Teridon's Resource file hacks
for iTunes for Windows

How to customize the font size of the song list

iTunes gives you two font sizes: "small" (which is 8pt) and "large" (which is 10pt). The last time I checked, 10 pt is not "large"! You have no option to specify your own font size.

After helping various people on the Apple Discussions Forums edit the required files by hand, I decided to automate the process. This program allows you to change the iTunes font sizes for the song and source list. The fancy GUI version only works on Windows. However, I do have a perl script HERE that works on the Mac (iTunes 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 only).

The program automatically backs up the file it changes, and you can easily revert to a previous one, or the original Apple version

Download Teridon's iTunes Font Size Editor

(version 2.0.2, 2011-Jan-26)

(works with iTunes for Windows (XP/Vista/Win7), versions through NOTE: You MUST have Administrator privileges to edit the font size.

Here's iTunes 7 with a 18pt font:

By the way, the tools provided by Apple in the QuickTime SDK (specifically DeRez), were quite helpful in figuring this all out. You need to be a member of the Apple Developer Connection. "ADC Online" accounts are free.

How to change the font color of the Sources list

First, someone asked how to change the background color of the iTunes song list window. I was not able to figure that out, but I was able to figure out how to change the font color in the Sources list (the pane on the left side of the iTunes window. I also determined how to change the font style (bold, italic, and/or underline). Here is a very ugly example:

As you can see, the resource also affects the color of the volume slider and the column heading text (not shown: it also changes the colors of the minimize, maximize, and close buttons). The hex offset given is for iTunes 6 -- sorry, I have not gone back and figured out the new offset for iTunes 7 yet.