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Gravestone castings are made by taking an impression off an actual gravestone to create a master mold. The finished artwork is then produced by casting from that master mold using a stone—like plaster. All our cast products come ready to hang indoors or out.

Our line is extensive and growing with new images and ideas all the time. Special commission pieces are available upon request and can be produced in quantity for fundraising events. Please inquire—no request is too weird for The Gravestone Girls!

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Most Reverend
Most Reverend
The Most Reverend Jonathan Pierpont, died June 2, 1709. His gravestone located in Wakefield, Massachusetts. This is a portion of a very elaborate gravestone and is actually one of two of the same image that appear. The image is located on the left and right sides of the stone as if to mirror each other. In his hands Reverend Pierpont holds a bible.

Color shown: Black Plague (#06)
Item#: 0001
Dimension: 8.25" H x 5.5" W
Price: $42.00

Thomas Rawson Angel
Thomas Rawson Angel
Mr. Thomas Rawson, died July 10, 1802. His stone is located in the Old Cemetery, Mendon, Massachusetts. The image is a soul effigy, meant to represent the deceased's soul flying to Heaven.

Color shown: Weathered Widow (#12)
Shown Mounted On Barnboard!
Item#: 0004
Dimension: 5" H x 8" W
Price: $42.00

Farnum Effigy
Farnum Effigy
Mr. Thomas Farnum, died November 9. 1765. His stone is located in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Uxbridge, Massachusetts. The image is an effigy (representation) of the deceased. Check out that hair!

Color shown: Gravestone Grey (#2)
Item#: 0005
Dimension: 5" H x 4.5" W
Price: $18.00

Maranda Rose
Maranda Rose
Alice Maranda, died September 20, 1868. Her stone is located in the Central Cemetery, Millville, Massachusetts. This delicate image is of a wilted flower which denotes the end or passing of life. Flowers were often used on women and children's gravestones—a symbol of fragility.

Color shown: Black Plague (#6)
Item#: 0009
Dimension: 4.5" dia.
Price: $26.00

Mrs. Peanut
Mrs. Peanut
This beautiful and unusually shaped winged skull belongs to the tombstone of Mrs. Sarah Belknap. Wife of Mr. Joseph Belknap. She left this earth October 12th 1784 and spends her eternity resting in Pine Hill Cemetery at Dover, NH.

Color shown: Black Plague (#06)
Item#: 0056
Dimension: 7" H x 12.25" W
Price: $52.00

Lady Bird
Lady Bird
Birds are another symbol for the soul making its flight to Heaven. This bird seems to be looking back one last time before making his departure. He is the spirit symbol on the gravestone of Lydia Arnold, who left this life November 19, 1776. Springhill Cemetery; Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Color shown: Gravestone Grey (#02)
Item#: 0052
Dimension: 3.5" H x 3" W
Price: $10.00

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