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Dec 23, 2007 by Teridon

These scripts interface with iTunes (for Windows only) via the COM interface. Most of them are written in Perl, but I have provided EXE versions for those that don't want or have Perl installed. Just download the zip and run the EXE inside it. If you don't trust my EXE, you can download the Perl version and look at the source code before running it. I use ActiveState Perl, but they should work fine with any perl distribution for Windows.

I have tested these with both iTunes 6 and 7 (up to 7.5). Most of them should work with iTunes 8 as well, but I have not tested them yet. Some scripts require iTunes 7 -- these are noted below. Also, if you try to run them against iTunes 6, they will refuse to run.

All of these scripts are licensed under the GNU GPL v2 . In summary, that means they are free to download, use, and modify.

*new* Teridon's iTunes Font Size Editor

This program allows you to change the iTunes font sizes for the song and source list.

Audiobook Helper

This is a GUI for helping you rip Audiobook CDs in a more automated way. Tracks can be more easily renamed to a standard format. Also, this will move any AAC (.m4a) tracks from the Music Library into the Audiobooks Library.


( VBS)

This is a simple VB script to exit iTunes. I use it to facilitate backup of the iTunes Library files (which generally shouldn't be backed up when iTunes is open).


( PERL | EXE )

will allow you to add multiple m3u playlists to iTunes at once. You give it the directory containing the m3u files, and it does the rest. It will optionally recurse into subdirectories to find m3u files. Note that you can usually do the same without a script using Windows Explorer -- simply drag and drop them into iTunes.


( PERL | EXE )

will look in the entire music library and make two playlists - "Albums" and "Singles". The "Albums" list will contain all the songs from albums that have >= 6 tracks from that album. Similary, the "Singles" playlist will have all the songs that have <= 3 tracks from that album.


( PERL | EXE )

creates playlists for every album it finds in your Library. You better be sure that's what you want!


( PERL | EXE )

will create a text file on your Desktop called "albumlisting.txt" which lists all the albums for each artist found in your Library.


( PERL | EXE )

will backup all non-Smart playlists in iTunes to a text file (one text file per playlist). Files are placed in a subdirectory of the same location as the script called "Playlist Backups".


( PERL | EXE )

will find songs based on a user-provided pattern (perl regex, e.g. "\.m4p$") provided by the user. The results are placed in a new playlist called "Location".


( PERL | EXE )

is a replica of the iTunes multiple track info dialog, but in addition to the fields in the iTunes editor, it also lets you edit the Comment and Description fields. Also, you can use it to set 1/2-star ratings (e.g. 2.5 stars). However, you cannot use it to modify artwork.


( PERL | EXE | VBS )

is for iTunes 7 only. It will take the artwork iTunes 7 downloads from the iTMS and embed it into the ID3 tags of the file. Note: You must run the VBS version from the command-line using "cscript"; e.g.

cscript itunes_insert_artwork.vbs

The perl and EXE versions prompt the user for whether to keep the extracted artwork (in the same directory as the music file), but for the VB script, you must pass an option "-k".


( PERL | EXE )

created especially for this thread on Apple Discussions. It takes all the songs on the iPod and creates a new playlist in iTunes called "iPod Songs" containing all the songs on the iPod.


( PERL | EXE )

will recreate selected playlists from your iPod in iTunes. The songs must already be in your Library.


( PERL | EXE )

will set the Library folder (the one containing "iTunes Library.itl") to the folder you pass to it as the first argument. The point of this is so that you can create a shortcut to open iTunes with a specific Library (instead of holding "Shift" and navigating to the file). To reset the folder to the default location, pass "default"; i.e. "itunes_open_library.exe default". By default, the program will not backup your iTunesPrefs.xml file. If you want it to make a backup, add the option "-b"; i.e. "itunes_open_library -b C:\library"


( PERL | EXE )

will restore the settings in iTunes so that it will ask for confirmation when deleting either a song from the Library or a non-empty playlist. NOTE: only tested with iTunes 7 (7.0,,, 7.4.*,,


( PERL | EXE )

has no practical purpose -- it removes all artwork from all songs in the user-specified playlist(s). It is easier to use the iTunes "Get Info" GUI on multiple songs to remove the artwork.


( PERL | EXE )

will remove songs based on a user-provided pattern (perl regex, e.g. "\.m4p$") provided by the user from user-specified playlists. If you specify the Library, it will remove them from your Library.


( PERL | EXE )

will remove all songs from your iTunes Library based on the playlist you selected. It will also optionally remove those files from your hard drive.


( PERL | EXE | VBS )

will remove duplicates from the user-specified playlist(s). Duplicates are determined by exact file/path name.


( PERL | EXE | VBS )

will remove the song from the user-specified playlist(s) if the file does not exist.


( PERL | EXE )

will force iTunes to read every file in the playlist(s) you select, updating the ID3 tag info in iTunes. This script is totally unnecessary, but I wrote it before I realized an alternate way to do it. Simply select all the songs in the playlist, then right-click and select "Get Info". In the resulting dialog, just click OK without changing anything. iTunes will re-read the tags for all the songs.


( PERL | EXE | VBS )

will let you change the video type (Movie, TV Show, or Music Video) of all the files in a selected playlist.


is actually not a script, but a Yahoo Widget. Credit should go to this guy, for writing the original. I modified it to allow you to rate using 0-10 stars. e.g. if you rate it 5 stars, iTunes will actually show the rating as 2.5 stars.



will Import MediaMonkey ratings into iTunes for the tracks you select in iTunes. The script reads the ID3v2 POPM tags that MediaMonkey writes to the MP3s and translates them to iTunes ratings. Your existing ratings (if any) are overwritten.

FREE download v1.3 (2009-Nov-18) of my scripts package. It contains most of the scripts listed here. Also includes source code.

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