News & Updates

  • 12/30/2010 - Updates Coming Soon: Durl Apps is currently developing updates o iRate-a-Date (to include more personality disorders); and the 2010 update to Main Event Poker Trivia.
  • 7/15/2010 - Sexual Intimacy Released: The latest Durl Apps offers an alternative to the more crude intimacy applications currently available on iTunes.
  • 6/29/2010 - Elven Elemental Runes Released: Having gathered the information on an ancient and lesser known set of Elven Runes, Durl Apps is proud to bring this new application to our users.
  • 6/4/2010 - My Pet App takes off: My Pet App has done incredibly well as is rivaling Viking runes as our best selling application to date.
  • March 5. 2010 - My Pet App Released: My Pet App is Durl Apps first game/simulation and has gotten off to a successful start.

*Elven Runes*
Released June 29, 2010

The Elven Elemental runes are a relatively unknown set of runes focused entirely on the energies and powers of the world’s four basic elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Unlike many of the better known runes sets, these runes are not letter-based but symbol-based and somewhat more sophisticated in terms of how each rune interrelates to the others and to the four basic elements. Little is known of the origins of the Elven Elemental runes other than they appear to have been developed between commonly recognized historical periods (or Ages), and have survived predominantly through an oral tradition.

Given their longevity and their origins, the lives of the elves are experienced in the world through the four basic elements (Air, Wind, Fire, Earth) and this collaborative life within the elements lies at the heart of the Elemental runes. As immortal beings, Elves do not view life as having an ultimate conclusion. Instead, they view life as a series of paths and journeys which require intentional purpose and action to travel. Different paths lead to different outcomes, which lead to further paths and even more outcomes. Therefore, the Elemental runes do not try to divine the future, rather, they provide insight into the directions to consider as one travels. (more Info)

*My Pet App
Released March 5, 2010

Congratulations, you are about to be the proud owner of your very own Pet App! If properly taken care of, your new pet can provide you and your friends and family with hours of joy and entertainment.

- Your own Pet App that you interact with by tilting your iPhone/iPod
- Multiple fun and addicting mini-games to enjoy with your pet
- Saved game high scores to show off your pet's impressive feats
- Obtainable currency used to enhance your pet and its habitat
- Many more fun ways to customize your Pet App to suit yourself!
(more info)

*Viking Runes*
Released December 28, 2009


Runes have been used for hundreds of years to guide those who seek their unique properties, powers, and wisdom. Though the casting of runes cannot divine the future, for those who consult them regularly they provide insight into the road ahead or the paths one might take at any given time. The runes can be consulted on any matter of importance and multiple castings can be used to find any of a number of perspectives from which to proceed.

These Runes are for an ancient Viking divination guide. They are an ageless navigational guide, a bridge between the self and the Higher Self. Set aside some quiet time, take a few cleansing breaths and focus on any issue of concern or simply ask what it is that needs to be considered at this time.
(more info)

*iRate-a-Date 2.0
Released January 4, 2010

Finding the right person to date or build a relationship with is tough.  Sometimes the person seems just right at first, but something just doesn’t feel right after awhile.  Are they hiding something, not quite who they seem to be, or merely having a bad day?  iRate-A-Date is one way to  help evaluate that ‘special someone’ to see if who they are is something to worry about.

iRate-a-Date asks you to answer a series of questions based upon criteria used by psychological professional to screen for nightmare personality disorders.  Not a diagnostic tool, but a pattern of certain behaviors could mean something is amiss.  Maybe that weird feeling isn’t so weird, or maybe that strange feeling is just a desire to avoid another nightmare relationship.  iRate-A-Date can help you focus and give you an objective look at your ‘special someone’, quickly and confidentially.

Reviewed by psychological professionals, iRate-A-Date is based strictly on criteria used to identify personality disorders, making the results more than just someone’s opinion.  Based on your honest responses to the questions, your result is determined solely by comparing your answers to these established criteria.
(more info)

*iRate-My-Faith (Christianity)
Released November 26, 2009

iRate-My-Faith (Christianity) is a reflection and challenge tool focused on the teachings of Christ. As a daily reflection tool, allow the program to select a random passage from the New Testament for thinking about throughout the day. As a challenge tool, allow the program to randomly select a statement focused on a current event, decide whether you agree or not with the statement, and see if your answer is consistent with Christ’s teachings. Or test yourself with 10 or 50 statement challenges.

iRate-My-Faith (Christianity) is an especially relevant tool for those who struggle with how today’s world clashes with the teachings of Christ. Especially in the political arena, it is often difficult to reconcile your faith with the views of your peers and iRate-My-Faith allows you the opportunity to explore this alone, or with others. Use the tool as a departure point for studying particular passages from throughout the New Testament, and gain insight on how you and others perceive the words of Christ and their relevance in today’s world.

*Main Event Poker Trivia - 2009*
Released October 6, 2010

The info from this year's final tale has been added and our update is complete. This new update was released on November 26, 2009 and is FREE to those with the 2008 version.

Main Event Poker Trivia (MEPT) serves up facts, figures, and other trivia exclusively about the $10,000 World Championship of No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em event (also known as the Main Event) held in Las Vegas each year. MEPT offers two ways get the information: a historical search or randomized trivia questions.

Using MEPT you can end disputes about the Main Event with others, test your knowledge using one of the 6 difficulty levels, find that piece of info you just can’t remember, or become a Main Event Trivia guru. Get all of this with just one application. Nothing like this is currently available in the poker community and the information has been thoroughly researched for accuracy. MEPT is THE source for Main Event poker trivia…period!!!

*Sexual Intimacy*
Released July 15, 2010

Healthy sexual relationships are about more than just how many different positions one can try with a partner. In good sexual relationships, partners understand and are sensitive to their own sexual needs but are also sensitive to (and aware) of their partner’s sexual and emotional needs as well. Good communication, trust, risk, and safety are just some of the traits found in the relationships of couples who love and really enjoy each other in the bedroom.

Sexual Intimacy is a game designed for partners to have fun exploring their sexuality and their sexual relationship. Playing Intimacy you’ll explore and learn each other’s likes and dislikes, explore your fantasies, make known your favorite (and least favorite) activities and learn about your partner that will both surprise and excite you. You’ll learn how to better satisfy their partner’s sexual desires, and your partner will learn how to better satisfy you. Most importantly you’ll learn ways to have more fun in the bedroom. Playing Intimacy can reignite the sex in an existing relationship, make a good sexual relationship even more fun, and help people who are learning about each other break the ice on some topics that they might be a bit too shy to discuss, or do without a little push.