The Gravestone Girls

Gravestone Girl classes have proven very popular over the years. Filled with humor and history you'll learn about your community and an artform! We'd love to have you join us!

Course Description:

Rubbing Old New England Gravestones with the Gravestone Girls

Don't be scared of those old cemeteries! They are unique and interesting places full of folk art and history found only in New England!

Everyone sometime in their life has probably done a gravestone rubbing. Many have left behind a mark of their presence through improper techniques. Others have left unsatisfied with their result and still others long to go back to do it again.

Tissue paper and hard crayons are out! The Gravestone Girls will teach you an unusual technique for getting the best rubbing impressions while ensuring preservation of the old gravestones. Supplies are provided for a $5 material fee-but you have to bring your own nylons! That's right-pantyhose! Nothing special, just an old pair that still has its feet. It sounds strange now, but what you'll come home with will be suitable for framing and makes a great conversation piece!


Marlborough has a rich historical legacy literally buried behind the Walker Building in The Olde Burial Ground. Many of Marlborough's founding fathers are there and their gravestones have great stories to tell about life in the 1700 and 1800s! Join us there and bring home a piece of history and a new perspective of olde Marlborough!

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We also offer private classes. Private classes offer more time for questions and help with your rubbing! You'll get our complete attention!

Gravestone Girls Class!

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