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Little Jersey Barrette Little Jersey Barrette
Wear some MORE history in your hair! Our "Cute As a Button" image is so popular, we found another use for it as a hair barrette! Good and bad girls alike will want this one! Made of durable polymer material, this piece is a great accessory to your spooky wardrobe! The original image appears on the gravestone of William Button of Jersey, England, who died in 1693 and is buried in Strawberry Banke, New Hampshire.

Color Shown: We'll pick the color for you!
Item#: 0050
Dimension: 1" H x 4" W
Price: $14.00

Harrington's Hangover
Harrington's Hangover

The hourglass is The Keeper of Time and when its sands have run, so have yours. This timely image appears on the gravestone of Dr. Thomas Gowing, died March 22, 1803 and buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Leominster, Massachusetts. Also available as a magnet.

Color shown: Various
Item#: 0058
Dimension: 3.75" dia.
Price: $22.00

Vessel of Light
Vessel of Light

The urn symbolizes the movement of life to the new light of the afterworld. The urn carries the body and soul to the next world while its eternal flame lights the way and banishes darkness evermore. This urn is guardian and vessel for Mrs. Mary Richards, who died January 16, 1827 and resides in East Parish Burial Ground, Newton Centre, Massachusetts.

Color shown: We'll pick the color for you!
Item#: 0079
Dimension: 1" H x 4.25" W
Price: $15.00

From This Life To The Next
From This Life To The Next

This delicate and fanciful urn was cast by a very young Gravestone Girl a very long time ago. Its gravestone history has been lost to us, but its eternal symbol of the urn as a vessel to the next world remains unchanged from the past and into the future. This casting is mounted on heavy plank from a 200 year old farmhouse.

Color shown: We'll pick the color for you!
Mounted On Barnboard
Item#: 0069
Dimension: 4" H x 2.50" W
Price: $14.00


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