Charles Robert Mott ..b.. 02/19/1863 .. PA . ..d.. 02//1946 .. LA .. CA. ..bur. Quartzite, AZ. .. Father...Anthony Daniel
  • (1) Sarah (Sadie) Margaret Runkle ..b.. 03/14/1869 .. Piatt Co. Ill ..d.. NV.. buried .. NV.. Sarah's (1st) .. abt 1887 IL.. John Judd .. (2nd) ..m.. 1890..KA Charles Mott .. Father...Abraham
    Children :
    1. John Judd ..m ..Leana Pearl Judd ..b..11/30/1888 ..d ..05/04/1967 .. Fort Scott, Kan.
      1. Thelma N. Judd ..m.. Melroy ..Lives in Lincoln, NB
      2. Brother Lives across the street ..Redfield, KA
    2. Clara Mott ..b.. 07/03/1891 .. Hyattville KA ( Sister Sophrona's house ) .. 06/051987 Fountian Valley, CA .. Pacific View Mem. Park .. Newport Beach..
    3. Margaret Mott ..b.. 06//1895 in Amarello, TX Died (unknown) ..m.. Potter, dau. Louise.. .. married and issue.
    Notes :
    Census 1900 Town/District = Amarillo, Potter Co., TX (Vol 90, sheet11, ED 80, reel 1665)

  • Charlie was born in 1863 in Pensylvania. He left home at the age of seventeen and made his way to Kansas. There, he worked two years for a mining company. Recognizing his professional potential, His employers sent him to the Missouri school of mines in Rollo Missouri, where he graduated as a mining engineer.

  • During the indian uprisings in the territories in the early 1800's he contracted with the U.S. Army As a civilian scout. He claimed that he was engaged as a scout in pursuit of the indian chieftain Geronimo, who was captured in 1886 in the southwestern part of the United Stated. Charlie received a bullet in one of his legg during this pusuit. It was known to have never been removed and remained with him for the rest of his life! As he was involved in this military campain, he became faniliar with the western territories that were to become the state of Arizona and New mexico..

  • Shortly after his scouting days, the indian lands were opened up to settlers. In Partnership with Thomas, they followed the government surveyors through the newly opened country putting down water wells for the homesteaders. He is also known to have organized servral successful gold mining expedittions into Mexico. It was on one such expedition that he and his partners were tracked and captured by the Mexican Military patrol and held prisoners under armed guard - until Charlie "engineered" their escape by bribing his captors!

  • In 1889, He Married Sarah "Sadie" Runkle and had two daughters, Clara and Margaret. In his later years, Charlie made his home in Quartzite, Arizona. It was here that Chareles Robert Mott was laid to rest, with Honors, in the pioneer "section" of the Quartzite Cemetery.

  • Charlie Mott (along with his partner Thomas, in the Keystone Drilling Co.), drilled numerous Wells in the Panhandle region of Texas for early settlers at the turn of the century.

  • January 8, 1886.. Capt.. Crawford"s pursuit
  • March 1886 Geronimo agreed to surrender on the condition that he and his followers would be returned to the reservation
  • May 1, 1886 Capt. T.C. Lobo Company K of the 10th Cavalry : Brought the hostiles to bay in the Pinito Mountians, thirty miles south of the border. The enemy fire killed one private and wouned Corporal Scott.. The enemy vanished..
  • May 15, 1886 Capt. C. A. P. Hatfield, detatchment of 4th Cavalry: Near Santa Cruz were flanked and los two solders and three wounded..
  • In mid-July, General Miles, operating on a rumor that the hostiles were near Fronteras, Sonora, and talking surrender, dispatched Lt. Charles Gatewood from Fort Bowie with orders to seek out Geronimo. Gatewood crossed into Mexico from Cloverdale, New Mexico, and made contact with Lawton and Wood by early August. They proceeded north, and by August 23 Gatewood and Lawton's scouts were on the hostiles' trail and closing.
  • Aug. 24, 1886 Lt Gatewood made contact with Gewronimo
  • Aug. 25, 1886 Lt. Gatewood went to Geronimo's camp.
  • Aug. 26, 1886 Geronimo went to Lt. Gatewood's camp and then came the whole tribe.. Lt. Lawton was incharge of getting The indians out of Mexico
  • Sept. 5, 1886 General Miles placed Geronimo, Nachez and three other Apache leaders in his wagon and headed for Fort Bowie,, Geronimo said "this is the fourth time I have surrendered." On the way to Fort Bowie three braves, three squaws fled into the Chiricahua Mountians, they reached mexico and were hunted and killed except one squaw. Colonel Kosterlitzky
  • September 8, 1886, General Miles sent the Apaches east on a train under heavy guard.
  • Oct.1886 Mangus surrendered to Captain Charles L. Cooper 10th cavalry in the flats near the Black Mountains of New Mexico. Note: Only engagement fought of American troops and Apaches during which the indians actually surrendered.

    WASHINGON, Jan. 28.--The War Depart ment to-day received official information from Gen. Crook of the death of Capt. Emmet Crawford, Third Cavalry, at the hands of Mexicans in Mexico and the probable surrender of the renegade Apaches. An accompanying report from Lieut. Maus, First Infantry, who was next in Command..

    Jan. 8, 1886 Capt. Crawford pushed 48 hours in pusuit of Geronimo.along with scouts and Tom Horn surrounde Geronimos camp resulting in surender.. Jan. 9th and10th Capt. Crawford along with scouts and Tom Horn surrounded Geronimo's camp resulting in surender.. Jan. 11, 1886, the American camp under Capt. Crawford was attacked through misunderstanding by Mexican irregular Indian troops, resulting in Crawford's death. By the following March the Apache became tired of the war and asked for a parley, which Crook granted as formerly, but before the time for the actual surrender of the entire force arrived the wily Geronimo changed his mind and with his immediate band again fled beyond reach. His escape led to censure of Crook's policy; he was consequently relieved at his own request in April, and to Gen. Nelson A. Miles was assigned the completion of the task.
  • Note: The battle lasted an hour, Capt. Crawford was killed , four wounded including Tom Horn.. The Mexican lost four and five wounded.


    1863 Charlie was born PA
    1880 census home laborer PA 17 yrs. old.. had to born 1863 ..grave 1864
    1881-1882 Mining Co.
    1882-1886 School of mines
    1886 August, about the end of Geromino Campain (age abt. 23 yrs)
    1887 Sadie to John Judd married KA .. 24 yrs. old ..
    1889 Feb, John Judd born - 1900 census 11 yrs. living with Abraham Runkle
    1890 Sadie to Charles married
    1891 removed to Amarillo, TX and Homesteded and Clara was born
    1895 Amarillo TX ..Margaret was born
    1900 census Amarillo, TX
    11//1902 removed to El Paso, El Paso Co., TX
    1903 Charlie and Margaret were in El Paso and Clara in school in PA
    1907 Clara back in school El Paso
    1910 El Paso Clara Married
    1910 Census Charlie Bowie, Cochise AZ.. Widowed
    1911 Clara in Santo TX
    1915 (abt,) removed to Yama, AZ
    1920 Census Clara Los Angeles
    1930 Census Quartzite ..Charlie and Ella ..
    1931 Justice of the Peace, Quartzite AZ ..abt 68 yrs old
    1932 Charlie and 2nd wife Ella sold property Quartzite

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