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Welcome to Reif & Associates!

Our real estate advisory group provides comprehensive brokerage services to seasoned portfolio owners as well as to first-time buyers.  Whether you want to acquire, lease or sell commercial property, our team of professional advisors specializes in unique, off-market opportunities not available to the average real estate investor. 


Within this website, you’ll get a birdseye view of a select few of our many office, retail, industrial, medical and multi-family investment opportunities. We look for properties with significant upside potential, for the right investor.


Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor, or are in search of your first million dollar-plus investment opportunity, we encourage you to join our growing investor alliance.

Future Outlook

Purchasing a commercial property can be a complicated process.  Our organization has more than three decades of experience serving the investor market.  We make the process less cumbersome, saving you valuable time, energy and effort.  Time is money, so the more time you save, the more money you keep.  Our goal is to provide you with properties you won’t hear about in the open marketplace—those that are closely held and offered exclusively via our private investor alliance.   

As you are well aware, acquisition and sale of income properties can be a dynamic process.  Because of such, we encourage you to check our website property listings frequently. Or, you can join our investor alliance by
registering so that you automatically receive real time email updates of emergent opportunities.

Our associates offer experience, market knowledge and technical resources that assure unconventional solutions and fresh approaches not typically considered by others within the real estate marketplace.  We’re pioneers.  Ahead of The Box.  After all, we’d much rather be leading the pack than offering cookie cutter approaches to investing.

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We specialize in off-market commercial real estate