Walker Weisel ..b.. 05/21/1853, Brigton, Bucks Co., PA. ..d.. 09/22/1929 Los Angeles, LA Co., CA..William
Estella Belle Dickinson ..b.. 02/25/1856 .. Brigton, Bucks Co., PA ..d.. unknown ..m.. 11/07/1875...Belvidere,Warren Co., NJ Parents
  1. Mabel L Weisel ..b.. 09/12/1876 Greenwich, Waren Co., NY ..d.. 05/12/1956 Elsinore, Riverside Co., CA ..m.. 01/30/1909 Salt Lake Utah ..Albert H Moore..
  2. Irene Florence Weisel ..b.. 05/28/1879 Henderson, Dibley Co., MN ..d.. 04/11/1952 ..m.. 05/28/1900 ..Gus D Messing
    1. Alma..Catherine Messing ..b.. 09/17/1901 ..m.. Crawford...Maybe one Boy..Deane..
    2. Irene Florence Messing..m.. / Earl ??..../
  3. F. Ramond Weisel ..b.. 08/02/1881 Henderson, Dibley Co., MN ..m..1st..09/16/1903..Alice Louise Duford...2nd 06/30/1913 ..Los Angeles, LA Co., CA ..Adalen Alma Pittillo
    1. Virginia Adalene Weisel ..b.. 03/23/1914 Los Angeles, LA Co., CA ..m.. 10/27/1932 Gordon O Prinz Los Angeles, LA Co., CA.. ..Dev.. (2nd) ..m.. Earl Canfield...dates are at the LA Hall of Rec...
  4. Elmer Marshall Weisel ..b.. 10/31/1885..Le Sueur, Le Sueur Co., MN ..d.. 02/27/1964.. Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA
Notes :
/Mabel Dennis ..d.. 05/12/1956...Elsinore CA../


Wm. M. Weisel (Erwimna Bucks Co. Pa.) Nov. 10 1822.
Franey Fulmer (Brigton Bucks Co. Pa.) July 28 1832.
Walker Weisel (Brigton Bucks Co. Pa.) May 21 1853.
Bella F. Weisel (Brigton Bucks Co. Pa.) Feb. 25 1856.
E.B. Dickinson (Queensbury Warren Co. N.Y.) Nov. 18 1855.
L.J. Dickinson (Queensbury Warren Co. N.Y.) Aug. 31 1857.
Eddie Andrews (Phillipsburg Warren Co. N.Y.) Mar. 24 1870.
Mabel L. Weisel (Greenwich Warren Co. N.Y.) Sept. 121 1876.
I. Florence Weisel (Henderson Dibley Co. Minn.) May 28 1879.
F. Raymond Weisel (E. Henderson Le Sueur Co. Minn.) Aug. 2 1881.
Elmer Marshall Weisel (Le Sueur Minn.) Oct. 31 1885.
Alma Catherine Messing (St. Paul Minn.) Sept. 19 1901.
Irene Florence Messing (St. Paul Minn.) May 30 1905.
Josephine Franey Weisel (Los Angeles Ca.) Nov. 11 1913.
Virginia Adelene Weisel (Los Angeles Ca.) Mar. 23 1914.
Emer Marshall Weisel Jr. (Los Angeles Ca.) May 29 1924.
Dean Marshall Hird. (St. Paul Minn.) Sept. 19 1925.
Bertram Gordon Prinz. (Los Angeles Cal.) Nov. 24 1923.???

Wm. H. Weisel Nov. 1851 Brigton Pa.
Franey Fulmer
James Dickinson July 26 1853 Chestertown N.Y.
Catherine Ferris
Gus D. Messing May 28 1900
I Florence Weisel
F. Raymond Weisel Sept. 16 1903
Alice Louise Duford
Albert H. Moore Jan. 30 1909 Salt Lake City Utah
Mabel L. Weisel
Elmer M. Weisel Dec. 7 1912 Los Angeles Ca.
Ruby Edit Heinzman
F. Raymond Weisel June 30 1913 Los Angeles Ca.
Adalene Alma Pittillo
Gordon O. Prinz Oct. 27 1932 Los Angeles Ca.
Verginia A. Weisel
James N. Oliver May 11 1935 Los Angeles Ca.
Josephine F. Weisel
E. Marshall Weisel May 7 1960 Los angeles Ca.
Billy Holmes
Virginia A weisel Divorced Gordon O. Prinz and later
married Earl Canfield. Dates are on file at the
Los Angeles Hall Of Records.

James Dickinson Oct. 8 Year Unkown
Catherine Ferris Dickinson-- Andrews Dec. 4 1913 Trinton N.Y.
Estella Bella Weisel Sept. 2 1914 Los Angeles Ca.
Wm M. Weisel Nov. 10 1914 St.Paul Minn.
Franey Weisel Apr. 29 1917 St. Paul MInn.
Walker Weisel Sept. 22 1929 Los Angeles Ca.
Florence Messing Apr. 11 1952 Los Angeles Ca.
Mabel Dennis May 12 1956 Elsinore Ca.
Elmer M. Weisel Feb 27 1964 Los Angeles Ca.
Ruby E. Weisel Dec. 9 1975 Los Angeles Ca
. Elmer Marshall Weisel Dec. 5 1981 Los Angeles Ca.
Josephine Franey Oliver Mar. 18 1984 Grants Pass Ore.

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