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Many gravestones contain adornments of a smaller scale. These shapes are the perfect size for accessories. We've created a fun line of magnets from these images. Let us choose the color. Your fridge will thank you!

Due to their size, these items are all hand pressed, so please allow for variations in shape and thickness.

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Hobart Effigy Hobart Effigy
In a flurry of wing feathers, hair and eyebrows, we want to believe that this face is the likeness of Mrs. Sarah Hobart who died at the age of 62 years on February 23, 1711. The heavily carved stone is located in the East Parish Burial Ground of Newton Centre, Massachusetts.

Item#: 0026
Dimension: 3.5" dia.
Price: $8.00

Smilin' Issac Smilin' Issac
A prime example of primitive New England folk art, this skull was carved for the gravestone of John Fuller in 1717. Who could pass by this image without thinking about their own mortality? We have cast just the skull portion of the image, without its wings, as it has plenty of impact all by itself. This is what you think of when you envision old gravestones! Mr. Fuller died on February 25, 1717 and is buried in the East Parish Burial Ground of Newton Centre, Massachusetts.

Item#: 0032
Dimension: 3.5" dia.
Price: $8.00

Cute as a Button Cute as a Button
As much as we tried to resist, we couldn't help giving this little fellow his silly name—because he truly is!!! This tiny winged skull is an element from the gravestone of William Button of Jersey (England, that is) who died the 19th day of October 1693. His heavily ornamented stone is located in the 1671 Burial Ground in Strawberry Banke (Portsmouth), New Hampshire.

Item#: 0045
Dimension: 3/4" H x 3" L
Price: $8.00

John's Dead Head John's Dead Head
Here's someone who will call attention to your fridge! Meet Mr. John Fuller, a gentleman interred in East Parish Burial Ground, Newton Centre, Massachusetts in 1717. The carver of his stone fully exaggerated this "death head", making it bulbous and embellished with one curly, extravagant eyebrow. The head shape and hooked unibrow are clues this carver's inspiration might have been "The Old Stonecutter", an important Boston carver who worked circa 1650-1695 and influenced many gravestone carvers who followed.

Item#: 0046
Dimension: 3 1/4" H x 3 1/4" L
Price: $8.00

Susannah Urn Susannah Urn
The urn is meant to carry the body to the next world, literally through cremation and figuratively by the biblical passage "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust". The flame on the top of the urn is an eternal one and will burn forever as a reminder of the soul who it burns for. This small urn decorates the gravestone of Mrs. Susannah Peckham who dies in 1813 and is buried in Blackstone, Massachusetts. Also available as a casting.

Item#: 0035
Dimension: 4.25" H x 2.25" W
Price: $10.00

Jolly Mary
Jolly Mary

A skull and crossed bones were called a Jolly Roger used by pirates to signal danger. Mary Masury has it on her gravestone to warn on the perils of death for a life not lived well. Her warning is sent from Charter Street Burial Ground, Salem, Massachusetts, upon her death May 17, 1748.

Item#: 0093
Dimension: 3.25" H x 5.75" L
Price: $10.00

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