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A Very Grave Matter A Very Grave Matter
The effigy on Mrs. Elisabeth Nurs’ {sic} gravestone does not look amused! Perhaps she found out the secrets of the next life…. She breathed her last on October 14, 1751 and her mortal remains are interred Old South Cemetery, Bolton, Massachusetts.

Item#: 0076
Dimension: 3.5" H x 3.25" W
Price: $8.00

Lady Bird Lady Bird
Birds are another symbol for the soul making its flight to Heaven. This bird seems to be looking back one last time before making his departure. He is the spirit symbol on the gravestone of Lydia Arnold, who left this life November 19, 1776. Springhill Cemetery; Marlborough, Massachusetts. Also available as a casting.

Item#: 0052
Dimension: 3.5" H X 3" W
Price: $10.00

P.S. I Forgot! P.S. I Forgot!
A post-script is always important… even on a gravestone. This tiny pointing finger directs the reader to an important note at the bottom of the gravestone for Mrs. Elizabeth Cutler, who died of an apoplectic fit April 21, 1774 and is buried in Quabbin Reservoir Cemetery, Massachusetts!

Item#: 0071
Dimension: 1.5" H x 2" W
Price: $6.00

Apple Of His Eye Apple Of His Eye
While it may not look positive, the winged skull is a symbol of the soul shedding its earthly chains and flying off to a better, new world in Heaven. This small beauty adorns the gravestone of Mrs. Prissilla Appelton who died February 18, 1697. Her mortal remains reside permanently in Olde North Burying Ground; Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Item#: 0085
Dimension: 2.25" H x 4" W
Price: $8.00

I Best Not, Arbuthnott! I Best Not, Arbuthnott!
“Dear Colonel, I’d like to comply, but I can’t pronounce your name!” may be what soldiers said to this man with the unusual last name. Colonel William Arbuthnott went to fight the battle in the sky January 16, 1765 and is buried in the Old Burial Ground in Rutland, Massachusetts.

Item#: 0063
Dimension: 2.5" H x 3" W
Price: $8.00

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