, Volume XXIV, No. 4, Winter 1997, "Some Obituaries from Marion and Herrin Newspapers, Williamson County," by Brenda Stroud McKeand, Herrin, IL.

    Gilbert.V. Glenn ..b.. 1831 ..d.. ..bur.. KY ..parents Moses Frerguson Clenn and Mary Martin Vaught (parents 1812)
  • Manerva Jane Landes ..b.. 01/25/1833 Muhl. Co., KY ..d.. 03/10/1860 Muhl. Co.,KY ..bur.. Sears Cem. Muhlennberg Co., KY ..m.. 01/05/1853 Mulhenberg Co. KY (Rev, M. H. Christian)
  • Mary L. Stroud ..b.. abt. 1849 .. m ..01/14/1863 Greenville, Mulhenberg Co., KY .. (Rev. Alban S. Housley)
  • Sallie A. Clark ..b.. 02/27/1832 Mulhnberg Co., KY ..d.. 07/21/1882 Muhlenburg Co., KY ..bur.. Sears Cem., Muhlenburg Co., KY ..m.. 1872 Mulhnberg Co., KY
    Children :
    1. Moses D. Glenn ..b.. 10/04/1853 Muhlenberg Co., KY\
    2. Andrew L. Glenn ..b.. abt 1855
    3. Thomas Glenn ..b.. abt. 1857 KY
    4. John Robert Glenn ..b.. 1859 KY ..m.. Robinson
    5. Mary (Mollie) E. Glenn ..b.. abt. 1866 KY ..not married
    6. Robert A. Glenn ..b.. 12/15/1867 Mulhenberg Co., KY ..d.. 11/27/1952 Mulhenberg Co., KY ..bur.. Rose Hill Cem. ..m.. Claudia R. _________________
      1. Robert G. Glenn ..m.. Bertha .. owned the Stroud property with the Stroud's cemetery
    7. Anna Lulu Glenn ..b..02/16/1870 Muhl. Co.,KY ..d.. 04/07/1893 Muhlenburg Co., KY ..bur.. Sears Cem., Muhlenburg Co., KY
    (1) ..m.. 5 Jan 1853 Gilbert V. Glenn to Manerva J. Landes M. H. Christian (2) ..m.. 14 Jan 1863 G. V. Glenn to Mary L. Stroud (Rev. Alban S. Housley)BR> (2) Legal action in Muhlenberg Co. court by Robert Massey had the people buried there removed to Mt. Zion..

    1880 Census :
    Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
    G. V. GLENN Self M Male W 50 KY Farmer KY KY
    Sallie A. GLENN Wife M Female W 48 KY Keeping House KY KY
    Thos. GLENN Son S Male W 23 KY Farmer KY KY
    Jno. R. GLENN Son S Male W 21 KY Farmer KY KY
    Mollie E. GLENN Dau S Female W 15 KY Assisting To Keep House KY KY
    Robt. A. GLENN Son S Male W 12 KY At Home KY KY
    Annie L. GLENN Dau S Female W 10 KY KY KY
    Next ..Household:........................................
    Marry M. GLENN .. Self W Female W 80 KY Keeping House PA ---
    Marry A. GLENN .. Dau S Female W 51 KY Keeping House KY KY
    Isabella CLARK .. SisterL W Female W 80 KY Temporarily At Home IRELAND IRELAND
    Next ..Household:------------------------------------
    A. G. GLENN .. Self M Male W 52 KY Farmer KY KY
    Hettie N. GLENN .. Wife M Female W 31 KY Keeping House DE MD
    Source Information:
    Census Place: Paradise, Muhlenberg, Kentucky

  • Nancy J. Stroud ..b.. 1861, .Muhlenberg, Co. KY ..d.. 1884 ..m.. 11/16/1881
    1. Daniel Broughton ..b..
    Notes :

    William Stroud
  • Fidellia A. (C.) Stroud ..b.. 1869, .Muhlenberg Co. .KY ..d.. 1912.... m ..
    1. Charllotte May Stroud ..m... ??? Bratcher

