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Wear a piece of history -- pendants from the past!

Many times carvings on parts of a gravestone are small enough to translate into wearable art. Our unique pendants are made using the same process as our Castings. Hung on adjustable cord, they come in natural, vibrant or metallic colors and make a great gift for someone who is not so ordinary. We'll choose the color for you!

Due to their size, these items are all hand pressed, so please allow for variations in shape and thickness.

East Parish Issac East Parish Issac
A prime example of primitive New England folk art, this skull was carved for the gravestone of John Fuller in 1717. Who could pass by this image without thinking about their own mortality? We cast the skull portion of the image, without its wings, as it has plenty of impact all by itself. This is what you think of when you envision old gravestones! Mr. Fuller died on February 25, 1717 and is buried in the East Parish Burial Ground of Newton Centre, Massachusetts.

Item#: 0027
Dimension: 3.5" dia.
Price: $12.00

Silver Soul Silver Soul
This tiny winged skull is an element from the gravestone of William Button of Jersey (England, that is) who died the 19th day of October 1693. His heavily ornamented stone is located in the 1671 Burial Ground, in Strawberry Banke (Portsmouth), New Hampshire. The pendant created from the artwork on his stone is cast in alloyed metal that has a silver metal/chrome finish. These pendants are solid metal and can be heavy,...get your neck ready!!

Item#: 0044
Dimension: 3" L x 3/4" H
Price: $35.00


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