    Wade H. Bolling ..b.. 05/05/1838. ..d.. 04/01/1899 Mulhenberg Co., KY (2nd) marriage..Father...Nelson H. Bolling ...Mother ...Elizabeth..A.D...
  • Amelia Bassford Stroud....mother ..Render...1st Marriage...09/25/1879...Died..03/17/1925
    1. Clyde Waters ..b.. 04/30/1873 Mulhenberg Co., KY ..m.. 11/05/1902 .. Ida May Bowling (Step sister) ..d.. 06/17/1912
    2. Ida May Bowling ..b.. 08/14/1880 ..d.. 07/15/1960 ..m.. 11/05/1902 .. Clyde Waters (step brother) ..b.. 1873 ..d..1912 Muhlenberg Co., KY
      1. Hellen Bruce Waters ..b.. *1903 ..d.. 1909
      2. Isabell Waters ..b.. 1905 ..d.. in infancy
      3. Bowling Clyde Waters ..b.. 1906 ..d.. 04/25/1952 ..m.. Date Hopkins
        1. Ann Adair Waters ..b.. *1943
      4. Eleanor Fay Waters ..b..*1912 Twin ..m.. Woodrow A. Wilson
      5. Amelia May Waters ..b.. *1912 ..m.. John A. Gipson Mineral Wells, TX
    3. Joe Bowling ..b.. *1883 Mulhenberg Co., KY ..d.. 12/24/1951 St. Louis, Mo.
    4. Mary Hadden Bolling (twin) ..b.. *1883
    5. Edwin Roy Bolling ..b.. *1888
    Notes :

    Robert Bruce Waters...1st.. Marriage....Born...11/23/1835...Died..07/19/1903
  • Isabelle Harris...Born..*1845..Died..*.1879..Father... Burton...Mother..Sarah Bradley
    1. Clyde Waters ..b..04/30/1873 ..m.. 11/05/1902 Ida May Bowling ..d..06/17/1912
    Notes :

    Alonzo J. Stroud
  • Martha Eleanor Rowe ../b ..12/09/1854 .. Ohio Co. Children :
    1. Bertha Stroud ..m ..William F. Holliday ...June Simpson is a granddaughter
      1. Ernest Halliday Spelling ??
      2. William Halliday
    2. Etta Florence Stroud ..b .. 1878 . Central City, KY ..m..Estil Brown .. b .. 12/31/1878
      1. Estelle Lois Brown .. b .. 08/12/1909 .. Central City, KY .. d .. 12/31/1991 .. Willmar MN .. m ..Basil Clive Swanay .. b .. 10/27/1908 .. Rockport, Ohio Co. KY .. d .. 08/27/1984 Willmar, MN
      2. Alonzo James Brown ..b.. 08/01/1911 .. Central City, KY ..d.. 07//1983 .. Louisville, KY ..m.. Margaret Jewell Griffith ..b..03/21/1915 .. Central City, KY
    3. Harvey T. Stroud
    Notes :

    Basil Clive Swanay
  • Estelle Louis Brown
    Children :
    1. Carole Jean Swanay .. b .. .. Livermore, KY .. Willard Rodney Vennerstrom .. b .. .. Watertown, SD
      1. Cheryl Ann Vennerstrom ..b.. .. Willmar, MN .. m ..Martin Anthony Demgen .. b .. .. Des Moins, IA
        1. John Gibney Demgen ...b ..Minneapolis, MN
        2. Julia Ann Demgen .. b .. ..Minneapolis, MN
        3. Alec James Demgen ..b.. .. Minneapolis, MN
      2. Michael Wayne Vennerstrom .. b .. .. Willmar, MN .. m .. Susan Jeanne Hanson .. b .. .. Edina, MN
    2. Donald Clive Swanay .. b .. ..Cincinnati, Ohio .. d .. Chester, NJ ..m.. Eva Jacobson ..b..
      1. Scott Swanay ..b .. .. Chester, NJ
      2. Ruth Swanay ..b .... Chester, NJ ..m ..Robin Tomita
    Notes :

    Alonzo James Brown
  • Margaret Jewell Griffith
    Children :
    1. Ava Mae Brown ..b.. 02/26/1903 .. Central City, KY .. d .. 03/08/1997 ..m.. Ernest Vaughn ..b..06/16/1893 .. Blackford, KY .. d ..03/14/1975 ...Dixon, KY
    2. Marsha Brown ..maybe Etta
      1. Ann Vaughn ..b.. .. m ..Jimmie Birdwell ..b.. ..Wheatcroft, KY ..d.. 01/29/1986 ..Grand Rivers, KY ..2nd husband....William Robert Johnston ..b.. Paducah, KY
        1. Suzanne Vaughn Birdwell ..b.. ..m.. Micheal Rossbrough ..b... Evanville, Indiana
        2. Jane Birdwell ..b.. .. Henderson, KY ..m.. Micheal Smally ..b.. .. Paducah, KY
          1. Christopher Michael Smally ..b..
      2. James Boyd Vaughn ..b..11/05/1937
    3. Clairbell Brown ..b.. ..Central City, KY ..d .. 03/15/1990 .. Lewisberg, KY ..m.. Lewis Foster ..b..
      1. Martha Frances Foster ..b.. .. Central City, KY ..m..George F.T. Schiess ..b..6 ..Lewisville, KY ..d.. 11//1998 .. Destin, FL
        1. Donna Kay Schiess ..b.. .. Lewisville, KY ..m.. Joseph Kirwan ..b..
          1. Sarah Foster Kirwan ..b..
          2. Kathryn Baker Kirwan ..b..
        2. Richard Lewis Schiess ..b.. ..Lewisville, KY ..m.. Nancy Carol Mullin ..b..
          1. Laura Ellen Schiess ..b..
          2. Patrick Lewis Schiess ..b..0
        3. Catherine Anne Schiess ..b....m..Ricky Wilson
          1. Sarah Caitlyn Wilson ..b..
          2. Daniel Conner Wilson .b..
            1. Judith Gail Schiess ..b..0 .. m ..Joseph Sean Gill ..
              1. Mary Elaine Gill .. b ..
              2. Sophia Claire Gill ..b ..
          3. James Lewis Foster ..b.. .. Central City, KY ..m..Linda Alice Jones ..b.... Detroit City, MI
            1. Melynda Jo Foster ..b.. ..Russellville, KY ..m.. James Michael Riley ..b.. ..Russellville, KY
              1. Meridith Riley ..b..
            2. Melanie Jean Foster ..b..
            3. Mary Jenette Foster ..b..
        4. Edmond Finis Brown ..b.... Central City, KY ..d ..04/11/1992 ..Lewisville, KY ..m.. Sadie Alice Melear .. b .. .. Lawrenceberg, KY ..d.. 10*21/1990 ..d.. Louisville, KY
          1. Barbara Brown ..b.. .. Louisville, KY ..m.. Roger Tharp ..b..
            1. Chris Tharp ..b.. .. Lexinton, KY ..m.. Barbara Allgier
              1. Justin David Tharp ..b..
              2. Brianna Marie Tharp ..b..
            2. Tim Thrap ..b.. .. Louisville, KY ..m.. Jennifer Hrastinki
            3. Craig Tharp ..b.. .. Lousville, KY
          2. Eddie Brown ..b.. 10/01/1954 .. Lousville, KY ..m.. Terri Roberts ..b.. .. Louisville, KY
            1. Ashley Brown ..b.. ..
            2. Nicole Brown ..b..
            3. Shelby Brown ..b..
    Notes :



    Be it known, that we, G. V. Glenn as principal and Daniel Stroud as surety, are jointly and severally bound in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the sum of One Hundred Dollars.

    The Condition of this Bond is as Follows:

    That whereas marriage is intended to be solomnized between the above bound G. V. Glenn and Miss Mary L. Stroud Now, if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage, this Bond shall be void, otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect.

    Dated at Greenville, Muhlenberg County, this 12th day of January, 1863

    Attest: _______________________________ G. V. Glenn
    Tho. J. Jones, Clerk __________________ Daniel Stroud

    Alney McLean's Company's Roster
    Their commander was Lt. Col. Samuel Caldwell. Officers were Alney McLean, Capt.Thomas Glenn, Sergt.; James Martin, Sergt.; John Furgerson, Cpl.; Moses F. Glenn, Cpl.;. Privates were: John Evans, William Morton, Samuel Martin, John Stroud, Abraham Vaught, Benjamin Young.
    Alney Mclean, buried at Old Caney Station, Muhlenberg Co.,KY.

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